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Episode Guide

8.0: "Pilot" - Airdate: 7/11/87

The pilot episode of "Good Morning Miss Bliss," which aired on NBC in the "Facts of Life" timeslot, did not have the same cast as in the rest of the series, except for Hayley Mills as Miss Bliss. Miss Bliss was the focus of the pilot, as the main character, rather than her students. The main student character was played by Brian Austin Green, but his character's name wasn't Zack Morris. Also, unlike Zack, Green's character was a serious student. His character's friend Bobby was played by Jaleel White.

8.1: "Summer Love" - Airdate: 11/30/88

"Summer Love" introduces the characters Miss Bliss, Zachary "Zack" Morris, Samuel "Screech" Powers, Lisa Turtle, Nikki, Mikey, Tina, Milo and Mr. Belding at John F. Kennedy Junior High in Indianapolis, Indiana. Zack doesn't know what to do when he runs into an older girl whom he told he was in ninth grade.

Guest starring: Carla Gugino (from "Spin City" & movies) as Karen and Barry Jenner as Brian

8.2: "Love Letters" - Airdate: 12/7/88

Zack writes a love letter for Screech to give to Lisa. It falls into the wrong hands and gets passed around the school leaving chaos in its wake.

Guest starring: Randy Hamilton as Mr. Jerry Vic

8.3: "Wall Street" - Airdate: 12/14/88

Miss Bliss' class invests in the stock market for a class project, but when Zack breaks his dad's video camera, he invests the money in another stock and loses Miss Bliss' money.

8.4: "Leaping to Conclusions" - Airdate: 12/21/88

In Mr. Morton's biology class, the gang is dissecting frogs, but Nikki refuses to do it.

Guest starring: Deryl Carroll as Mr. Morton

8.5: "Parents and Teachers" - Airdate: 12/28/88

Peter Morris, Zack's dad, and Miss Bliss start dating and Zack uses it as a tactic to bribe him and Miss Bliss.

Guest starring: Robert Pine (from CHiPís) as Mr. Peter Morris

8.6: "The Showdown" - Airdate: 1/4/89

A new student, Deke Simmons, arrives at JFK Jr. High and stirs up trouble. The gang encourages Screech to stand up to him.

Guest starring: Andras Jones as Deke Simmons

8.7: "Save the Last Dance for Me" - Airdate: 2/4/89

Zack and Mikey both like the same girl, but when Zack asks her to the school dance, it causes problems between him and Mikey.

Guest starring: Alexondra Lee (from Party of Five) as Shana and Lonnie Burr as Sherman

8.8: "The Boy Who Cried Rat" - Airdate: 2/11/89

Miss Bliss is nominated for a Teacher of the Year award, but on the day that she's being reviewed, Zack releases Screech's pet rat into the school, causing school to be cancelled. Miss Bliss almost loses her chance at the award until Zack confesses.

Guest starring: Martina Finch as Dr. Atwater

8.9: "Let's Get Together" - Airdate: 2/18/89

Zack and Nikki have to work together on a class project about the telephone. Unfortunately, they are also fighting. Tina moves in with Miss Bliss after her boyfriend breaks up with her, but it just causes problems.

Guest starring: Devon Odessa (from My So-Called Life) as Jennifer

8.10: "Practical Jokes" - Airdate: 2/25/89

Everyone is trying to pull a prank on Miss Bliss, who has a long-running unfooled streak. Finally someone gets her and everyone blames Screech, but he says he didn't do it. The class then has a mock trial in order to determine who did it.

8.11: "Stevie" - Airdate: 3/4/89

"Stevie," a singer and former JFK Jr. High student returns to visit and stays with Miss Bliss. Zack bets Nikki that he can kiss her and pretends he's dying in hopes that Stevie will kiss him for his dying wish. It doesn't quite work out the way he planned.

Guest starring: Susanne Tara as Stevie/Colleen Morton

8.12: "Clubs and Cliques" - Airdate: 3/11/89

Members of a cool, older club invite Zack to join their club, but only if he'll turn on his friends. After he does, they humiliate him.

Guest starring: Trevor Edmond as Trevor and Christopher Carter Hooks as Rick.

8.13: "The Mentor" - Airdate: 3/18/89

One of Miss Bliss' teachers visits and takes over the class temporarily, but his classroom manner is not widely accepted.

Guest starring: Robert Donner as Mr. James Lyman

9.2: "Dancing to the Max" - Airdate: 8/20/89

Casey Kasem hosts a dance contest at the Max. Kelly can't decide who to go with, so she has a dance-off between Zack and Slater. Zack has Jessie teach him how to dance, so when Kelly picks Slater, Zack convinces Jessie to be his partner. Lisa sprains her ankle and gets dumped by her date so Screech comes to the rescue.

Guest starring: Casey Kasem as himself and Hamilton Camp as Mr. Margulies

9.3: "The Lisa Card" - Airdate: 8/28/89

Lisa's dad offers to let her use his credit card as a reward for her good report card, but when she spends too much she realizes she's in trouble. Zack sells her clothes to help her earn money to pay off the bill.

