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Welcome Back To The '80s

This page is dedicated to the 80's. I know some people think that decade was lame, but I think it was thee best and most interesting. Currently I am working on putting it all together. It may take some time. Enjoy what is here for now and come back for new stuff and updates. If you have an '80s webpage ('80s in general or a specific show, movie, star, etc.) or have info you want to add, please email me.

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  • I am going to be having a "Files" section for tv shows, movies, music, cartoons, and toys. This will take a long time to do though. Let me know which section you think you would like to know more about first. To view how the "Files" section will be done, click here then vote below.

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    • I am doing a lot of work and spending a lot of time creating this webpage. Please do not steal my ideas or personal work.
    • The pictures in the "Picture" sections on various parts of this page are scanned by me. It takes a lot of time to scan pictures so please, if you would like to use them for your webpage, email me first!
    • When I do use information from other people's webpage I email them to make sure that I have their permission. In that case they are credited on my page and linked to. If you would like to use their information or their webpage for your use, email them.
    • The "Files" sections: These sections are mostly to give viewers the basic information. I do not have the time or resources to make big pages on every little thing. Hence the reason for the links. The links are to guide you to larger pages with more information at your pleasure.
    • If you have any corrections, suggestions, comments, or additional info you would like to provide, email me.
    • Once a section is done, I will not have to time to constantly check on it and update it (links, yahoo groups, etc.) If you would like your webpage or yahoo group linked here or your name added to the Ebay list- email me.

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