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The Case Files of Inspector Gadget
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The Case Files of Inspector Gadget

Those unfamiliar with Metro City's greatest policeman, his colleagues and his nemeses are encouraged to visit the Briefing Page.

This database was designed to supply a complete and accurate account of each of Inspector Gadgets missions, including general plots, interesting details, and even the occasional inconsistency.

As this is a new website, there are still a LOT of blanks--most episodes have not yet been documented, so please bear with us until we get going. We are currently looking for writers! If you are willing to spend some time watching and writing a detailed synopsis of episodes we have not yet completed, (following the same format as those synopses already on the site), please e-mail us and let us know.

Additionally, we encourage visitors with pictures from various episodes, original artwork, merchandise and other Gadget-related images that they would like to share to send them to us for possible inclusion on this in this database.

And while we strive to be thorough and follow the example set by the near-perfect Gadget, we are only human and make mistakes. Any visitors finding errors or omissions in the Database are requested to bring them to our attention.
The Case Files

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