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A couple of summers ago I had a job, and quiet a lot of money saved up. I was fifteen at the time and was looking forward to buying my first car. Then my step-dad decided to give me his car. It was a 78' T-Bird with a gas guzzling 400 in it. I was happy and could not wait to get my licence to start driving it. And spending money on it. Then he decided not to let me have it because of the poor gas mileage. I started to look at other cars, and was about to get a sweet bug. It had a nice paint job, it was lowered, it had a lot of new parts, and was only $200. It needed a motor which was no prob. Then one day my dad called me and asked if I wanted a car. I asked him what it was. He said it was an 80' cutlass supreme with a the small V-8 ,and was in good condition, but needed paint. I said why not, I think Oldsmobiles are kind of cool cars. We went to look at it. I liked it. He started it, and I liked it more it ran so smooth. I hated the color, though, yuk! Cream! Then I asked if it had the 305 in it (I thought the 305 was the small motor). He said "No, it has the 4.3." 4.3? I thought that was a V-6, like what they put in the blazers'. Nope it s a V-8. The reason he wanted to get the car for me was because
1.he owed me $400
2.He could trade his oak 4 poster bed straight over for it (he paid $800. it was worth $1200).
3.Cheap insurance/good gas mileage.