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So, who is this Tony Carey character anyhow?
Tony Carey has been making music for a long time.  Before he began working solo, Tony Carey was keyboardist for Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow. He performed keyboards on the Rainbow album 'Rainbow Rising', released in 1976. It was during this time that Tony Carey moved to Germany, where he has lived until his recent move to Mallorca,Spain.

Tony Carey first hit the rock music scene on his own in 1984 with the song "It's a Fine, Fine Day" which made it to #22 on the Billboard Singles Chart . The video for 'Fine, Fine Day' was quite popular in the early days of Mtv. Remember when they played videos?
Another of TC's songs, "The First Day Of Summer"  made it to #33 on Billboard Singles Chart later that year.

During that same time period The Planet P Project was created and 'Pink World' was released. According to Tranquility Base (the official site), 'Planet P' was a sort of nome-de-tune for TC; enabling him to escape a tangled contractural web and release 'Pink World'.

It was not much longer until TC began producing other artists. He is still actively producing several at this time. A few artists whom Tony Carey has produced are Joe Cocker, Natacha, Milva and Anne Haigis.

Tony Carey is also an accomplished songwriter / composer. He has written songs for artists such as
Ina Morgan, Vision Fields, and Jennifer Rush.
Tony Carey has written sound tracks for several German language television shows and movies. One such movie is "Gefangen Im Jemen" or "Caught in Yemen". Tony recorded this soundtrack in 1999.

Tony Carey has recently released"Retrospective:
1982-1999", a great collection of TC's music. It spans 17 years of Tony Carey's work and includes some never released tracks. Highly reccomended and available for purchase through Tranquility Base.

A new 'Planet P' album, "Go Out Dancing", is slated for release sometime in 2001.