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John Cusack: Hollywood Underdog
John Kerry's daughters fight with each other for John Cusack!

New York, Aug 1:

US Presidential candidate John Kerry's daughters- Alexandra and Vanessa are reportedly smitten with actor John Cusack.

Alexandra, 30, was seen sharing cigarettes and kisses with Cusack on a bench outside '15 Beacon' restaurant in Boston when a jealous Vanessa, 27, came out and tried to steal him away.

According to The New York Post, a restaurant staff revealed that Vanessa tried to sit between Alexandra and Cusack but she was rebuffed by her sister. So she sat on the other side of Cusack and chatted with them for few minutes.

Movies Ramis' next is cold and dark

You know Harold Ramis. Mainstream funny guy. Foil to Bill Murray in Ghostbusters and Stripes. Director and co-writer of such major studio hits as Groundhog Day and Analyze This.

Forget about it: Ramis is going small for the first time. He's making "a pittance," but the creative payoff is worth it. Filming just began in his home base of Chicago on The Ice Harvest, to be released by Focus Features (Lost in Translation). 

The script, by Oscar winner Robert Benton (Kramer vs. Kramer) and author Richard Russo (Empire Falls) and based on Scott Phillips' novel, "was one of the best I've read in years," Ramis says. "It's a film noir with some laughs, darkly humorous but not a comedy. And the casting worked out beautifully."

John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton star as swindlers who pull a job on Christmas Eve. "Everyone betrays everyone else and it gets ugly," Ramis says. Especially after an ice storm hits: "It's a slippery slope out there in every sense."

To maintain that slope, Ramis is relying on his ace effects team. "We have a frozen lake made from layers of paraffin and Styrofoam," he says. "When you ask these talents to create something, not only will they do it, they've already done it. If I said, 'I'd like to throw an elephant over a wall,' they would say, 'Well, we once tossed a rhinoceros over ...' " 

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Mix it up: Have CDs killed the romance of 'mix tapes'?

  Back in the dark ages, before CD burning and music downloading, an amorous young man anxious to prove his devotion and score sensitivity points with the object of his affection compiled for his beloved what was known as a mix tape. 

  This involved said suitor agonizing over profound ballads like Whitesnake's "Is This Love?" or Extreme's "More Than Words," painstakingly transferring them to a cassette in an attempt to provoke big sighs and tender feelings. 

  As gestures go, only a guy standing outside your window blasting Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes," a la John Cusack in "Say Anything," could top it. 

John to Star In "A Martian Child"


After taking some time off after the death of his father, John Cusack will return with a starring role in the New Line sci-fi flick THE MARTIAN CHILD. Described as a mix between ET and PARENTHOOD, the film follows a sci-fi writer who, after the death of his wife-to-be, adopts a young boy who he becomes convinced is an alien. Nick Cassavetes, who directed New Line's THE NOTEBOOK set for release on June 25th, will direct the adaptation of David Gerrold's short story of the same name. After RUNAWAY JURY, Cusack was signed on to star in THE STEPFORD WIVES in the Matthew Broderick role (with sister Joan in the Bette Midler role) but left once he learned his father was on his death bed. Cusack is currently filming the Harold Ramis caper film THE ICE HARVEST with Billy Bob Thornton. MARTIAN is set to begin filming this fall once Cusack wraps on HARVEST.

Featured JC Quote

"We cherish him because in his early movies, he refined unrefinement, took verbal trepidation and dread and mad them more charming than any smooth-ass, class-president jive.  Always the outsider, he was never too cool or too jocky, not a loser, but not a stud either.  Just the bright guy on the periphery, the one who seemed real, the one who made you curious.  And so he became the guy guys wanted to be, felt they could be.  (Just as girls dressed like Pat Benetar and affected a sneer, there were boys in overcoats, slinking about, tilting their heads like caribou, trying to replicate that phlegmatic voice and spitfire elocution.) He was also the guy girls wanted as their best friend or the their boyfriend or-and this could happen with him-both."---By Allison Glock as printed in GQ, December 1997

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Picture of the Week: July 27-August 4
The Grifters: John's first real adult dramatic role.

Featured Cusack Wallpaper
Whenever I get depressed, I just turn on Better Off Dead and remember that if John Cusack can get through the tough crisis of skiing the K-12 on one ski, I can do anything! Isn't he so cute in those sunglasses by the way?