Broken Heart Brigade!

Lyrical journal of The Broken Heart Brigade

* The Broken Heart Club
"Fresh new starts for broken hearts"-MxPx
"The radio plays a love song, I smash my fist right through the dial. Here's to the broken hearted, a generation born in denial."-The Ataris

* When You Cry I'm Happy-5 Days Ahead

High school crush so true. I wish I could have told you. I've waited too long. I finally did one night. I asked you to dance & you laughed in my face, then to make it worse, on went the lights. When your heart breaks I'll be there to laugh in your face, like you did to me. When you're moping down the stairs, I'll be there to push you. Maybe you'll land on your head. I hope that your heart breaks every time someone looks at you. I hope you always feel how I felt that night when you made me lower than the dirt on your shoes. I heard you wanted to apologize, but 2 words don't wipe out 6 years & I never will let you forget it. And every night I hope you cry out your eyes. Every day I saw you, I felt nauseous & I still do. Every time you cry, it makes my day. I hope you're crying right now.

*The Juliana Theory-The Closest Thing*

You're the words that come out easy & I am speechless at best. Your star it seems to shine above the rest. You're the face before the cameras, the smile I'd like to earn. The closest thing to perfect in a hollywood to burn. You're the beauty that is deeper than than eyes can merely see. The closest thing to perfect, but the farthest thing from me. And I'd love to be the shoulder that you cry on & I'd love to be the friend you call when things are great. You're the dream that hasn't ended & I'm still anxious for rest. Your words. they seem to hang above my head. You're the bud before the flower unfurls into full bloom. Captivating beauty, but it may be all too soo. You're the song that writes a story, but leaves a lot to read. The closest thing to perfect, but the farthest thing from me. And like I really deserve a chance to sit across a table & tell you that I think you're wonderful & I think you're something special. I guess this is my only chance to say I wish I knew you, b/c I'm sure you're wonderful if I'd get to know you.

*The June Spirit-The Ivy Leauge*

Take my heart, take my mind, without you they're useless anyway. Sleepless nights in the dark, I lie awake & think of you. The bitter sound of my alarm interrupting our first kiss & I've come to learn that these games are dangerous, they're breaking me & I cannot lie, I think I love you. Lindsey baby, let me into your heart, 'cause I'm all alone tonight & you make me feel alright & I can't think of one thing to say to let you know how I feel. So take my hand & hold me tight & kiss me hard all through the night.

*Taking Back Sunday-Summer Stars*

Do you remember the time when you & I were fine? Hiding under the apple tree there was no one, but you & me? We would hide from passing cars & we would have the summer stars & we were better then we'd ever been before. You came back to me after walking out my door. You would call me on the phone before you even got home. Without me, you said, you were all alone. The cold wind that blows all the things I used to know. How could it play so fast? Never thought you'd be part of my past. Would I trade it all again to get you out of my head? Without me by your side, you said, you were all alone. Give me one more chance to prove myself to you. All the little things that I long to do. When you run away, would you trade the course you said that you'd be so that I could hold you? Coming out my front porch would it all go away? Just to see me & my heart is breaking would you hear me baby as the tears are longing for what it used to be.

*Cursive-The Ugly Organ*

No, there isn't anything wrong. It's just that you forgot to help me break down this brickwall that stands between us. It's impossible for me to even chip it if you're not willing to lend a helping hand. If you don't want anything to do with me anymore then what good is all of this pushing & shoving & kicking & hitting & hammering going to do? Bloodstains from my knuckles are on these brick blocks that stare me back in the face. Scrapes & bruises are all over the place from throwing myself at this red obstacle in a desperate attempt. I'm trying to break this wall on my own. I'm trying to get you to help me break it down. I'm trying to get you to come back. I'm trying to get you to want me & love me & miss me. I'm trying.

*Stars Hide Fire-Broken*

Falling to pieces. I can't even feel these scars at the top of my heart. I've carved out my addictions, to your deceptions. I've tried. You decide what's right for the both of us. H*ll, I have no say at all. With your righteous explanations, turn your back & watch me fall. Forget these nights. Our heated fights are over. These broken ties need mending now. I always did right by you. Wanted us to survive. Our wounded lives have ended now. These cindered pictures keep leaving me speechless, yet with words on the tip of my tongue. I've fallen out of windows, shattered glass breaks my hard fall. With a hole in my lungs I breath air, as I recall.

