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Last Updated: November 4, 2005 FINAL UPDATE
Project Status:  Complete/Sold


Well it seems that my obsession with weightlifting had gotten the best of me in Early May of 2005. I really wanted to set up a home gym in my house, so as a result  I sold Demoncade 2. I do regret it at times, however as I found out moving into my new home it would not fit into my basement or den as it was too wide!! It took a lot of money and work to finish it, and I am very proud of what I had done with it.  I sold it on ebay for maybe half the money I put into it :( but I think I had more fun building it then playing it :)  I live in Canada and sold it to a guy in Indiana.  He advised me it got there with only minor damage to the rear kick plate.  He is enjoying it. If anyone sees it around at BYOA.com or elsewhere let me know!...I still will answer any questions you may have about it or any other projects I have done.  I am almost certain that there will be more projects ahead..just that I am working on finishing my home gym first. I am a workout freak! Once that is done I may look into future projects again. If anyone has any ideas let me know... I was actually considering making a table top next, however I want to make it unique someway so it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb..oh if your interested in weight training etc... check it this monster.. http://www.conanline.com   thats what I bought!!!

This is the second update to the website and a huge one! The cabinet is finished! It turned out pretty good and I am very proud of it. There is only two things left, I have a small bubble in my bezel so Scott at mamemarquee.com is sending me a new one! He is great, if you need some art go through him.. you will be very satisfied. Other than that I have to just update some software.

For those on Arcadecontrols.com you will know I fried my pc, trying to wire a neon light for inside the glass near the screen so I have a new system in the cabinet! It's specs are below. I hope you enjoy my site and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me. I will try to help you out as best I can.  I have updated the site with all sorts of pictures etc.

As for software I am running Mamewah with custom made skins that match my cabinet.. If any interest I will post them on screenshotarchive.com.  Pictures are below!!

For anyone interested I am building a new mini cabinet for my nephews for Christmas, I should have it done in a few weeks. I have made custom Fire Department style artwork... I will post my progress on that project called "Game Station".

Me and the new cabinet

Amd 64 Cpu 3200+
200 Gigabytes of Hard drive space
1 CDROM Drive
Nvidia Geforce 128 MB Graphics Card
Ethernet Connection to Internet PC
19" Flat Screen PC Monitor.
Cambridge Sound System with two speakers and a sub woofer

Real arcade cabinet, converted into PC / Emulator arcade gaming machine
2 player control panel featuring two 8 way happ joysticks, with 8 player buttons and 2 pinball style buttons on each side of the cabinet.
8 Emulator configuration buttons
1 Mouse track ball with 3 buttons
1 Keyboard pullout with keyboard
1 button power on button
1 USB Actlabs Light gun
Connected to the Athlon system for Emulators
2 working universal coin door mechanisms
2 working LED coin door lights
Custom coin inserts
Backing is removable and consists of 2 pull out drawers for easy access to hardware.
Rear light switch that activates Marquee light.
Custom marquee, bezel, sideart and control panel artwork.
Speaker grills feature neon blue lighting.
2 Hidden doors to access xbox, and inside cabinet.
XBOX system with HDTV to PC monitor.

Currently running Windows XP Professional, Mamewah front end and many custom skins. Here are some examples.

Nebula Model 2
Sega Genesis
Sega Master System
Sega CD
Sega 32X
Nintendo Entertainment System
Super Nintendo
Nintendo 64
Gameboy Color
Gameboy Regular
Gameboy Advance
Turbo Graphics 16
Sega Saturn
Visual Pinball
Sony Playstation
SNK Neo Geo

Atari Jaguar
Coleco Vision
XBOX System
Arcade Jukebox MP3
PC Games

The sky is the limit!



Pictures Showing Completed Project:
Front view of Cabinet

Side Artwork
Control Panel
Marquee View
The new Marquee (low resolution)
Pinball Side
Genesis Skin Example

Pictures Showing Old Progress:
The original cabinet I had to work with

The original control panel
The original marquee
Control panel currently
Keyboard pull out
Side view of cabinet
Front view of cabinet
Front stained glass

Build Your Own Arcade
- The ultimate website for arcade lovers.
Mamewah- The best emulator front end.
Lazarus- Another great emulator front end.
Happ Controls
-Source for all your arcade parts.
Starburst Games
- Canada's version of Happs. Dave in parts is great.
Joel's Gadgets
- Great source for LED for coin doors, and other parts.
Mamemarquees.com-The source for arcade artwork. Highly Recommended!

I will try to add some more soon.

I appreciate any comments please feel free to email me. Always feel free to ask me any questions.