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atari5200 emulator. ver. .75
Dream Inducer Manual
My Animal Crossing Page.
Capt. Skyhawks atari site.

i have just uploaded my dream inducer manual. you will need easy cd creator to use it. thanks go out to Christian Groessler for converting this emulator to dc and reaper for modifying it to play 5200 games. this newest versio .75 has support for many things, The main changes are: * use Atari800 cvs code base as of jan-11-2003 * reverted the sound changes which were introduced in the 0.72 version - the sound should be similar to 0.71. * saved states on the VMU now show a Atari icon. Due to a change in the layout of the state save file, saved states of previous versions aren't recognized. * changing video mode of emulated Atari now doesn't change the video mode used to drive the screen. These 2 video mode settings (what the emulated Atari thinks the video mode is, and the video mode used by the DC) can now be changed independently. Setting them to different values will disable double buffering, so best results are achieved if both settings are the same. * buttons B, X, Y on the 1st DC controller can now be redefined to generate simulated key presses on the keyboard. If they are redefined, the Start, Select, and Option keys can be entered in the keyboard emulation screen. I have included the ip bin i made. use dssbs selfbooter for it to work.