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Rare Pictures of Reggie Playing Live!

Yes,kids.This is the stuff dreams (or at least mine) are made of.These were taken last year somewhere in the midwest (from whence Reggie hails). Or perhaps these are snapshots of Chad's own personal heaven. Look at him!!He played drums (Coalesce),organ (get up kids) and now guitar. Also his guitar tone in Reggie is so biting and yet so fat! If anyone knows his guitar setup please let me know.Apparently he's using a Telecaster here,but Telecasters can't typically sound like that.I don't get it.

This guy is also the master of all things MOOG.THIS JUST IN!!- WEDGEKASE FINALLY GOT A MOOG!! Oh man, those are the coolest things ever. We got it off of E-Bay, if anyone is interested.

(ABOVE)Here we see our hero apparently fending off simultaneous attacks from a pillar of fire (pictured at left) and a gargantuan GLOWING HUMAN HEAD!!!!

The dude can even play with a twisted strap!And for this,we give him props.