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Flowing the Nitrous fuel pump

I am running a Mallory 140 pump for the fuel side of the NOS nitrous system. There is a pressure gauge right after the regulator. However, in order to obtain the "true" fuel pressure, flowing the system is recommended.

Colin and Batman "dive" right in.

John removes the fuel feed line from the NOS fuel solenoid.

Unfortunately, this is a terrible shot of the flow adapter. Basically, it has a 6 AN inlet and the outlet is threaded for a holley fuel jet. There is a pressure gauge attached also. Find a holley jet that has the same orfice as the NOS fuel jet you are running.

We turned on the pump and let it piss into a jar. The pressure read 5 1/2 lb on the regulator, 4 3/4 on the flow adapter. We raised it until it read 5 1/2 on the flow end.

"You're all set, Dog. Go get 'em."

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