Steel Welding Cart

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I wanted a cart for my welder because currently it's a stretch to reach my worktable vise and I wanted my gas bottle to be more securely mounted. This welding cart is more or less a copy of what I found online. It's not any better than something you could purchase (probably much worse actually) but since purchasing a welder last year I find myself looking for ways to use it. Do you like that sentence? I sure do and that's why I use it on all my pages.

Steel Frame

The main frame is made of 0.75" rectangular steel tube with 0.125" wall thickness. It was galvanized surplus steel, so need to be careful not breathing in welding fumes. I bought 4 lengths of 39" of this steel tube for $5. Sounds good but the catch is that the steel is attached to a cargo net with about 30 rivets. So I had to drill out all those rivets but hey, that's all fun too. The top shelf where the welder actually rests is 0.75" wide 0.125" thick angle stock. This stuff I had to buy full price. I used the angle stock so that the welder couldn't slide off to the side when rolling around at mach speed in the garage.


I bought all the wheels at the surplus shop the same time as the steel to save on shipping. The front wheels are 3" plate caster wheels. The front wheels are secured to the frame with 1/4-20 bolts in case I need to remove them. The rear wheels are some basic 6" plastic wheel for a lawnmower or something. The rear wheels just have a journal bearing (plastic insert) and I used 1/2" thread-rod to attach them to the frame. These wheels are secured with a 1/2" nylon-insert lock nut.

Gas Bottle Securement

My gas bottle is a little shorty (20 CF capacity) and is strapped to the steel members on the frame. I added addtional vertical members to the cart for strapping down the bottle.

Link to the initial design of the cart.

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