Guest starring: Henry Brown as Dr. Turtle and Carol Lawrence as Miss Wentworth

9.4: "The Gift" - Airdate: 9/8/89

Mr. Testaverde's history test is around the corner and everyone panics because he talks so fast they can't even take notes. Screech gets hit by lightning and is able to see into the future, as well as the answers to the test. Zack and Slater take a series of bets.

Guest starring: John Moschitta as Mr. George Testaverde

9.5: "Fatal Distraction" - Airdate: 9/9/89

Zack wants to know if Kelly is interested in him so he puts a bug in her bedroom when she has a slumber party. The girls decide to get back at him. [Scenes from this episode are used for the opening credits for Dustin Diamond (the Michael Jackson scene) and for Elizabeth Berkley and Lark Voorhies (the first scene for each).]

Guest starring: Kirsten Holmquist as Rhonda Robestelli

9.6: "Screech's Woman" - Airdate: 9/16/89

Screech is upset because he can't get a date, so Zack tries to set one up for him. He ends up having to pose as a girl and go on a date with Screech, but then he has to figure out a way to get out of being Screech's "girlfriend."

9.7: "Aloha Slater" - Airdate: 9/23/89

Slater's army dad wants to move to Hawaii but when Slater objects, Major Slater leaves it up to him to decide. Zack starts scheming to get rid of Slater by telling the girls that Slater's dying and has to go to Hawaii for medical treatment. (Note: First instance of Zack using a "time out." The scene in the Max is used in the opening credits for Mario Lopez and Dustin Diamond.)

Guest starring: Gerald Castillo as Major Martin Slater

9.8: "The Substitute" - Airdate: 9/30/89

When substitute teacher Tony Crane comes to Bayside, all the girls have a crush on him, which bothers Zack and Slater.

Guest starring: Pamela Kosh as Miss Simpson, Hank Stratton as Mr. Tony Crane and Bess Meyer as Vicki

9.9: "Cream for a Day" - Airdate: 10/7/89

Kelly is nominated for Homecoming Queen but doesn't even want to leave her room when she gets a zit on the end of her nose. Zack and Screech accidentally invent a cream in chemistry class that they realizes clears up acne and they start selling it at school. There's only one problem, it turns everyone's face maroon. Bayside plays Valley in the Homecoming football game. (There is news footage at the end provided by KNBC, and the #3 that scores the touchdown has "A.C. Slater" on his jersey.)

Guest starring: Scott Fults as Charles 'Crater Face' Coburn

9.10: "Pinned to the Mat" - Airdate: 10/14/89

Zack bets on Slater to win an important wrestling match, at the same time that Slater quits wrestling because he doesn't see a future in it. Screech stands in for Slater, who decides to wrestle again when he sees that Screech has no chance against Nedick. (Zack's voice is changing by this episode. Zack uses two "time outs.")

Guest starring: Gino DeMauro as Marvin Nedick, Bunny Summers as Mrs. Cummings

9.11: "Beauty and the Screech" - Airdate: 10/21/89

Kelly has to pass her science test in order to be able to go to the George Michael concert. Zack gets Screech to tutor her so that he can go along, but Kelly and Screech end up getting closer than he expected.

Guest starring: Kirsten Holmquist as Rhonda Robestelli, Avery Schreiber as Dr. Mertz and Michael LaVelle as Kevin

9.12: "The Friendship Business" - Airdate: 11/4/89

For a class project, everyone has to make and market a project. The gang decides to sell friendship bracelets, but when they find themselves overworked and underpaid by Zack, Kelly, Jessie and Slater decide to branch out into their own business selling Buddy Bands. Lisa and Screech eventually leave the group too and Zack is forced to give in.

Guest starring: Jack Angeles as Mr. Tuttle and William Joseph Barker as Edgar Poindexter

9.13: "The Mamas & The Papas" - Airdate: 11/11/89

As a class project, Kelly and Zack, Slater and Jessie and Lisa and Screech all have mock weddings and act out what life would be like as married couples. This causes problems for all the couples, plus Lisa is allergic to Screech.

9.14: "The Election" - Airdate: 11/18/89

Jessie is running for class president, but after Zack overhears that the winner gets a trip to Washington D.C. he decides that he wants to run against her.

Guest starring: Patrick O'Brien as Mr. Dewey

9.15: "The Zack Tapes" - Airdate: 12/2/89

Mrs. Wentworth is teaching a class on subliminal advertising and she uses a hidden message in a song to get her students to bring her candy and flowers. Zack thinks this is a great idea and uses it to try to get Kelly to go to the Sweetheart Dance with him, but when everyone catches on they decide to play a joke on Zack.

Guest starring: Carol Lawrence as Miss Wentworth, Nick Reed as Derrick and WIlliam Joseph Barker as Edgar

9.1: "King of the Hill" - Airdate: 12/9/89

Zack starts high school hoping to finally win his longtime crush Kelly Kapowski. Transfer student A.C. Slater also makes a play for her. Zack, Screech and Lisa return to the cast along with new-comers Albert Clifford (A.C.) Slater, Kelly Kapowski and Jessica "Jessie" Spano. They attend Bayside High School in Palisades, CA.

