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Yes, this is exactly what you think it is. I am posting the photographs that I've found in the trash. These are people I've never met, and places I've never been. Maybe you'll find a picture of yourself here! So here goes!

  • Lady This lady looks like she's getting mug shot for the pokey.
  • Family A nice family photograph.
  • Sailor This sailor baby's photo came with a fortune "Simplicity and clarity should be your theme on dress"
  • Dude with cat This bald dude really likes his cat.
  • Seals This is a very boring photograph, I'm going to put it back in the dumpster.
  • 1 year Little kid just had is first birthday.
  • 50 b-day Celibrating 50 years at the SUPER 8.
  • blondelady Err um, I used to be a couch.
  • crazylady You have to judge this one for yourself.
  • fluff Must be prom time or something.
  • girl Picutre of little girl came with a little frame, too.
  • This guy was employee of the month for sure!

  • nicecouple Another relationship out to the trash.
  • princess Back to the prom with you.
  • prom01 Must have been a prom picture throw-out.
  • prom02 Another set of prom-ers.
  • critters01 critters02 Photos of a couple of critters somebody is taking care of. The first one says 'ABSENT ENV: UPPER RIGHT', the second says 'CORRUGATED F.E'
  • This has got to be my favorite picture so far!

    Last updated: 07/03/04
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