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Alphabets of Hopes and Dreams

by Allison Katts 1999

Graphics by Allison Katts

is for Able to succeed and anything you set your mind to accomplish in life.

is for Believing that you can achieve your highest dreams and goals.

is for Committing you to Self-love and determination to achieve your goals.

is for Developing new skills in coping with everyday stresses.

is for Educating yourself which will enable you to reach your goals.

is for Finding a way to reach out for support and god love.

is for Growing each day from learning about you and others.

is for Hopes of peace on earth and good will to all men.

is for Ideas and feeling shared with each other with love and empathy.

is for Joining hands and sharing with God your thoughts and thanking him.

is for Knocking out negative thoughts and turning them into positive thoughts.

is for Love and Laughing which is good for the heart and soul.

is for Music that the birds sing in the morning by a window when the sun comes out.

is for Never to give up hopes, and dreams that can be reaching by open doors.

is for Open your mind to learn about people and lending a helping hand.

is for Patience and Passion will help you handle difficulties in life.

is for Quiet time to yourself and quit putting yourself down because it is not worth it.

is for Reaching out for comfort, joy and faith in oneself and in others.

is for Sharing your thoughts and feeling and experiences with another living soul.

is for Talent that are hidden inside and need to be discovered for your path of life.

is for Understanding the ill and the elderly with love and compassion in your eyes.

is for Value each days as though it was your last and love Unconditionally.

is for Waste no time at reaching your dreams and hopes for your path of life.

is for X-Ray your deepest thoughts. feelings, and motivation in life to reach your dreams.

is for Yellow birds and flowers and the sun that shines so brightly on us.

is for Zipping up your negative thoughts and turning them into positive constructive thoughts.


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