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Wedgekase's Tribute to Reggie and the Full Effect

3/28/01 NEW!! THIS JUST IN- NOW YOU CAN DOWNLOAD REGGIE SONGS FOR FREE FROM THE WEDGEKASE SITE!! JUST CLICK HERE AND THEN CLICK ON THE REGGIE BUTTON AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE!! Sorry to make you go to our site to get them, but our good communist friends here at angelfire won't let you download stuff from here. I spent like six hours uploading stuff and getting everything ready and then it doesn't work.


if the link doesn't work,click refresh or try it again-it'll work...anyway and I added a new page about Reggie's discography and give my brief review of them. ALSO, the Wedgekase Home Page has been updated and you can now download free Wedgekase songs from the new CD AND Atari for your PC with over 550 FREE GAMES!! Check it out! I also decided to make the angelfire ads pop-ups instead of banners, so you can get rid of them.

2/14/01 Hey kids! Chad from Wedgekase here again with these exciting messages: Thanks for stopping by. I can't believe how many people have responded to this site! Its seriously amazing how much support there is for this band! E-mail me if you have any other suggestions.

If you don't know about Reggie, here's the scoop:

  1. They are the greatest band of all time.
  2. They are he. I mean that its just one guy- James Dewees from the Get Up Kids (he plays the MOOG organ).
  3. The Get Up Kids are now in the process of becoming way too popular to remain an independent band (TRAGEDY)playing with the likes of Green Day and Weezer, so its only a matter of time before we flush Reggie (James) out of his hiding spot and pressure him and Vagrant Records to make Reggie tour Southern California. (And maybe the rest of the country, but I'm kinda biased because I live here.)
  4. We don't know how the powers that be would take this site (now that they charge a dollar a song-NAZIS!),so let's do everyone a favor and not alert Mr. Full Effect about our site and we can look at his pictures and listen to his music and Chad will not have to go to jail, and we will all eat Captain Crunch (both with and without berries-its up to you) and live happily ever after. Agreed? Good. Finally, my user name is wedgekase on Napster if anyone wants to check out Reggie (or Wedgekase!). Also, if anyone is interested, the new Wedgekase Cd, "lessons in rockology" came out in February. And, I am building a new site - - which is for all people interested in becoming musicians or getting their music recorded or released or whatever. Its new and still being built, but there's some stuff there to check out. Rock and roll, Chad

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