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NOVEMBER 4, 2001

As officiating chairman, Tony Mikulcik opened the meeting at 1 p.m. General consensus was reached that there
would be one vote allowed per club on any motions, with all attendees allowed to propose motions for consideration. Furthermore, if there was a tied vote, the rule would remain unchanged. There was a brief discussion as to whether or not the new club from Kindersley was to be allowed a vote at this meeting; all other clubs agreed to allow Kindersley an equal vote. The voting representatives for each club were alphabetically as follows: Kindersley, Chris Douglas; Preeceville, Charlie Clark; Prince Albert, Trevor Winder; Rosetown, Trevor Hannay; Swift Current, Jason Lacelle; Tisdale, Travis Deforest. It was also agreed that 5 pm would be the time to end the meeting.
      Laurie Robbie proposed that the official name for the sanctioning body would be the
Provincials' Sanctioning Body; this motion was passed, but amended later in the meeting to be the Provincial Racing League (PRL).
      The first order of business was a discussion of the General Rules for race events. All remained the same with the noted following changes and additions. Dave Clark proposed and the motion was carried that
a minimum of four (4) cars in total from both classes must represent the club proposing to host the following years provincial meet in order for the club to keep its spot on the list. It was agreed that out of province cars would be welcome to attend but not host. Jason Lacelle proposed that the feature be limited to 22 cars, all positions to be inverted; in addition the six (6) lowest points qualifying cars would be placed at the back of the pack, that is, the highest point car would be in sixteenth (16) position. Motion passed. Trevor Hannay proposed and it was carried that there would be no pay out, no entry fee and  no tow money, but that there would be a head fee payable to the host club. Roger Beaudoin proposed a motion that it would be up to the host club as to whether or not time trials would be held or whether names would instead be drawn out of a hat to determine position. Motion carried. Chris Douglas mentioned that he thought it possible to get a good advertising deal for all interested clubs to post their schedules etc., in the Auto Trader. He was asked to check into this and to contact the clubs with further information. He agreed.
        The meeting then progressed to the discussion of and proposed amendments to the Street Stock general construction rules.
        Under the Body section, subsection (d), re bumpers, Dave Clark proposed and it was passed that the rear bumper be stock appearing; that both bumpers remain in stock location; that all reinforcement remain behind body panels and that
all corners must be rounded. Aftermarket nose pieces still allowed.
        In the Suspension section, subsection (a), Chris Douglas proposed that the first part should be changed to read that ' All suspension and steering component designs must remain
in family lines, i.e. it is now allowed to use Impala spindles on a Camaro, etc.' Motion carried. Next change was proposed by Roger Beaudoin and to subsection (d) was that weight jacks be allowed on the rear suspension, but this did not pass. Chris Douglas proposed, also in subsection (d), that racing springs be allowed; also spacers for coil springs and lowering blocks and adjustable shackles for leaf springs, but no sliders; motion carried. Travis Deforest proposed that no shocks with adjustable valving be allowed; motion passed. Jason Lacelle made the motion, and it was carried, that there be no chaining of suspension components and that no aftermarket panhard bars be allowed.
        Under the Engine section, amendments were proposed as follows. Travis Deforest made the motion, which was passed, that in subsection (a), it should stipulate that
steel type motors mounts be allowed. Jason Lacelle then proposed that there be limitation of engine size at 360; this resulted in a tied vote, so there was no change. Roger Beaudoin proposed and it was passed that subsection (c) be amended to read that any flat tappet camshaft, solid or hydraulic, would now be allowed. Jason Lacelle proposed but retracted a motion to allow Vortec heads. Trevor Winder raised the concern that there be no adjustable spacer/adapter plates allowed; this motion was carried. Roger Beaudoin tried to have subsection (f) amended to include headers but this motion did not pass. Jason Lacelle had his motion passed to amend subsection (h) to read 'stock distributor ignition with stock type parts. No rev limiters'. Roger Beaudoin proposed that it be mandatory that all motors be chained down on each side, minimum 5/16" chain; motion carried. Trevor Hannay called for a change to what is allowed in motors in that they may have screw in studs, may have guide plates, may have aftermarket springs, may have steel retainers and rods and that cylinder heads may be planed; this motion also carried. Chris Douglas made the motion that air cleaners be limited to fourteen (14") inches overall diameter; passed. Travis Deforest proposed, and it was carried, that there be no gasket matching, no porting and no polishing allowed, subsection (d).
      In the Brakes and Drivetrain section, there were two amendments proposed and passed. Caryl Stephanson made the motion that in subsection (a), it should read that
all four (4) brakes should be in good working order. Travis Deforest had subsection (c) amended to read that drive shafts have a minimum of one chain which is to be placed six (6") inches from the front u-joint.
The only change to the Interior section was in subsection (c); Dave Clark made the motion to add that if the fuel line runs through the interior, it must be encased in steel conduit. It passed.