Guest starring: Pamela Kosh as Miss Simpson

9.16: "Save That Tiger" - Airdate: 12/16/89

Zack and Slater are involved in the annual prank war against Valley. A big cheerleading competition is coming up and Screech (the mascot) has an important part in Bayside's routine. After Zack and Slater kidnap Valley's mascot, two students from Valley kidnap Screech, but their plan is ruined when the fake mascot ends up winning the competition for Bayside.

Guest starring: Ronnie Schell as Valley Principal Elliott Stingwell, Mark Clayman as Stan Clegg and C.W. Hemingway as Dan Clegg

10.1: "The Prom" - Airdate 9/8/90

Zack and Kelly plan to go to the prom together, but then her dad loses his job and she decides that she shouldn't spend any money on the prom; Screech asks Lisa to the movies; Slater and Jessie decide to go to the prom together. Zack arranges a special prom just for himself and Kelly. (This is Slater & Jessie's first date, and Zack and Kelly's first kiss.)

Guest starring: John Mansfield as Mr. Frank Kapowski and Dion Zamora as Alan Fairbanks

10.2: "Zack's War" - Airdate: 9/15/90

Mr. Belding tries to reform Zack by making him join the Army Cadet Corps. Zack gets the whole gang to join with him, but when he gets stuck leading a bad team for the competition, he quits. After everyone gets mad at him for being a quitter and letting down his team he comes back and leads the team to victory. (A scene in this episode is used in the opening credits for Elizabeth Berkley.)

Guest starring: Cylk Cozart as Lt. Chet Adams and Lara Lyon as Louise

10.3: "Save the Max" - Airdate: 9/22/90

Zack and Screech find a radio station in Bayside's basement and decide that getting the station started back up again would be fun. They decide to use it for a fundraiser to save the Max when the school board wants to close it down. Slater is upset because everyone thinks that he's a bad sports announcer, so he quits, but returns when the gang needs him most. (There is a flashback sequence to Belding's high school days when he was the school rebel and DJ, "the Big Bopper", and this is used in the opening credits for Dennis Haskins. There is also a scene of Lisa at the microphone used for Lark Voorhies.)

Guest starring: Ed Alonzo as Max

10.4: "Driver's Education" - Airdate: 9/29/90

Zack wants Slater to fail his driver's test, because he's afraid if Slater can drive, Kelly would rather go out with him instead of Zack. Slater ends up crashing the car and a locker falls on Kelly, but when she realizes Zack planned it, she fakes a worse injury. (Zack uses a "time out.")

Guest starring: Jack Angeles as Mr. Tuttle

10.5: "House Party" - Airdate: 10/6/90

Screech's parents go on vacation to Graceland leaving Screech in charge of the house. Zack and Slater decide to have a party there in spite of the "no parties" and "no girls" rules that Mrs. Powers left, and her prized Elvis statue gets broken. The gang has to find a way to replace the statue before she gets home. (The guys sing "Barbara Ann.")

Guest starring: Patrick O'Brien as Mr. Dewey, Ruth Buzzi as Mrs. Roberta Powers, Jeffrey Asch as Maxwell Nerdstrom and Tori Spelling (from Beverly Hills, 90210) as Violet Bickerstaff

10.6: "Blind Dates" - Airdate: 10/13/90

Belding blackmails Zack into taking his niece out on a date, but Zack gets Screech to play "Zack" for the date instead so he can go to Kelly's birthday party; Lisa sets Jessie up on a blind date, but she gets upset when she realizes the guy is much shorter than she is. [Screech's voice is changing by this episode.]

Guest starring: I.M. Hobson as Mr. Hudson, Timothy Williams as Brett and Jodi Peterson as Penny Belding

10.7: "Rent-A-Pop" - Airdate: 10/20/90

Zack hires James, a waiter at the Max, to play his dad, Dereck Morris, during a meeting with Mr. Belding, and then he plays Mr. Belding with Zack's dad, so Zack can avoid the consequences of a bad grade. Unfortunately the real Mr. Morris and Mr. Belding run into each other at the school carnival. (First episode with James, the actor.)

Guest starring: Mark Blankfield as James and John Sanderford as Mr. Derek Morris

10.8: "Miss Bayside" - Airdate: 10/27/90

Zack bets Slater that he can guarantee the winner of the Miss Bayside Beauty Pageant, but Slater bets that Screech will win; Jessie protests the pageant until she decides that a male winning the pageant would be fair. Then almost everyone ends up entering. (Mr. Belding sings "Miss Bayside.")

Guest starring: Michael LaVelle as Kevin

10.9: "Jessie's Song" - Airdate: 11/3/90

Jessie finds herself under great pressure to perform at school and in the girls' new singing group, Hot Sundae, and she turns to caffeine pills to help her stay awake to study and go to rehearsal. When Zack finds out he calls off her performance and Screech fills in. (Songs: "Go For It," "I'm So Excited." This episode has the "Hot Sundae" scene of the girls dancing which is in the opening credits.)

