Collectibles and Memorabilia

Saved By The Bell collectors' dolls were created for each of the six main characters. Each came with its own Bayside "yearbook" and a stamp of the actor's autograph.


The original Saved By The Bell Game was created by Pressman and included cast photos and trivia questions.


The Saved By The Bell Bath Pack included Zack-Berry scented bubble bath, shampoo, lotion and soap.


Saved By The Bell companion books included the Saved By The Bell Date Book, two Behind the Scenes at Saved By The Bell books, Beauty and Fitness with Saved By The Bell and two Saved By The Bell Scrapbooks.


Saved By The Bell videos were marketed, all featuring "two of the best episodes from NBC's top rated series" on each of six 45-minute videos.


The Saved By The Bell book series included over 20 original books.


Saved By The Bell comics provided more original fun with the SBTB gang.


Saved By The Bell T.V. Photo Cards were sold in packs of 8 for $0.25 each. Trading cards included individual and cast photos of the SBTB gang.


Two 100-piece jigsaw puzzles allowed Saved By The Bell fans to piece together pictures of Zack and SBTB's most famous duo.


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