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These are the puppies that I have taken care of which were born September 26, 2004 and they are 5 days old here

Puppies are 8days old

Puppies  10 days old

This is the last puppy that I took care of and he is 5 week old

I am a country girl raised in a poor family without power or the convenience of modern days.

We had running water but needed to run down the hill for it and back up with a pail in each hand.

We had the convenience of responsibilities of chores

We had animals such as dogs, cats, chickens, cows, calves to feed, a horse and billy goat.

We used to walk a mile to school and back and it was cold living in the northern parts of Alberta.

That is how we became strong and able to tolerate the cold and responsibilities to enhance our ability to cope with life.

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