10.10: "Model Students" - Airdate: 11/10/90

Zack and the gang take over the Bayside student store when they decide that the nerds are incompetent. Zack attempts to get business with a "Girls of Bayside" calendar, and ends up trying to prevent aspiring model Kelly from going off to Paris. (The modeling scene is used in the opening credits for Tiffani-Amber Thiessen.)

Guest starring: Greg Kean as Adam Trask, Richard Isreal as Ronald Geekman and David Marcus as Norman Hattenbak

10.11: "1-900-CRUSHED" - Airdate: 11/17/90

Zack comes up with a plan to make money, a 900 phone line called "Teen Line" (or "the Lisa Line") where Lisa gives advice to callers; when Zack won't pay, Lisa quits and Zack is forced to run the line by himself. Kelly's sister Nicki has a crush on Zack and calls the Teen Line for advice, but Zack gives her the wrong advice and he ends up having to deal with the consequences. (Note: This episode has the scene with the guys "rapping" in it that you see in the opening credits.)

Guest starring: Laura Mooney as Nicki Kapowski, Mark Clayman as Moose, Lara Lyon as Louise and Michael McManus as Mr. Manfredi

9.17: "Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind" - Airdate: 11/23/90

The gang is filming "Alien Invasion At Bayside," when Zack breaks the school's new video camera. In order to raise money fast, they try to sell a story to tabloid "The Babbler," with Screech posing as an alien.

Guest starring: Sean Masterson as Mr./Lt. Thompson

10.12: "Running Zack" - Airdate: 11/24/90

Zack is the key man in a track meet, but he can't run unless he finishes a project on his family's heritage, so Mrs. Wentworth's friend tells him about his Indian heritage. Zack gets a good grade on the project but then Chief Henry dies and Zack doesn't know if he can compete, until he has a dream and talks to the chief.

Guest starring: Carol Lawrence as Miss Wentworth and Dehl Betri as Chief Henry

9.18: "The Babysitters" - Airdate: 12/1/90

Kelly has to babysit her baby brother on class picture day, and she leaves him with Zack during the cheerleading pictures, but she ends up breaking her arm and Zack has to take care of him all day.

Guest starring: Tom Williams as Billy Kapowski, Mary Pat Gleason as Madam Oeuf and Patrika Darbo as Mrs. Hatcher

10.13: "The Fabulous Belding Brothers" - Airdate: 12/9/90

Mr. Belding's brother, Rod, is substitute teaching at Bayside at the same time they're planning the class trip. Rod offers to take them whitewater rafting and Mr. Belding ends up being left out until Rod ditches the students for a date with a stewardess. Mr. Belding takes them on the trip and saves the day.

Guest starring: Raf Mauro as Mr. Dickerson and Edward Blatchford as Rod Belding

10.3a: "From Nurse to Worse" - Airdate: 12/15/90

Zack asks Kelly to go steady, but then he falls for the new school nurse. When everyone finds out, they get the nurse's help to set up Zack so he'll go back to Kelly. [The first scene of Zack in the jacket and tie is used in the opening credits for Mark-Paul Gosselaar.]

Guest starring: Nancy Valen as Nurse Jennifer and Pamela Kosh as Miss Simpson

10.14: "Breaking Up Is Hard to Undo" - Airdate: 12/16/90

Jessie and Slater break up over anniversary ballet tickets, then Kelly and Zack break up when her ex-boyfriend comes to town, so Belding tries to get them back together, until he has fight with Mrs. Belding over his Mother-in-law. Zack and Slater have to come up with a way to win back their girlfriends. [Zack uses a "time out". Scenes in this episode are used in the opening credits for Elizabeth Berkley (council meeting), Dennis Haskins (on bed pointing), Mario Lopez (lifting weights) and Tiffani-Amber Thiessen (Max scene).]

10.15: "The Glee Club" - Airdate: 12/23/90

The gang joins the Glee Club in hopes of winning a trip to Hawaii, but Screech's girlfriend, Violet, is the only one good enough to get them there. Screech makes a bad impression on her parents and is forced to quit the Glee Club and stay away from Violet, but when she freezes onstage, he saves the day. (Zack uses a "time out". Two scenes from this episode are used in the opening credits for Dustin Diamond and Lark Voorhies.)

Guest starring: Tori Spelling as Violet Bickerstaff, Jack Angeles as Mr. Tuttle and Scott Wolf (uncredited)

11.1: "The Last Dance" - Airdate: 9/14/91

The Costume Ball is coming up and Zack and Kelly plan to go as Romeo and Juliet. Kelly gets a job at the Max, and her boss, Jeff, comes between her and Zack and they break up. (In this episode, we see the gang's band, Zack Attack, sing "Love Me Now" and "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You?" but here Jessie is the lead singer, and Kelly is not in the band, and in one scene, Ollie is on drums.)

