Welcome, good visitors, to my Degrassi! tribute. This page will celebrate that half-hour slice of melodramatic yet realistic, teen-oriented Canadian entertainment ... which brightened the lives of fans worldwide during its four-year tenure, and continues to do so to this day. There are several wonderful Degrassi sites out there already, and I'm not going to try and top them. In other words, you won't find hordes of information on this page. But here's what you WILL find, and I hope you enjoy it!

New: Visit my (lengthy) episode summary of Can't Live With 'Em, Parts 1 & 2

The Degrassi Fact File: When did the show originally air? Who sang that song about waking up in the morning, feeling shy and lonely? Find out here.

The Degrassi Sensations: Not just the Zit Remedy, although they get plenty of coverage in this subpage. Read about Caitlin, Shane, Dorothy, and everyone!

Their Alter Egos: Then meet the actors responsible for bringing all your Degrassi friends to life!

An Episode Guide: Here's where you'll get caught up on which point in the series Stephanie Kaye moved off to "private school", and when that Clode guy kicked his own bucket. These range in length from two-sentence plot descriptions to rambling, half-page summaries.

I Am Deprived: You'll find when reading the episode guide that your webmistress is a little behind in her Degrassi experiences. Here's what I'm craving most!

Why a Degrassi Page?: But since I'm so deprived, then what business have I creating a page? My explanations and reasoning are found in this section.

Degrassi vs. 90210: They say Aaron Spelling's little show was based on Degrassi. Well, let's do some comparing and contrasting.

Links-o-rama!: Remember when I told you about all those other wonderful Degrassi sites? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is where you'll find them!

Me, Myself and I: Just a little about this so-called webmistress who keeps babbling on and on.

A couple of disclaimers before you begin your exploration. Number one, I'm not affiliated with anybody or anything pertaining to the series. I'm just a fan. (I don't even live in Canada.) And number two, I am without access to a scanner, so every picture here is very much stolen from those other superb Degrassi tributes. Make sure to visit my links section and pay them back! Also, I've done my best to be creative, but if you feel I've ripped off anything from your own site (other than pictures), let me know and I'll make some changes without hesitation (of course, I'll take down the stolen pictures if you so desire, as well.)

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