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by Allieanne

Images on this page are made by myself so please do not take them

She was only two years old, still a baby and she just wanted to play the game of chase.

Mama would chase her and tickle her after she was a good girl and when potty and then she would help her pull up her panties.

She loved the game of catch and chase with her mama.

On several times after it was not always mama chasing her with a pretty little dress on.

She had a pretty dress with flowers on it and it had a pink ribbon around the waist just like the ribbon in her blond curly hair.

She was so proud of going potty all by herself and she just wanted to play the game of chase.

That time is was a man that was chasing her

 and he caught her and was tickling her very hard.

She started crying and he called her a big baby.

She did not like to be called a baby so 

she quit crying and he tickled her 

not as hard and she was laughing so hard that it turned into the giggles.

He was making her laugh so hard by blowing

 on her belly and then went lower down while still making her laugh.

All at once he inserted his finger where it hurt

 her and she started to cry again and ran to her mama

 but she was busy and sent her back to mommy's brother.

He whisper into her ear that 

she better keep the secret or she will burn in fire.

She was afraid of fire and so she did not 

say anything to anyone.

He told her that she should be ashamed of running around without panties.

From that time she learn to be ashamed of her 

body and to hide it all the time and if 

she told that she would burn in fire or 

be struck by lightening.

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