Guest starring: Patrick Muldoon (Austin on Days of Our Lives) as Jeffrey Hunter and Scott Wolf (uncredited)

M.1: "Zack's Birthday Party" - Airdate: 9/14/91

During the summer, Lisa gets the gang jobs at the Malibu Sands Beach Club run by the tough minded Mr. Carosi and his daughter Stacey; the gang tries to hold a surprise birthday party for Zack; Zack is having trouble with his new boss Stacey Carosi.

Guest starring: Leah Remini as Stacey Carosi and Ernie Sabella as Mr. Leon Carosi

11.2: "The Aftermath" - Airdate: 9/21/91

Zack is upset at Kelly after their breakup and tries to make her feel bad. The gang is caught in the middle. Lisa plans her Sweet Sixteen party. (The final scene with Zack is used in the opening credits for Mark-Paul Gosselaar.)

Guest starring: Patrick Muldoon as Jeffrey Hunter and Pamela Kosh as Miss Simpson

M.2: "The Game" - Airdate: 9/21/91

Zack and the gang must beat rival club North Beach in volleyball, so Zack can win a deal on Carosi's car. They go through several sixth team members until Stacey steps up to play in the tournament.

Guest starring: Leah Remini as Stacey Carosi, Dark Sevier as Gary Lucas and Ernie Sabella as Mr. Leon Carosi

11.3: "Operation Zack" - Airdate: 9/28/91

Right before a big basketball game, Mr. Belding runs into Zack and hurts his knee. Zack has to have surgery to repair the torn cartilage. Lisa begins volunteering at the hospital.

Guest starring: Susan Beaubian as Dr. Judy Turtle

M.3: "Fourth of July" - Airdate: 9/28/91

Zack must name the winner in the Miss Liberty Beauty pageant; the problem: the contestants are Lisa, Jessie, Kelly and Stacey.

Guest starring: Leah Remini as Stacey Carosi, Ernie Sabella as Mr. Leon Carosi and Jacquelyn Hyde as Madonna Schwartzkopf

11.7: "Wicked Stepbrother 1" - Airdate: 10/2/91

Part 1: After Jessie's Mom remarries, Jessie's step-brother, Eric, arrives in town from NYC, and he has more than just Jessie annoyed when he uses blackmail to get what he wants from the gang. (Zack uses a "time out.")

Guest starring: Josh Hoffman as Eric Tramer and Bernard Hiller as Mr. Sachs

11.8: "Wicked Stepbrother 2" - Airdate: 10/2/91

Part 2: After Eric causes Lisa to wreck Belding's car, he tries to prevent Zack and Slater from repairing it so he can continue to use the accident as blackmail. (Kelly is absent from this episode.)

Guest starring: Josh Hoffman as Eric Tramer, Bernard Hiller as Mr. Sachs and Monty Hoffman as Mr. Sonski

11.4: "Check Your Mate" - Airdate: 10/5/91

It's the chess championship against Valley and Zack and Slater bet $300 that Screech will win. When some Valley students steal Screech's lucky beret, Zack and Slater retaliate by stealing Screech's opponent.

Guest starring: Tori Spelling as Violet Bickerstaff, Matthew Kaminsky as Peter Breschnev and Hilary Hayes as Allison Fox

M.4: "My Boyfriend's Back" - Airdate: 10/5/91

Just as Zack and Stacey are getting close, Stacey's boyfriend from back east comes for a visit, and Zack is heartbroken; Jessie wants to prove to Slater that she's as good as a man in an ATV race.

Guest starring: Leah Remini as Stacey Carosi, Benjamin King as Craig Strand and Ernie Sabella as Mr. Leon Carosi

11.5: "Fake IDs" - Airdate: 10/19/91

Zack meets a college girl and tells her he goes to USC and is studying photojournalism. Screech makes fake IDs and the guys sneak out to meet her at the over-18 nightclub "The Attic." They're in for a surprise when it turns out Kelly's boyfriend Jeff also likes hanging out there...without Kelly.

Guest starring: Patrick Muldoon as Jeffrey Hunter, Melody Rogers as Mrs. Melanie Morris and Julie St. Claire as Danielle

M.5: "Boss Lady" - Airdate: 10/19/91

The gang must hold two conflicting parties simultaneously: a 50th anniversary and a Sweet Sixteen; Screech and Lisa search for buried treasure.

Guest starring: Leah Remini as Stacey Carosi and Ernie Sabella as Mr. Leon Carosi

11.6: "Pipe Dreams" - Airdate: 10/26/91

The gang does a biology project with the animals in the pond out beside Bayside. Zack and the gang take care of "Becky," an injured duck. Oil is discovered after a digging for a new goal post and an oil company wants to destroy the pond. (Note: This episode contains the scene of gang doing the high-5's that is shown as the last segment at the end of the opening credits.)

Guest starring: Hiram Kasten as Dr. Phelps and Gary Lahti as Dan Grayson

M.6: "The Last Weekend" - Airdate: 10/26/91

The end of summer means that the gang and Malibu Sands, and Zack and Stacey, must say goodbye.

