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~Get Along Gang Collector's Corner~

I am in the process of searching for information on every Get Along Gang product made. It doesn't seem like there is too much of a variety compared to some other cartoon toy lines from the '80s.

Attachables are miniature figures that have a hook that can be used as a zipper pull, keychain, or to hang on something.

Those available:

  • Zipper Cat
  • Montgomery Moose
  • Dotty Dog
  • Portia Porcupine
  • Bingo Beaver
  • Braker Turtle
  • Woolma Lamb
  • Braker Turtle

    The Get Along Gang books were published by Scholastic Inc. As far as I know there were 10 published.

    GAG Books:

  • Adventures of the Get Along Gang
  • Get Along Gang & the Big Bully
  • Get Along Gang & the Missing Caboose
  • Get Along Gang & the New Neighbor
  • Get Along Gang & the Bad Loser
  • Get Along Gang & the Crybaby
  • Get Along Gang & the Tattletale
  • Get Along Gang & the Christmas Thief
  • Meet the Get Along Gang
  • Get Along Gang on the Go

    Comic Books:
    Marvel Comics published 6 Get Along Gang comics published in its Star Comics imprint.
    GAG Comics
  • #1 (May 1985)
  • #2: Movie Mischief (July 1985)
  • #3 (September 1985)
  • #4 (November 1985)
  • #5 (January 1986)
  • #6 (March 1986)

    Skatin' Plush Dolls
    The 6 main characters were made into 12-14" plush dolls. Each came with their clothes and skates.

  • Montgomery Moose
  • Dotty Dog
  • Woolma Lamb
  • Bingo Beaver
  • Zipper Cat
  • Portia Porcupine

    Dress-Up Kids
    The Dress-Up Kids were about 6" tall, made of rubber, and had movable legs, head, and arms. You could take their clothes off. They came with clothes and a total of 18 collectable, puffy stickers (3 with each doll). You could purchase the Super Soda Shoppe as a playset for them. As far as I know, there were only the 6 main characters available.

    Dress-Up Kids

  • Montgomery Moose
  • Dotty Dog
  • Woolma Lamb
  • Bingo Beaver
  • Zipper Cat
  • Portia Porcupine

    Most of the Get Along Gang came in pvc's, rubber miniature figures about 2" tall. They fit into the Clubhouse Caboose & onto Fun Wheelin' Wind-Ups.


  • Montgomery Moose
  • Dotty Dog
  • Portia Porcupine
  • Zipper Cat
  • Bingo Beaver
  • Woolma Lamb
  • Rocco Rabbit
  • Braker Turtle
  • Rudyard Lion
  • Lolly Squirrel
  • Flora Fox
  • Bernice Bear

    Clubhouse Caboose
    A secret meeting place for your Get Along Gang Miniatures. It can be used for storage and play. Rolls on wheels. Includes a turnaround stage, seesaw, elevator, and more.

    Super Soda Shoppe
    Like the Clubhouse Caboose, the Super Soda Shoppe is a playset except this is for the Dress-Up Kids. It folds up and when is is open it looks like the Hoofnagel's soda shoppe. Includes a soda counter and other decor.

    Windup Wheelies
    The gang came as little figures that you can wind up. There were only 3 made (that I know of).


  • Dotty Dog on skates
  • Montgomery Moose pushing his wagon
  • Zipper Cat doing wheelies

    Fun Wheelin' Wind-Ups
    The miniatures can be placed on the wind-up vehicle. Wind 'em up and watch 'em go.

    Wheelin' Wind-ups

  • River Raft
  • Soapbox Cart
  • Skateboard
  • Handrail Car

    Miscellaneous Items

      There were a variety of other Get Along Gang items:
    • Wrist watches
    • Push 'n Pop Trucks
    • Clubhouse Caboose Cards
    • Musical Ice Cream Truck
    • Ride-Ons:
      • Montgomery Moose Get-About
      • Dotty Dog Get-About
      • Toddle 'n Toot
    • Stamps
    • Color Pencils
    • Pens
    • Halloween Costume
    • Dinnerware Set
    • Plastic Tea Set
    • Banks
    • Suitcase
    • Puzzles
    • Board game
    • Clip-ons
    • Mugs
    • Lunchboxes
    • Sheets