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Second Generation 'Stuff'

The My Little Ponies produced from 1997-2003 were accompanied by all types of other products. The range included anything from videos, puzzles, and comic books, to tea sets and pop-up tents! Please email me if you have any additional information to add to these sections.
Create your own little pony, train her, and explore Friendship Gardens.
Released monthly in some European countries. Each comic came with a gift for you!
Lunch boxes, tea sets, and little pony treats!
Bedroomsets and towels featuring My Little Pony.
These items were available by mail order with the use of Pony Points.
Beautiful illustrations of Second Generation My Little Pony that you could put together.
Videos & DVDs
In European countries, both My Little Pony & Friends, and My Little Pony Tales were rereleased.
Everything that doesn't quite belong anywhere else. Perfumes to pop-up tents!

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