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Elisabeth Shue may look like the typical, wholesome girl next door, but after her heartfelt portrayal of supportive prostitute Sera in Mike Figgis' Leaving Las Vegas, Elisabeth broke out of the typecast roles she was accustomed to playing.

Born on the 6th of October 1963, in Wilmington, Delaware, Elisabeth was the middle child, between older brother Will and younger brother Andrew. Surrounded by males, she was more interested in kicking soccer balls than playing with dolls. Tomboy Elisabeth finally transformed her passion for sports to gymnastics lessons.

When her mother, a bank executive, and her father, a real-estate developer and former attorney, divorced when she was only in the fourth grade, Elisabeth and her brothers had time and space to delve into smoking drugs, drinking and doing some major partying.

The innocent looking girl had everyone fooled, since she was really not as angelic as she seemed. Thanks to her wholesome appearance, she saw and learned that she could get away with anything. [Full Bio]

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