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This  is a Championship run by the web site.
In the future it may be incorporated
officially by the PRL.

Elfros Autowreckers has stepped up to the plate sponsoring Trophies!

As this moment we are seeking
Sponsorship for money , trophies  and prizes.

This is a basic series, that if you run at any invitational at member tracks running PRL rules you are automatically entered.
It will be for both Street Stock and Hobby Stock.
We will take your two best Invitational Finishes PLUS your Position from the Provincial meet  in September.
The points are as follows:

Regular  Invitationals
50 points for High Point Driver
48 for 2nd High Point Driver
46 for Third
And -2 points down the line to a minimum of  20 points.

Provincial Meet
101points  For  High Point Driver
99 for Second
97 for Third
And -2 points down the line to a minimum of  45 points.

You will be able to have a maximum of 201 points
Points are not transferable between cars.

-Tracks must have a minimum of 5 cars in a class at the  regular invitationals .
-all cars must meet PRL rules at all times
Points will be posted on the web site as they are available.  Championships will be handed out at the  Final meet in September.

Our hope is for to have the top 60 to 70  Cars on the list.
We are currently perusing other tracks to compete in this