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Gordon Oas-Heim


Gordon Oas-Heim plays Manford, the stodgy, mysterious butler in the NEW MONKEES, Coca-Cola Telecommunications' new half-hour, first-run syndicated series, premiering this fall.

In his heyday, Manford must have been the greatest butler in the world. Now, somewhat older, he is a permanent fixture in NEW MONKEES' mansion. Manford seems to have been there a few decades too long. He is the only person who understands the mysteries of the house and talks to it as though it were an old friend. He frequently appears, unexpectedly, to no one requested. it were an old serve food that no one requested.

Gordon Oas-Heim has never actually been a butler but you'd never know it by looking at him. With his stately demeanor and a certain impish charm and warmth that can only come with age and experience, Oas-Heim is a natural for the part.

Oas-Heim was born and raised by Norwegian immigrant parents in Caribou, a small township in the middle of the swamp and peat wilderness of Northern Minnesota "'Caribou' is in the middle of nowhere!" Gordon says. "The nearest town, Lancaster, is 25.miles away and could only be reached by a dirt road through the woods. Even today you can't get by car to the old place where I was born. There's still no road!"

As soon as he was old enough to leave home, he did, and he's been traveling ever since. Oas-Heim's first experience in the entertainment business was in radio in 1947. During that same period, he performed in a dance band as a vocalist and served as a news reporter for the Atlanta Constitution. None of these jobs stuck, however, until he discovered theater.

Since 1947, Gordon has appeared in numerous television shows and movies as well as in 118 plays throughout the United States. Among his many stage credits are: "Becket," "Last of the Red Hot Lovers," "Romeo and Juliet" and "The Plough and the Stars."

Always ready for a new experience, Oas-Heim began his television career in the early days when television was a brand new medium and shows were broadcast live. He appeared in many early productions such as "You are There," "U.S. Steel Hour," "They Stand Accused," and "The Web." He also appeared in the last live production of "Playhouse 90" in New York. His more recent television credits include "Quincy," "Dallas," and "The Young and the Restless," along with many film credits.

Recently, Oas-Heim has found yet another talent. He has written a book entitled "Does Your Wife Suffer Black Widow Syndrome?," and a play entitled "The First Day of School." "Both," he says, "are just one re-write away from fruition."