Guest starring: Leah Remini as Stacey Carosi, Ernie Sabella as Mr. Leon Carosi, Jordan Michael as Billy and Denise Richards as Slater's admirer

11.9: "Date Auction" - Airdate: 11/9/91

The school holds a dance-date auction to pay for new cheerleading uniforms, where Zack, Slater and Screech are up for auction; Jessie is appalled at the whole idea; Lisa becomes an intellectual to impress a smart boy. Zack is paired with Wendy, an overweight girl, and acts like a real jerk.

Guest starring: Judy Carmen as Wendy Parks and Patrick Dancy as Brian Watkins

11.10: "All in the Mall" - Airdate: 11/9/91

The gang camps out to buy tickets to the U2 concert. Zack finds $5000 in the mall, and plans to use the money to buy and then scalp tickets for the concert. The gang is chased through the mall by two suspicious men. (Jessie is absent from this episode.)

11.11: "S.A.T.s" - Airdate: 11/16/91

The gang takes the SATs and Jessie is upset to learn that Zack scored better than she did. He got 1502 and she got 1205. This makes it harder for her to get into Stansbury College, so Zack hires James, a waiter at the Max, to pose as a representative from Harvard and act like he's recruiting Jessie.

Guest starring: Mark Blankfield as James, Susan Osborne as Mrs. Helen Billingham and Christine Taylor as Heather Brooks

11.12: "Palm Springs Weekend" (Part 1) - Airdate: 11/16/91

Part 1: The gang travels to Palm Springs for the wedding of Jessie's dad, David Spano, to aerobics instructor, Leslie, whom Jessie doesn't approve of; Slater meets a princess; Zack and Kelly start to rekindle their relationship.

Guest starring: George McDaniel as Mr. David Spano, Barbara Brighton as Leslie and Eva Loseth as Princess Christina Von Hoffman

11.14: "Hold Me Tight" - Airdate: 11/22/91

Zack and the girls fight for a girl's (Krystee Clark) right to be on the wrestling team, then he falls for her. She stands up for him at the Max when some bullies from Valley start picking on him and he's not sure how to deal with it.

Guest starring: Krystee Clark as Kristy Barnes and Monty Hoffman as Coach Sonski

11.13: "Palm Springs Weekend" (Part 2) - Airdate: 11/23/91

Part 2: Jessie tries to break up the wedding; Slater is intimidated by Christina's family; Zack and Kelly decide not to get back together.

Guest starring: George McDaniel as Mr. David Spano, Barbara Brighton as Leslie and Eva Loseth as Princess Christina Von Hoffman, Peter Engel (SBTB creator and executive producer) as golfer cameo

11.15: "No Hope With Dope" - Airdate: 11/30/91

A rock star known for his anti-drug stance comes to Bayside to film an anti-drug commercial, and soon falls for Kelly, but when the gang goes to a party where he offers them pot, the gang backs out. (The gang ends up doing a commercial with the real CEO of NBC Brandon Tarticoff.)

Guest starring: Eddie Garcia as Johnny Dakota and Brandon Tarticoff as himself

11.16: "Rockumentary" - Airdate: 11/30/91

Casey Kasem narrates the rise and fall and rise again of the gang's band (sans Jessie), Zack Attack. It starts with their garage-band beginnings and works into fame and fortune. The band breaks up with Zack falling for their publicist and arguing with the other members. The other members branch out into different careers. (Jessie is absent from this episode. In this version of Zack Attack, Kelly is the lead singer and Jessie is not in the band.)

Guest starring: Casey Kasem as himself, Stacie Foster as Mindy Wallace and Nick Brooks as Brian Fate

11.17: "Cut Day" - Airdate: 12/7/91

The gang is out of school on Cut Day, but Zack's nine unexcused absences will get him suspended if he goes too; Slater and Kelly have fun; Jessie enjoys Student Council member Graham's protest over the use of Styrofoam cups.

Guest starring: David Kriegel as Graham and Maris Clement as Mrs. Culpepper

11.18: "Home For Christmas" Part 1 - Airdate: 12/7/91

Part 1: The gang is working at various jobs during the Christmas holidays, meanwhile Zack's Mom is putting on a production of: "A Christmas Carol." The guys help a homeless man in the mall. Zack falls for one of Kelly's co-workers, Laura, but he's surprised when he learns of her father's plight.

Guest starring: Melody Rogers as Mrs. Melanie Morris, Stephen Mendel as Frank Benton, Jennifer McComb as Laura Benton and Lew Horn as Mr. Moody

11.19: "Home For Christmas" Part 2 - Airdate: 12/14/91

Part 2: Laura wants to be in the play, and she wants a jacket for her dad, but when her boss, Mr. Moody, thinks she's stolen it, he fires her; the Morris family invites the Bentons to stay for Christmas. (In this episode, it is said that Mr. Morris is on a business trip, and so we never see Mr. and Mrs. Morris in the same episode.)

