starting off with a picture inside the infamous and elusive PARTY VAN.

Mr. Staack, are you ready to drive all night in the PARTY VAN?

Ok, this bar friggin' sucks, let's head out to the BOWL!!

Picked up this dude wearing the Motley Crue shirt, I think he knew somebody..

Woo Hoo! Let's get us some good 'ol beers at the BOWL!

Just wouldn't be a night out on the town without seeing Kurtz's ASS!

"Wow, what's this new strange contraption with buttons that don't do anything?"

What's this? I thought MANSON was still in jail??

Mr. Staack is starting to really enjoy his feelings

Oh yeah, so so many pictures of this guy sleeping in bowling shoes!

And then kurtz tells us a story about a big poop sandwich.

Todd, Texas Todd. And that's Mr. Texas Todd to you jerky!

Hey! I'll hold on to that there beer for just a minute while i drink it all down for you.

Mama! Somebody has been smoking my smokes!

Papa! Somebody has been drinking my beer!

Matt's big hippy head

Greg's big dumb head

Kurtz wasted an almost full OLD STYLE full of BUDWEISER

Picture of Gillian really really trashed!

Look how happy Marcy is bowling. There is only one thing that Marcy likes better... And that's spanking RICO's ass when he's bent over like a doggy, can you blame her?

Marcy scores!

Gillian gets a strike i'm sure

Then STING gets a strike

And then Marcy's face gets a strike!

And then I get a double-strike!

And then RICO reaches for God in thanks for the bowl and all the beer!

Mr. Staack is kinda soft like a big futon.

I think they're both sleeping here

Mr. Staack thinks that Kurtz is feeling loney and possibly in need of some lovin'

Kurtz rejects Mr. Staack and insists that he sleep on the sticky bench instead

Hey Kurtz! Quit Barfing in the PARTY VAN! The kids gotta ride in that thing tommorow.

Are you sure you don't remember falling asleep in the PARTY VAN? How about afterwards..

Matt trys to cure what's ailing kurtz with a good noogie rub!