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By Rose Katts


It is very emotionally painful to heal from sexual abuse

However it was all worth my efforts that I endured during my recovery

Learning and feeling unconditional love for the first time at the age of 36 yrs

In a healthy environment without being motivated by everyday fear

That when I give my love then I will be hurt in return for my love

Through my recovery of sexual abuse I was slowly abe to find myself with the help of beautiful courageous bunch of women from the crisis centre

They gave me supportive, assertive care, empathy and unconditional love

Getting in touch with my feeling and my emotions was a cherish gift that I received through my healing of my painful memories

As hard as it was to deal with the horrible memories in return I got the gift of feeling again.

Life without feeling is living like the tin man just going about each daily shores.

I was able to move through some of the shame and guilt that I felt towards myself which kept me numb from being able to feel any kind of emotions.

My fears isolated me from being able to be in touch with my own needs

Into my recovery I was able to accept unconditional love without any doubt in my mind.

I was also able to replace some of my fear with self-love, self-esteem,self-confidence and trust in myself and others.

During my own recovery of sexual abuse I was able to help protect a child by breaking the silence of her abuse by reporting it to the proper authorities and putting a stop to her further being abused by the same of sex offender that had violated me

Helping this child by believing her and supporting her,nurturing her truly was a worthwhile gift to give to this young child at seven years old.

I gave this child a chance at a younger age to get some help and have her defences back

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