*The June Spirit-Your Sweet Legacy*

I've been flipping through my book of songs, & I realized that you never escaped a page. Every line that bleeds from this pen carries with it a thought of you. A memory, or just the simple feeling that no matter what I do, you're with me, in my mind & in my heart. Even in my memories, the ones you love are the first to leave & the pain you try to forget remains. Eventually it carves a hole in your heart so deep, you bleed to death & wonder how you ever stood a chance.

*The June Spirit-Treat Me Like Someone Else*

Hold the phone, but dont hold your breath. This is not a test, it's not a question of what I feel for you & I'm sorry too. Did we go too far to return to the way things were? Remember the nights that I spent in your arms feelings so wonderfull? I wonder where they've gone, but I cant find the reason why I run away from you. So tonight when I look you straight in the eyes conversation runs dry & I say nothing. But I know you would never hurt me the way I hurt you, but I cant find the reason why I run away from you.

*Further Seems Forever-Vengeance Factor*

This is worth it's weight in words, to give in now would be absurd. So keep your retractions to yourself. This plays upon my sympathies. I shouldn't have come, I know I should leave, but they said I should see this for myself & now these are severing & I was saving everything. Can't believe I believed that it might help. Making amends seems so far out of hand. Still holding strong to where we stand. Most of lost all sight of how we ever felt. Your getting even, getting ready to fight. Gotten smug, gotten ugly & lost all sense of pride & I'm forgetting why I wanted to cry. I'm still waiting on a day when no hearts would die.

*~*~*Waterpistol-This Is What I Get*~*~*

If you listen first, then you may not reach this end. You may be happy for as long as you pretend. Everything that is said is done. Forget the fact that for her it's just not as fun. I know it's bad enough I missed. Lost in the madness of a kiss & left to feel the way I do. The cost of loving someone who won't love you. Now I'm dying, there's nothing left. I've shown through & can't reset. For that this is what I get. Waiting after you, I'm sorry for holding on so long without your help. I tried my best to understand. You wanted this & I confess. I'm so selfish to think I had a right to seek perfection. Waiting after you & you think I gave it all up. I gave it all to be where I am & I feel this breaking my heart, but I was tired of waiting & listening for the day you would tell me when it's okay. It's ok now. I've grown from this somehow.


I've been thinking all day. Sitting by this window, remembering how the smile on your face could make me blush, & I can't comprehend how someone with your eyes could ever dissapear & break your heart. Fall, keep your eyes on something small, hold your head up high. Angel, spread your wings & fly. Fall, even if you can't let go. If everything was perfect in my eyes in my mind, too young to understand, but old enough to know so many people love you, & hold you in their hearts, & won't stop. Remember tonight, it just might last you the rest of your life, & all those time I said I love you, those weren't lies. This will hurt you, but in time you will understand that I would never want to be in his shoes, but I would do anything to take his place.

*Short Round-Assumptions*

I have slit wrists & noosed my ties with you. Something you said I had no guts to do. You - me = loneliness. Erasing all thoughts of when we were "us." Was I wrong? Was I cold feeling? Look it up, the definition & read it. Not hearing a thing when you call out. It's just hot air. My eyes are dry today knowing you can't say the same. Expired words making me sick something I won't forget. It feels like walking in the dark. Maybe I've taken this too far. I shouldn't have called you yesterday, telling you I was just afraid. We can't laugh again. You want to know if we are going to be friends. Spitting my poison on you. Is that the best you can do? I've got so much on you, I can see right through your excuses & your claims. I won't be making the same mistake again. Just because we had some good times doesn't mean I can't say goodbye. Besides once in a while people go their own ways. Why aren't you ok with that?

