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by Allie 1999


Anesthesia is a loss of physical or emotional sensations.

It can occur when an individual has been overwhelmed either by acute trauma or chronic trauma in they're live or as a result of a disease, injury or drugs.

The trauma is greater than the degree of external support to assist the individual into integrating the loss of memories or flashbacks.

The individual may not have the ability to fell the feelings associated with the traumas that they have experienced.

The individual may lack the presence of at least one person with whom the experience can be shared in a nonjudgmental way.

The individual may lack the support for working out their feeling or suppress emotions stored in their subconscious mind and body.

Many times the chronic trauma's accounts for the anesthesia.

It remains hidden in the unconsciousness as anesthesia of as other alters in the case of multiple personality.

One thing to remember is that the individual does not purposely forgets but has blocks' it out.

Usually the individual has been severely physically/sexually abuse and they may have been severely traumatized greater that the ego capacity could withstand or to integrate.

Anesthesia is a form of protective measure to the ego and safeguard the ego.

The individual may remember through hypnosis or deep realizations of flashbacks.

Sometimes the memories come out in a group or in therapy for something has triggers' it like your own child being molested or sexually abuse and sometimes other reasons.

In therapy it comes to the conscience mind and may experience the physical and emotional sensation with it cause of the numbing during the trauma.

The unconscious mind will only let out what it can handle at the time and sometimes it is brought out to fast and the individual may become overwhelmed and suffer anesthesia again.

Confusion and loss of time are normal anesthesia and especially for people with multiple personality.


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