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By Allison Katts

A child is affected when he/she is being raised in a violent , alcoholic or dysfunctional home

A child is affected when he/she is being abused and any child is vulnerable to any kind of sexual exploitation.

It doesn't matter whether the color of the skin or what class or race because children are all vulnerable.

A child may reach out for love by being obedient only to be exploited and be betrayed by adults who are in the position of authority and trust.

A child should not be denied a loving nurturing family who meets the children needs.

A child will reach out for whatever they are missing and it could be love, praise, affection or approval.

A child or teenager may turn to drugs or to alcohol only as a means of acting out behaviors which are usually a sign of cry for help.

A child will behave in any way for some affection if the child is denied a loving and nurturing home and grow into adults and repeat the pattern.

A child will follow the same pattern as their parents and the cycle goes on and on.

A child parents can break the cycle by getting professional help in order to break the pattern from being repeated in the next generation.

A child is worth saving from repeating the pattern into another generation and be raised in a healthy home where children needs are utmost important.

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