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Flaming River Steering Box Installation


Flaming River offers a Vega-style aluminum lightweight manual steering box for G-Body applications. For this project, we used my friend Colin's '85 Monte SS as the guinea pig. (You can talk Colin into almost anything if it involves aluminum or light weight. Mention "gun drilled" and he may even wet the floor.).

You can follow along with the pictures to the left to see our progress. It was a pretty simple installation, but it did involve some cutting of stock pieces (which we don't really love) and a little welding, but nothing really complicated.

Colin's car already had an A-body manual steering box (iron), so we only saved about 10 pounds. However, according to Flaming River, you can save up to 50 pounds by swapping out your power steering for this box. This box may also tighten up your steering with 5 turns, lock to lock.

The kit we got comes with a universal knuckle and a shaft that you weld to the car's stock steering shaft.


We removed the upper steering shaft bolt (A) near the firewall.
There is another bolt on the shaft (B) near the steering box that we also removed.

Then we removed the three 16mm bolts that mount the steering box thru the frame.

At this point, we wiggled the steering shaft out. After removing the castle nut with an air impact gun, Colin then used the trusty air impact hammer to remove the pitman arm from the steering center link (C).

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