Guest starring: Melody Rogers as Mrs. Melanie Morris, Stephen Mendel as Frank Benton, Jennifer McComb as Laura Benton and Lew Horn as Mr. Moody

11.20: "Mystery Weekend" - Airdate: 12/28/91

The gang travels to a Murder Mystery Weekend in an old mansion. Suddenly strange things start happening and people start disappearing.

Guest starring: Christopher Carroll as Bartholomew, Larry Cedar as Steven Jameson, III and Lisa Montgomery as Jeanette

12.1: "The Fight" - Airdate: 9/12/92

A pretty transfer student from Idaho leads Zack and Slater to come to blows over who will date her.

Guest starring: Shana Furlow as Joanna Peterson, Jon Clair as Darren Brooks, Vaughn Armstrong as Mr. Breskin and Bel Sandre as Martha

12.2: "Student-Teacher Week" - Airdate: 9/12/92

For a class project, Kelly becomes the history teacher for a week, but she faces a rebellious class, while Zack becomes Principal; Slater prepares for a big football game against Valley. When Kelly's class fails a test, Zack is forced to make a decision about how to punish them.

Guest starring: Troy Fromin as Ox

12.3: "Screech's Spaghetti Sauce" - Airdate: 9/19/92

Screech's invention of a new spaghetti sauce wins him the admiration of a snobbish girl who is only after his money; the gang makes a show for cable access for a communications class. (Slater utters the phrase "We're saved by the bell!" in a commercial for the sauce.)

Guest starring: Soleil Moon Frye (from Punky Brewster) as Robin

12t.1: "The New Girl" - Airdate: 9/19/92

Transfer student Tori is introduced, but Zack and Tori don't hit it off, and they are paired up for an ad project; Lisa alienates the Dance Committee before the Fall Ball and talks Tori into helping her.

Guest starring: Troy Fromin as Ox, Bridgette Wilson as Ginger, Bryan Cooper as Pete and Vaughn Armstrong as Mr. Breskin

12.4: "The Bayside Triangle" - Airdate: 9/26/92

Zack helps Lisa put on a fashion show for college, but when Zack and Lisa fall for each other, Screech strikes back.

12t.2: "Teen-Line" - Airdate: 9/26/92

Zack participates in a Bayside's teen hot-line, and becomes close to a disabled girl; meanwhile, Screech takes on a rambunctious little boy.

Guest starring: Jennifer Blanc as Melissa Donahue

12t.3: "Masquerade Ball" - Airdate: 10/3/92

Zack and Slater bet who can kiss Tori first, and their best chance will come at a masquerade ball; Lisa has a secret admirer, Screech, but she thinks it's Zack. Everyone gets a surprise at the masquerade ball, when nobody turns out to be who they thought.

12t.4: "Day of Detention" - Airdate: 10/3/92

Zack rigs a radio contest so he'll win a trip to Hawaii, but ends up in detention when he's supposed to be at the Max to collect his prize. Screech poses as Zack but ends up in detention with Zack and the rest of the gang.

Guest starring: Troy Fromin as Ox and Jeremiah Birkett as Ken Kelly

12.5: "Wrestling With The Future" - Airdate: 10/10/92

A.C. and Major Slater fight over where A.C. should attend college, and Zack tries to fix it; Jessie becomes a cheerleader and worries about college acceptances.

Guest starring: Gerald Castillo as Major Martin Slater, John McCann as Congressman Shepherd

12t.5: "Drinking and Driving" - Airdate: 10/10/92

The gang celebrates Lisa's win as Homecoming Queen at Ox's party, but Zack and the gang drive home from a party in Lisa's mom's car, and Zack's drunk driving totals it. The gang tries to fix the car and keep the accident a secret from their parents.

Guest starring: Troy Fromin as Ox, John Sanderford as Mr. Derek Morris, Susan Beaubian as Dr. Judy Turtle and Ryan Holihan as Sylvester

12t.6: "Class Rings" - Airdate: 10/16/92

Zack seems to get a great deal on class rings for the senior class, but his dealer turns out to be a fake; Tori bets Lisa that she can go to a movie with Screech without being mean to him, but she gets more than she bargained for.

Guest starring: Troy Fromin as Ox, Bridgette Wilson as Ginger, Gary Beach as Gem Diamond and Jeffrey Asch as Maxwell Nerdstrom

12.6: "Love Machine" - Airdate: 10/17/92

Jessie becomes alarmed at the presence of Slater's old flame, Jennifer, who moves to Bayside from Germany, especially when Screech's love machine shows the flames are still hot. (Lisa was absent from this episode.)

Guest starring: Jack Angeles as Mr. Tuttle and Stephanie Furst as Jennifer Wade

12.7: "Isn't It Romantic?" - Airdate: 10/24/92

It's Valentine's Day, and the gang reflects on their various previous romances; a flashback episode.

12t.7: "The Will" - Airdate: 10/24/92

The gang fights over how to spend the money that an alumnus leaves the school when the boys want the money for the boys' sports, and the girls want it for girls' sports. They end up holding a competition to see who gets the winnings.

