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This is my new car. Its a 1972 XA Falcon GT Coupe. It was built in September 1972. It is fitted with the 351 Cleveland Engine (square block) 2v open chamber Australian heads, car now has a Top Loader (was factory FMX auto). It is painted in Ford Yellow Glo colour. There were 154 coupes made in this colour, 119 sedans and (33 coupes in total built Sept '72). The car has white trim, with dealer cloth inserts fitted. Car was sold new at Dealer Code 2258, which is Bryan Byrt Ford in Woolloongong, before the dealer moved to QLD. The car is fitted with factory options   03....Seat Belts, 11....Laminated front screen, 46....Power Windows, 61....Sports left side mirror - non remote, 87....Tinted side and rear glass (factory) and was fitted new with the Wide Oval Tyre option.  Also fitted with dealer Long Range fuel Tank (36gal).

The person I purchased the car from has owned it for 15 years, car was on stands for the last 8 years, and the owner before that had had it nearly as long. I have not confirmed this yet, but will soon. I purchased the car in Townsville North QLD.

I have purchased the car with the intention of enjoying the drive and thrill of owning a GT again, and returning it to concourse condition. I will add a few little extras as I go along, namely integrated air (factory style) and a few other things.

I will also be putting my motor in from my XD Ghia, once the thing is finished and ready to go back on the road.

These pictures were taken Monday 8th March at the brake shop, all ready to drive. I picked it up today and took it over to the panel shop for the fella to look at. He will get started on it hopefully by the end of April. Took a couple of pics with my wheels on and of the quickly cleaned interiour..........

These pictures were taken Monday 23rd Feb at the brake shop, while it is getting prepared for the road again...........