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Makin' Mischief

'Ello, yank! I'm Jetta. Welcome to my world, a world where the Misfits rule! Ya won't find Jem here! Below are pages devoted to me and my partners in crime!

NEW! Online Jem Role-Playing Game Now Forming. All characters open! Email link at the base of page for anyone interested! Contact Synergy now to get in the game!


Gimme, Gimme, Gimme! I Want It! I Need It!

Listen up! There are some items out there I am willing to buy or trade for!

  • Video's Camera
  • the hair bow, nylons and sandals for "Let the Music Play"
  • the blue socks and yellow sandals for "Encore"
  • Pizzazz's underwear, sock, belt and guitar
  • Danse's boombox, tank, sash, hairbow

Things I will trade

  • a copy of ANY jem/misfits/stingers song
  • a Mix tape of songs
  • lavender jem shoes
  • Aja doll with top and skirt

    Or I will pay a reasonable sum!

Email Jetta with a proposition, yank!


These pages are always under construction, yank!