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Directed By Adrian Lyne

Welcome to Steel Town! (Pittsburg PA)

zoom1There she is pedaling over a bridge. This is where Alex works at night as a "flashdancer". This has to be the best damn bar ever! I dont think they exist anymore, at least i've never been to one.zoom2
zoom3At Steel Job.zoom4Alex's Apartment.zoom5

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80z Reality site by Steve.

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Number One Music Hits Of 1983>>> As you will see: Flashdance, despite the complaints of various circus freaks posing as film critics, made a big impact on the most telling part of any cultural- its music! The FD Cast>>> The main characters. Jennifer Beals>>>some info about the actress. Steve's 1980s Turnpike>>>This is my homesite- hope ya visit!
Hello! Welcome to the first Flashdance site ever put on the web (i think). Granted, so far it is only a picture page, but hopefully with contributions from visitors it will be more. I took these video captures from a 1991 VHS copy of the movie using a MAT976KB Philips Magnavox WebTV Plus. It was a lot of work, and it wasnt easy clicking on the "freeze" button just when everything in frame was getting the right light hitting everything, but i feel very satisfied with what i got. Some images are a bit blurry because of the motions of the actors, but all i all they look better then i imagined! Please let me know if you like the site in the guestbook, or you can write to me at! I will accept all reviews if they are FOR the movie and not insulting towards the movie. And dont bring up the stunt doubles! Or over-critize any 1980s styles or the music. Otherwise i will include my own retraction lol. Thanks to Angelfire for hosting free sites. Thank you!
FLASHDANCE and the images on this site are and of Paramount Pictures. Er, All Rights Reservered, but i imagine they wouldnt be angry about me promoting a movie that is so persecuted. If you want to use any of the images i took please let me know and/or link back to here. If you can, thanks!