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Minister: Friends and family, we are gathered here today, in this beautiful garden, to celebrate a union, a sacred bond blessed by God and witnessed by each of you. The marriage of two people and the coming together of all who love and support them. This evening, Thorne and Brooke will join their lives and their families. Her children will become his. His family will become hers. Like a garden, their marriage will grow more lovely with each passing year. Tended well, it will become their refuge in uncertain times and a place of celebration for the significant moments of their lives. With God's blessing, Brooke and Thorne's marriage will be strengthened by the triumphs and challenges they will face, like these flowers are nourished by sunshine and rain. This we pray. This evening, Thorne and Brooke are entering into a sacred covenant, unifying their hearts and their lives before God and those they love. May their commitment inspire us all. To find together, like this couple, a bright and shining future, filled with joy, compassion, and love. Let these candles be a symbol of that shared vision, the union of separate lives linked forever by the coming together of this couple and their families. Witness now, the gathering light of a stronger, brighter, more joyous future for Brooke, Thorne and their families - as two become one. Thorne. Brooke. The unity candle has been lit. Your families have pledged to support and join you in the future you are making together. The future begins now, as you exchange a symbol of your bond and state your intentions to each other.

Thorne: I love you, Brooke. I always have. First as a friend and now, as the woman I want for my wife. What began as friendship has blossomed into the most significant relationship of my life. Together we have matured. Our camaraderie became passion. Our passion became love. A love rooted in friendship, the strongest foundation, fertile and rich with history and fond memories. As it developed, our commitment has been challenged. It has endured many storms, but each storm has been a blessing. I have watched you bloom before my eyes. You have shown me the true beauty of life. Joy exists all around us. Sometimes it grows wild and untamed. Sometimes it must be cultivated. But it's always there, just under the surface - just off the path we are traveling. We only have to stop to acknowledge it. See the beauty before us. Accept and cherish all the surprises life has to offer, as I cherish you. From this day forward, until death do us part. I pledge my life to you and to your children. To our future - together. Now and forever.

Brooke: Today, we embark on a sacred journey. A walk into uncharted territory. Into a future, we have long imagined, but never experienced. It has lay hidden, like a beautiful meadow, in the depth of a forest. We have spent years searching for it, both of us on different paths. Now, at last, we have come together - to step out of the forest, into sunlight. To begin a new life as man and wife. We didn't get here on our own. Our separate lives have been touched and guided by all those who love us: our friends, our parents, our siblings and our children. They have made us who we are. They have taught us the meaning of unconditional love. They have prepared us for this journey. To move forward with confidence, to face every obstacle without fear, we carry their love with us - as we find our own. Today, I pledge to stay by your side and walk with you, grateful and secure, full of joy and confidence. Whatever lies before us - we will meet it together. Now and forever.

Minister: Now that Thorne and Brooke have given themselves to each other by solemn vows, with the joining of hands and exchanging of rings, I pronounce them husband and wife. Thorne, you may kiss the bride. Go in peace and love. May God's grace keep and protect you all the days of your life.

Brooke Reflecting: Walking down that aisle, that was the happiest moment of my life. Finally, it has happened. After so many years, the Forresters and the Logans have come together. We put the past behind us, and at that moment in time, we embarked on a new future together. For ourselves, for this family. My family. Our family. All because of one man, the most amazing man I have ever met. My husband, Thorne Forrester. After Thorne & Brooke walk down the aisle, they turn to face the wedding guests and white rose petals fall from above.

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