There was a little discussion about making a change to the Fuel System section. Chris Douglas submitted that if testing equipment is available there should be a fuel rule; if this equipment is not available, there should be no rule governing the type of gas allowed. Motion denied.
Tony Miculcik put forward that in the Safety and General section, subsection (a) should be revised to read 'all seats must be
steel or aluminum racing type' etc. Motion carried. Roger Beaudoin's suggestion, that subsection (d) which read 'or one minimum 1.25" protection bar' be removed from the rulebook, was also carried. Three more proposals, which follow, were also passed for addition to this section. Jason Lacelle thought there should be a minimum requirement of fireproof coveralls and leather gloves. Tony Mikulcik offered that a helmet rule be passed with a requirement of DOT minimum, SA 2000 recommended. Finally, Chris Douglas called that it be mandatory to have a clearly labeled kill switch which is easily accessible from outside the car.
Under Wheels and Tires there was only one amendment passed. Chris Douglas successfully argued that on the passenger side of the car, only racing wheels were to be allowed.
As for the teardown procedure, a few changes were proposed by Trevor Winder.
The tear down fee is to be increased to $100; the teardown must be conducted indoors and completed two hours from the time of leaving the pit area; if the car fails to show up for teardown, it will deemed illegal with all penalties due; in the case of a two day event, teardown will only be conducted on the second day after the main event; any driver in the Feature can tear down any other driver in the Feature; there will be no backing out of a teardown--if a driver backs out of a teardown, he/she not only loses the $100 but also all points, awards and any records that he/she won that weekend.
The meeting then progressed to a discussion of the Hobby/Thunder Stock rules.
First on the agenda in the Bodies section, subsection 4(c), was whether or not trunks and hoods should be gutted. It was agreed that the rule should stand as written. There was also discussion as to why steel bushings were not allowed in the Frame and Suspension section, subsection (c); this rule also remained unchanged.
In the Rear Differentials/Rear Ends section, subsection 3, Roger Beaudoin proposed a change to allow Ford 9" differentials, but the motion was defeated.
Under the Tire section, subsection 1(b), Travis Deforest made the motion that tires need not all be of the same rating size; motion denied.
In the Aspiration section, subsection 3, Roger Beaudoin offered an amendment to the air filter rule, in that
no top flow air cleaners were to be permitted. This passed.
Under the Engine section, several motions were made. In subsection 1(a), Roger Beaudoin offered that the bore out rule be changed to a maximum .060 overbore; it stayed at .030. Travis Deforest made the motion that an addition be made to subsection 10, in that
no solid camshaft or lifters be allowed; motion carried. Fred Pask proposed that a 4 barrel intake manifold with a 2 barrel adapter plate be allowed; this did not pass.
In the Claimer Rules section, Roger Beaudoin that
the claimer rule not be in effect at the yearly provincial meet; motion carried.
Trevor Winder's motion of a
mandatory teardown of the top point three cars in each class at the yearly PRL meet was carried unanimously. Included in this motion was that the $100 teardown fee paid to torndown legal cars (to a total of $600 inclusive of both classes) be split between the participating car drivers and was to be collected at the driver's meeting.
Charles Clark made the motion that
the presidents of the involved clubs automatically become the directors of the PRL; motion carried.
Discussion of an Invitational series, perhaps divided between the northern and southern clubs, was raised. Caryl Stephanson agreed to research this and come up with further suggestions.
The meeting was adjourned at approximately 5:10 p.m.

The following were in attendance at this meeting. If anyone was missed, it is because they did not sign the attendance sheet.
Caryl Stephanson, Timberline Racing Association, Preeceville
Scott Stephanson, Timberline Racing Association, Preeceville
Tony Mikulcik, Saskatoon
Dave Clark, Silvertown Speedway, Tisdale
Fred Pask, Silvertown Speedway, Tisdale
Lori Pask, Silvertown Speedway, Tisdale
Vern Randall, Silvertown Speedway, Tisdale
Phil Kucher, Silvertown Speedway, Tisdale
Carla Kucher, Silvertown Speedway, Tisdale
Glenn Randall, Silvertown Speedway, Tisdale
Nathan Kupczynski, Flatland Motor Speedway, Kindersley
Chris Douglas, Flatland Motor Speedway, Kindersley
Trevor Hannay, Wheatbelt Stock Car Racing Association, Rosetown
Laurie Robbie, Wheatbelt Stock Car Racing Association, Rosetown
Charles Clark, Timberline Racing Association, Preeceville
Lance Roste, Timberline Racing Asociation, Preeceville
Roger Beaudoin, Speedy Creek Racing Association, Swiftcurrent
Jason Lacelle, Speedy Creek Racing Association, Swiftcurrent
John Barber, Speedy Creek Racing Association, Swiftcurrent
Travis Deforest, Silvertown Speedway, Tisdale
Trevor Winder, Prince Albert