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Footprints into memories
Sands of life are saved
Each one life's inspiration
As water now cascades

Hands are joined forever
With every waking day
Memories are treasures
That never fade away

So we make these memories
That stay inside our souls
Never will they leave us
For they have made us whole

For they are with us always
In every step we make
Those prints that are so perfect
We keep for our own sake

Quietly we watch them
As the water fills the sand
See their prints are fading
Yet here at our command

Fade into the sunset
With colors of bright hues
These the steps we forge in life
We choose to leave for you.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Jan 12, 2004
Šused with permission
If you would enjoy using this poem on
THIS BACKGROUND set (it was written for it) just e-mail Ms. Pucillo by clicking on her name and ask her permission. Read more of her poetry here.

This beautiful painting by Mr. Sierak features his Father & Mother. Yes, & Mother...note the second set of footprints. The gentlemen has written his message to his beloved in the sand as he walks away with her beside him. We did not cut the painting at all as we would have removed some of the needed elements.

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