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MitM Fun Stuff!!!!

This is full of fun stuff to do so, make yourself at home

Take the MitM Quiz! Lots of fun & learning!

MitM Theme Song Your not the Boss of Me Now, performed by They Might Be Giants

MitM poll
Malcolm in the Middle
What is your favorite MitM character???

I dunno

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Survivour Survey
Whos your fave Survivour?

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MitM survey
Who do u like the most??

What is Erik Per sullivans (Deweys) real age?

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About this site...
How do you like the big backgrounds? (like on the main page)

How do u like the new images (like the one on the main pg)

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Snowboarding - Malcolm Style

(well not really...)

Malcolm's Fabulous Pets

days untill the next MitM episode! (they're not new until next season :( )

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My Slam-book is really fun! u answer questions to sign the g-book!

assini got their NeoPet at
This is my Neopet! click above to get your own! its totally FREE. This guys name is Kid Rock, I also have Jennie, & Rieman. go to Kid Rocks homepage

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