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Last Updated: November 4, 2005
Project Status: 100 % Complete
Still Left: Nothing


Welcome to the all new Demonseed (me) and Demonbride (the wife) Halloween 2005 Project Page! As you can tell by my nickname I am a Halloween freak, and each and every year I look forward to it more than Christmas!  Well in April of this year my lovely wife (also a Halloween fan) and I moved out of our 1 bedroom apartment and into our very own house...well as you can imagine I was pumped for Halloween. After researching some things on the internet, shopping around and spending lots of time and cash on the subject we designed a very successful Halloween Scene.  I wanted to post the project on here sort of as a scrap book of what we did, and I thought maybe others could learn from the things we did and well not do.  I learned a lot from the project including start early!! we did not start very early and it was a scramble at times to complete the project, plus I would have liked to had more time to build some more props etc.....none the less for our first year it went very well, we had lots of compliments, and we look forward to doing it next year!!! See the pictures below (unfortunately they do not do the scene justice). If you have any questions, comments, ideas, links or projects of your own  please email me I would enjoy hearing from you.


Spiderman, Dead bride (my wife, Jason (me), and Hockey Player

HALLOWEEN 2005- Year 1
Click Link for Full Color/Full Scale view.

Front porch-cob webs
Graveyard 1
Graveyard 2
Graveyard 3
Mummy coming out of ground
Bloody corpse crawling out of grave
Zombie with no arm
Witches around cauldron
Witches around cauldron 2
Corpse on wall
Traffic accident scene
Traffic accident scene 2
Traffic accident scene 3

Traffic accident scene 4
Traffic accident scene 5-driver in car
Body under sheet at accident scene
Me as Jason, wife as dead bridge and 2 kids

Me and some kid dresses as Chucky
Wife and Princess (dog dressed up too)

Boo pumpkin
Vampire pumpkin
Scary face pumpkin

Burned body on stake


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Created by Demonseed-2005