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Radio:deutschland! is Xistenza and DJ Ash.

DJ Ash is well known in the New York club scene as the creative force behind the longest running underground New Wave night in NYC. Re:mission! 2.0 started over 6 years ago at the Pyramid Club on Avenue A. With DJ J808 along side, Re:mission! brings the best New Wave, Alternative, Synthpop, and Britpop to the masses. Today, Re:mission! continues to thrive with it's ever growing cult following.

Xistenza works behind the scenes and has been a club addict for over 6 years, patronizing the latest nights in NYC, NJ, and PA. From Britpop to EBM, Synthpop to Industrial, Xistenza manages to have a place for it all. Always willing to talk about the next best band, or the long lost obscure gem, she offers an eclectic collection of music to radio:deutschland! and Synthetic Radio.

Creator of radio:deutschland! Resident DJ for re:mission! 2.0
DJ for radio:deutschland!         DJ for radio:deutschland!
DJ for Synthetic Radio
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