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Amended December 14, 2002

1. The presidents of the participating clubs will be the directors of the PRL.
2. The PRL year-end race event will be the third weekend of September.
3. The host club shall govern all general race and safety rules, unless otherwise stated.
4. The minimum number of cars to make a class at a PRL event will be 6.
5. The number and length of heats and the length of the feature will be determined by the host club and made known to all drivers before the event begins.
6. All heats must be lined up inverted.
7. The feature will be limited to 22 cars maximum, with a minimum 16-car inversion. 18 to 22 positions may be inverted if the host club chooses to do so. For example, if there were 20 cars the top 16 must be inverted, 16th place car starting in the pole position, with the slowest 4 at the back. If there are 16 or less cars the field will be fully inverted.
8. All PRL events will be scheduled two-day events. A minimum of one full day of racing (all heats and the full feature) must be completed for this to be considered an official event.
9. The host club will be responsible for providing a minimum number of trophies per class, which include: top point driver, most sportsmanlike driver, 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the feature races.
10. Each club must be represented at the annual PRL rules meeting, and send a tech official/representative to the PRL year-end event to keep their position in the hosting order.
11. There will be no entry fee, no payout and no tow money, but there will be a head fee payable to the host club.
11. Out of province cars are welcome to attend, but out of province clubs may not host.
12. The general construction rules agreed on at the yearly PRL meeting shall be followed by all cars competing at the provincial meet and all cars competing for the PRL series championship.
13. The order of the hosting clubs may be exchanged if two or more participating clubs wish to trade, as long as it does not effect the hosting position of any clubs that are not participating in the trade. The exchange must be made through, and approved by, the PRL directors.

  1. The club that has hosted the PRL year end event the previous year will be added to the bottom of the list before any new clubs are added
15. The hosting order for the PRL Yearly Main Event is as follows:

2003 Preeceville
                                                                  2004 Rosetown
                                                                  2005 Tisdale
                                                                  2006 Swift Current
      2007 Regina
      2008 Outlook
      2009 Yorkton
      2010 Kindersley

PRL Series Rules

  1. All cars must be within the PRL car construction rules for the class they are competing.
  2. There must be a minimum of six PRL legal cars in a class at each invitational to qualify for the series.
  3. All Drivers that enter an invitational using PRL rules are entered in the series.
  4. The best two invitational finishes for each driver, and the PRL year-end event will be used to decide the PRL series Provincial Champion.
  5. Drivers may enter more than two invitationals, but only their best two invitational finishes and their PRL year-end event finish will be used to calculate their final points total.
  6. The points will be awarded as:

Top point driver 50 pts.
2nd   48 pts.
3rd   46 pts.
Down by two to a minimum of 20 pts. each

PRL Event

Top point driver 101 pts.
2nd    99 pts.
3rd    97 pts.
Down by two to a minimum of 45 pts. each