Writer's Notes On "EMPATH: The Luckiest Smurf"

Back to 1985-86 (sort of)

The one problem I had when originally writing this story back in the mid-1980s was trying to accommodate new Smurf characters introduced to the "universe" during the original cartoon show's Saturday morning run.  By 1987, when Wild Smurf (a character with a similar backstory to that of Empath Smurf) was introduced, it made Empath's own introduction to their world next to impossible to work feasibly, so I ended up putting his story on the shelf until 1992, two years after the cartoon show met its inglorious end (or non-end, given the nature of their "time-traveling episodes" season), and then set the whole story back to the point before there was even a Grandpa Smurf, a Wild Smurf, a Nanny or a Smoogle to even worry about, charting a rather tangent course. This was what became known now as the "Empathverse".

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