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Nexus Fanart v2.0

Right, well here's a new layout for the fanart section! ^^ Tell me what yah think! If you people want the update to continue, you had better SEND ME fanart! I won't be able to update a fanart page with out new fanart! Till you folks comply and send me schtuff, this'll have to do! :P Oh, and if yah don't like the layout, just tell me, and I'll try to make a new one! After all, this site is for your viewing!

All art contained herein are copyright their respective creators. In other words, ask before you steal!

Ranma's Art
Meaghan Glynn's Art
Zel's Art
Vanessa Doulames' Art
Jennifer O'donnell's Art
Lauren's Art
Kalik's Fanart
Michiel's Fanart *New Section!*
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