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A thousand thankyous for taking time to visit this special corner of Ponyland. This project was an incredible 20 months in the making and would never have been realized had it not been for the donated talents and assistance I received from many, many people. First and foremost, I must thank Baby Heart Throb (known to her disciples as the Jedimaster!) for serving as the impetus for this entire project. The most important tips and skills regarding customizing ponies were conveyed to me by her, and I am eternally grateful! Her skill and mastery as *the* preeminent customizer in the pony community is witnessed in the creations of Baby Majesty, Baby Bubbles, Newborn Baby Heart Throb, and (most especially) Baby Golden Autumn.

Thanks is also due to Baby Gloomy, another supremely talented artist who helped early on with the special versions of Moondancer and Glory, as well as Baby Powder, Baby Skydancer, Baby Sunlight, Baby Parasol, Baby Moonstone, Baby Starshine, and Baby Sparkler. Anyone who knows anything about customizing knows that Baby Gloomy's customs creations are as good as they get!

Superfluous, overflowing gratitude is also extended to The Sandcastle and its owner Renee AND The Delaney Family for supplying me with what must have seemed to be (and in fact was) ridiculous amounts of ponies used for both body and hair donors. Thanks again for all your help (and the special discounts)!

Thank you again to the kindest, most helpful, most ingeniously creative pony friend I've ever encountered, Sunbeam. Her help in providing this site with a jaw-droppingly gorgeous banner will forever be my favorite experience in terms of this site. It's ponies like her that make the pony community as special as it is.

The folowing ponies were customized by myself: Coral Blossom (Flutter), Adult Sundance, Adult Sunbeam, Diaz, Baby Sundance, Baby Nephrita, Baby Celesta, Baby Minty, Baby Blue Belle, Baby Butterscotch, Baby Snuzzle, Baby Gypsy, Baby Sea Shell, Baby Twilight, Baby Medley, Baby Sunbeam, Baby Skyflier, Baby Tootsie, Baby Posey, Baby Truly, Baby Magic Star, Baby Fizzy, Baby Galaxy, Baby Speedy, Baby Mimic, Baby Gingerbread, Baby Sweet Stuff, Baby Starlight, Baby Rainbow of Light, Dark Haired Babies Moondancer and Glory, Baby Windy, Baby Pinwheel, Baby Confetti, Baby Tickle, Baby Starflower, Baby Trickles, Baby Flutterbye, Baby Bangles, and Newborn Babies Lofty, Twilight, Wind Whistler, Locket, Masquerade, Whizzer, Sundance and Paradise. Phew! All other ponies which were photographed are original Hasbro creations.

the golden autumn