Guest starring: Troy Fromin as Ox, Bridgette Wilson as Ginger and Bryan Cooper as Pete

12.8: "The Teacher's Strike" - Airdate: 10/31/92

Zack and Slater help along a teachers' strike, until they find out their academic championship will be canceled as a result. (Kelly is absent from this episode.)

Guest starring: Jack Angeles as Mr. Tuttle, Guy Genis as Earl and Tommy Obeid as Mervin

12t.8: "Slater's Sister" - Airdate: 10/31/92

Slater gets upset when his little sister, J.B., starts dating Zack before a Sock Hop; Belding makes the boys get in touch with their male sensitivity. (In this episode the gang has a do-wop singing group, the Five Aces, which sings "Ginger, My Love" and "Come Go With Me.")

Guest starring: Rana Haugen as J.B. Slater, Troy Fromin as Ox, Bridgette Wilson as Ginger, Bryan Cooper as Pete and Ryan Holihan as Sylvester

12.9: "The Senior Prom" - Airdate: 11/7/92

The gang tries to raise money for the senior prom, Zack tries to get Kelly as his date, and Screech tries to find any date.

Guest starring: Andrew Bowen as Matt Wilson

10.17: "Video Yearbook" - Airdate: 11/7/92

Zack is in charge of filming the Bayside video yearbook, which he came up with as an alternative to regular yearbooks that nobody would buy. When he realizes that using the tapes to make a dating tape that he can sell for money to buy a car, he thinks it's a great plan, until it backfires and all the girls at Bayside have dates with other guys at other schools. (Zack uses a major league "time out.")

Guest starring: Mark Clayman as Moose

9.19: "Screech's Birthday" - Airdate: 11/14/92 (originally scheduled for 12/8/90)

The gang forgets Screech's birthday and they try to make up for it. Meanwhile, Neil, the hall monitor, is causing problems for everyone caught in the hall when they shouldn't be, so they get him fired and Screech takes over the job. However, Screech is mad at everyone for forgetting his birthday and ends up being meaner than Neil which makes it hard for the gang to plan his belated surprise party.

Guest starring: Patrick O'Brien as Mr. Dewey, Jesse Wilson as Neil, Michael LaVelle as Kevin

10.18: "Snow White and the Seven Dorks" - Airdate: 11/14/92

It's time for the school play and the gang decides to do a revamped rap version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, substituting Dwarfs with Dorks. Zack and Jessie start to wonder if they have feelings for each other and Kelly and Slater get jealous.

Guest starring: Richard Isreal as Ronald Geekman and Henry Polic, II as Mr. Bainbridge

12t.9: "Earthquake" - Airdate: 11/21/92

Zack and the gang hold a shower for the expectant Mrs. Belding in an attempt to avoid a physics test, but during an earthquake Zack gets stuck in an elevator with Mrs. Belding, who goes into labor, and with Tori, who goes into a panic.

Guest starring: Louan Gideon as Mrs. Becky Belding

12t.10: "Best Summer of My Life" - Airdate: 11/21/92

Zack, Slater, Screech and Lisa review their summer at Malibu Sands; a flashback episode. (First episode with neither Jessie or Kelly, though they "call" Zack on the phone.)

SBTB Movie "Hawaiian Style" - Airdate: 11/27/92

Kelly's grandfather invites the whole gang to his little hotel "The Hideaway" in Hawaii for summer vacation. They expect a marvelous time at the beach - without Belding. After arriving there, they learn that not only Belding's there too, but they also have to help Kelly's grandfather against the mean capitalist Worthington, who plans to ruin him and take his land to build a new hotel. Meanwhile Zack meets the love of his life, Jessie and Slater bet with Lisa that they won't fight and Screech gets kidnapped by the Pukuku clan.

9.20: "Slater's Friend" - Airdate: 11/28/92 (originally scheduled for 12/29/90)

In speech class, everyone has to give a speech about his or her best friend. Slater's is his pet lizard, Artie. When he goes out of town, he leaves it with Screech, but Screech has Zack take care of it and it dies. When Slater comes back the gang tries to keep Artie's death a secret but when he finds out, he has to cope with Artie's death. (song: "Oh, Artie Boy")

Guest starring: Frank Como as Coach Rizzo

12t.11: "School Song" - Airdate: 11/28/92

Zack sabotages the others' entries for new school song in the hopes of establishing a good "reputation" for himself. (Note: This was filmed around the time of, and aired on the same days as the Grade 11 episodes, but is supposed to have happened chronologically after Grade 11.)

Guest starring: Lara Lyon as Louise

12.10: "The Time Capsule" - Airdate: 12/5/92

Mr. Belding shows a tape of the highlights of the life of the class of 1993 to five students in the class of 2003; a flashback episode set in the future.

12.11: "Graduation Special" - Airdate: 5/22/93

Zack is one credit short of graduation, Jessie worries about being valedictorian, all before the gang finally graduates in the last episode of SbtB.

Guest starring: Loren Freeman as Mr. Lazaar and Bryan Cooper as Pete

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