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Something is eating at me piece by piece causing me to feel so much in pain within the temples.

It's like there is a monster wanting to come out.
I feel agitated and ready to blow up from the pressure in my temples.

My intuition is telling me to slow down and not trust anyone but to let the trust build up through their respect of me then in turn I will trust and respect others.

The little girl in me is still reaching for love and the adult in me knows that it takes time to trust.

The little girl tends to trust to much or not at all.
Children should be able to trust without any doubt and it should be safe.

We need to find a middle line in trusting people again because we either trust way too much or mistrust completely

Physical contact is sometime very confusing because we feel threatens and feeling of being smothered.

We tend to want too built a wall around us or a shield to protect us
from being violated.

So many people in our lives have disrespected our boundaries and violated us.
Trust is an issue that is very hard for victim and survivor of incest/sexual abuse or any form of abuse for that matter.


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