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Last Updated: December 28th, 2004
Project Status: 100 % Complete
Still Left: Nothing


For those of you on Arcadecontrols.com message board, you will know that my wife and I were working on a Mini Arcade Cabinet called "Game Station".  My wife Michelle and I have completed the cabinet which was given to my two nephews (4 and 6 yrs) for Christmas.  The cabinet turned out great! It is by far the best one I have done to date.  Our two nephews used to come to our place all the time and begged to play DemonCade. Now they have their very own, which is their size, and of course has their type of theme to it. I designed the artwork myself and it turned out very well, I had Scott at Mamemarquees.com print it off and it looks very good. My nephews are both Fire Fighter fanatics, so I designed the artwork with our local Fire Dept logo on it, and incorporated pictures of my two nephews Jack and Sam in their fire fighter gear. I also put my brother and dad into the art as they are both firefighters too!  I did not put me into the artwork as I am not a firefighter, I wear the other color ...um.. blue.  This unit is perfect size for the little one, or midget in your family! (my wife is the midget in our family!)

Custom made mini cabinet from scratch (20wx24"d by 4 Feet High)
2 player control panel featuring two 8 way happ joysticks, with 6 player buttons and 2 pinball style buttons on each side of the cabinet.
1 button power on/exit button
2 wheels and 2 front level legs
Connected to a 1.8 Pentium Celeron System
14" PC Monitor
Rear light switch that activates Marquee light.
1 Working Fire Dept. rotary light.
Custom fire fighter personalized marquee, and side art.
Custom fire dept. logo on the front.
Custom Christmas card on rear.

Currently running Windows XP Professional, Mamewah front end with Fire Fighter custom skins. Mamewah runs various childrens mp3 songs, and uses custom firefighter sounds when games are launched.
Mamewah runs in a shell, so none of the Windows XP screens are present, it looks like it goes into it's own OS.

PICTURES:(some photos have been edited)
The cabinet prior to paint

Michelle and I playing
Little guy playing game
The completed cabinet
The rotary light/marquee
On button power on
Custom sideartwork
Custom Rear label Christmas Card
Custom Skin-Sample


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Mamewah- The best emulator front end.
Lazarus- Another great emulator front end.
Happ Controls
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Mamemarquees.com-The source for arcade artwork. Highly Recommended!

I appreciate any comments please feel free to email me. Always feel free to ask me any questions.

If anyone is interested in custom/personalized artwork for your cabinet let me know. I really enjoy doing it and I am sure we could work something out. I am not a pro but I will do my best for you.