The Genius' Mind

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Favorite Movies: Clerks

Favorite Song: The Broken Promise by Gaelic Storm

Occupation = I work at the store that used to be Planet Video

Favorite Bands: 311, Catch 22, Gaelic Storm

Favorite Passtime: Falling out of Paul's Car at 40mph

Most Embarassing moment: Bill as a Juggalo

Turn On's: Girl's that don't need to be slapped in the face(rare).

Turn Off's: Girls who promote anti-boy movements(Why do boys make me cry. Bill's answer-"Because your a dumb whore").

Favorite Food: Chicken Wings-extra hot style.

Top 3 Sayings:
1)"No Deal...Deal."


3)"Don't Worry About It."

Bill's Favorite Quotes:

"Keap Hope Alive"

"Reality is just how you percieve time and space in your own mind."

"Stop Destroying My GAIA!"