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Reggie's Discography

Greatest Hits '84-'87

One of the best things about Reggie is that he is always hilarious. For example, "Greatest Hits" is his first album. There are also short little goofy tracks that are really funny in between almost every song! This CD is a total must!

Promotional Copy

This came out last year. It has a lot more songs that are jokes- some of them suck in my opinion (like the country techno song "Boot to the Moon"- you just can't combine the two worst forms of music ever created and expect it to be tolerable). But some of them I love- like doot doot pause doot doot, Dwarf Invasion, and Gloves. All in all, we must give this album our greatest reverence if only because it brought us one of the greatest rock songs since Op Ivy's "I Got No"- From Me 2U. Its only like a minute long, but I would buy the whole CD three times over if only for that one song.(Also check out Ode to Manheim Steamroller)

I Love Metal

Reggie does the first song on this CD, which is a tribute to 80s metal from some really cool punk, ska, and emo bands like Less Than Jake and The Get Up Kids (and their song is only cool because our pal REGGIE plays his little MOOG on the chorus!!).

Just like every other person my age, I was WAY into metal when I was a kid (and secretly still am- you are guaranteed to hear at least one metal song at a Wedgekase show- the current one is Cum On Feel the Noize by Quiet Riot), anyways I dug (dig) metal but I always hated Slayer. But Reggie takes a Slayer song and makes it SO COOL. I love this cover. And the funny thing is that Reggie's version sounds the same except for MOOG instead of guitar leads. It just sounds so cool. Is there anything MOOG's can't do?