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Exhaust Upgrade

Follow along as I change my 1 5/8" headers and 2 1/2" exhaust over to 1 3/4" headers and 3" pipe. The exhaust sounds really good; at least that's my opinion, anyway. I think the X PIPE has a lot to do with that. I'm not a big fan of the flowmaster sound. It is a bit loud, but not out of control.

The Hedman 1 3/4" Husslers are of nice quality, but they are a real tight fit. Spark plug clearance is decent with angle plug heads. One primary tube rubs on the lower rear-most A-arm mount on the frame (passenger side). The driver's side motor mount bracket had to be removed and trimmed to clear one of the tubes. If you have solid motor mounts, this would not be an issue.
(click to englarge)

Hooker 1 5/8" primary Super Comp (top) and 1 3/4" primary Hedman Hussler (bottom).

I used the supplied paper gaskets, which promptly blew apart in one day. I have a set of MR. GASKET 5908 on there now. Silicone was used on the gaskets as well.
After Jet Hot Coating

The Husslers have slip-fit collectors that must be siliconed to prevent leaks (Permatex Red). I found this out the hard way.
Cutting a hole in the 90 degree bend for the X pipe. After the two 90 deg. bends are cut and fit together, we welded them to each other. Hooker Aerochamber mufflers. The 2 1/2" inlets/outlets were cut off and 3" inlets/ outlets were welded on. This was possible because the original outlets were very large (about 4 1/2") and they necked down to 2 1/2.

Colin says, "excuse me while I weld my groinals." Ricky from American Muffler in Oceanside, NY did a beautiful custom job. The 3 inch tailpipes are from Torque Tech.   Nitrous Mower. "You know how much I paid for that..."

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