Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why were Kelly and Jessie replaced by Tori during their senior year?
A: Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and Elizabeth Berkley wanted to leave the show halfway through twelfth grade episodes, so they were replaced by Leanna Creel (Tori) and the half-season of Tori shows was interspersed with the half-season of Kelly/Jessie shows in order to give the impression that they were all there, just not in the same scenes. For more information, check out the History link on this site.

Q: Why did the SBTB gang live in Indiana in junior high, and then turn up in the same school with only a different name and a few different characters in California?
A: There isn't a solid explanation for that except that SBTB went through a lot of changes between junior high and middle school, including its move from Disney to NBC. For more information, check out the History link on this site.

Q: Is SBTB still shown on TV?
A: Yes! You can check this site for your local listings.

Q: Where can I find lyrics to the songs that Zack Attack (the SBTB gang's band) sang on the show? Is there anywhere to find sound files for them?
A: You can find lyrics to all the Zack Attack songs and other songs performed on SBTB by clicking on the Extras link on this site and then clicking on Saved By The Bell Song Lyrics.

Q: Did the SBTB cast really sing those songs on the show and soundtrack? If not, who did sing them?
A: The SBTB cast did not sing those songs themselves, they were lip synching to recordings. I don't know who actually performed those songs, nor do I know anyone who does. The actual singers are not credited on the show's credits, soundtrack liner notes, etc.

Q: Speaking of SBTB music, what is that song they play at Zack and Kelly's wedding? Do you know the title or who sings it?
A: That was one of SBTB's biggest mysteries, and by far the most frequently asked question. I've heard it referred to as "Wedding Song" (or occasionally "Offer Me Your Hand"). Turns out "When It's For You" was written by Jay Gruska and Paul Gordon and sung by Allen Sovory.

Q: Where can I find information about individual episodes of SBTB?
A: Check out the Episode Guide link on this site.

Q: Where can I get information about each of the SBTB cast members?
A: You can find some information at the Cast and Where Are They Now? links on this site. If that's not enough for you, go to the Internet Movie Database at and search for them by name, or use your favorite search engine to find fan-sites.

Q: I heard a rumor that [insert cast member name here] died. Is this true?
A: No. All of the SBTB cast members are alive and well. Please visit the Where Are They Now? link for updates on their individual careers.

Q: Why do you have cast information for Dennis Haskins and Leanna Creel, but not for Leah Remini, Tori Spelling, etc.?
A: I chose to include cast biographies for the "regular" cast members of the series only. I didn't want to get into including information for recurring characters, because I would be in over my head trying to find information and pictures for the actors and actresses who played Stacey, Violet, Pete, Ginger, Mr. Tuttle, etc., etc. My argument is that I only included cast members who were listed in the show's opening credits. By this reasoning, you could make a good case for me to include Ed Alonzo (Max), not to mention all the other cast members from "Good Morning Miss Bliss," but at this point I have no plans to do so. In the end, it all comes down to the fact that this is just how I chose to do it. You can always search for information on any actor or actress at

Q: Where can I buy SBTB merchandise?
A: Most SBTB merchandise is not sold in stores anymore, but you can still find used books, dolls, the SBTB game, trading cards and more by searching for "Saved by the Bell" at or
For other merchandise click on the Extras link on this site.

Q: Is it O.K. if I use the pictures from your site on my SBTB site?
A: The pictures contained here (with the exception of Maria's SBTB Site logo images) are copyright to their original owners. All content posted on this site is used under the Fair Use Copyright Law 107. All photos are copyright to their respective owners.

Q: What should I do if I can't find the answer to my SBTB question anywhere?
A: Check out's Saved By The Bell Q&A where there are several SBTB experts who would love to answer your questions.

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