*Boys Night Out-This Broken KillSwitch*

So here's the sum of our parts: an overwhelming willingness to expire & ugly hands that were built for breaking the ugly second chance that I'm taking. We'll realize that we're brilliant at dying as more bullets kiss, & more blades cushion our akward movements. So don't look at me when we all run out of room for caring, & bury hope with our useless hearts. I've started digging graves for everyone, & my hand is getting tired from writing out this killing spree. So it's reaching time. Reach for home where everyone is waiting to forget you. Reach forward & prop yourself up on the smiling skulls of liars. I'm reaching into my pocket, but the gun's already gone off. You want to talk about pain? Let's talk about pain, motherf*cker. It's something I know everything about & soon you'll understand why. Please stop me before I kill again. I'm reaching in my chest, but the killswitch on my heart is broken & I've been dead for years & then I realized the truth; we're forest fires waiting to happen, & buildings designed to collapse. I can't wait to watch you burn & fall.

*Boys Night Out-The Only Honest Love Song*

The air tears at my skin-robbing my veins of the life I had hoped to have. You killed a part of me tonight & left the frozen air to finish the job. So now I realize the cowardice you kept behind your bloodshot eyes & awkward frame was calling the shots & I was left depleted, grinning like a retard who thought you were there when you'd retreated. I'm slowing down into a shallow circle while my heartbeat fills the gaps between sporadic & failing gasps. I'm face down in the mud with eyes still bruised & purple while my heartbeat fills the gaps between sporadic & failing gasps... And I swear if I could take this knife out of my back, I would, but between the loss of blood & the loss of my trust in you, I don't think it'd do any good. If love existed we wouldn't be so soft & easy to ruin.

*Boys Night Out-I Got Punched In The Face For Sticking My Face In Other People's Business*

You & me, you know that we were always funny in a car crash sort of way. Watch me bruise & bleed for you. I always knew that i'd end up dead today. So I'm going to tear down the sky & all the dull stars tonight, so I can stay hidden & live in the black. I hate being famous for my hits & never for my misses. Bloody kisses from poisoned lips leave lovers dead in ditches. So, pass another round around for the kids who have nothing left to lose & for those souls old and sold out by the soles of my shoes. Drag my corpse through the cities I never got to visit. Promise, dont let me miss it. Baby, the bloods already been spilled & no amount of crying will wash the red from your guilty hands, but what if I promised to hold on long enough to suffer?

*Stabbing Westward-What Do I Have To Do?*

You make it hard to breathe. It's as if I'm suffocating & when you're next to me I can feel your heartbeat through my skin. It makes me sad to think this all could be for nothing. I wish there was a way for you to see inside of me. I've never felt this way about anyone or anything. Tell me, what do I have to do to make you happy? What do I have to do to make you understand? What do I have to do to make you want me? And, if I can't make you want me, what do I have to do? I know exactly what you're thinking, but I swear this time I will not let you down. I'm not as selfish as I used to be. That was a part of me that never made me proud. Right now I think I would try anything. Anything at all to keep you satisfied. God I hope you see what loving you would do to me. All I want is one more chance. So tell me, what do I have to do to make you love me? What do I have to do... to forget you?

*Travis-The Humpty Dumpty Love Song*

All of the king's horses & all of the king's men couldn't pull my heart back together again. All of the physicians & mathematicians too failed to stop my heart from breaking in two. 'Cause all I need is you. I just need you. Yeah, you got the glue, so I'm gonna give my heart to you. I had a premonition a movie in my hand confirming my suspicions of what I would find. It followed me to LA down to Mexico. Came in through the back door at the start of the show. Still all I need you, I just need you. Oh was a perfect day, oh in a perfect way. You know something had go. You left me high, you left me low. Now as I lie in pieces & wait for your return the sun upon my forehead it burns. An eye on all my horses, you've slept with all my men. I'm never gonna get it together again. Still all I need is you, I just need you. Yeah you got the glue, so I'm gonna give my heart to you. There's nothing I can do.

*Pulley-Second Best*

I don't care too much about anything anymore. There's no difference between wrong & the right. I'm tired living life out of spite. I don't care too much about anything anymore. I've been here for too long it's a change I can't go through. Your better off without me, aren't you? For every girl that ever broke my heart, for every f*cked up friend that played that part I have lost my faith in finding humanity. Compassion isn't enough for all that I've been through. You're better off without me, aren't you?

*Time Spent Driving-Here With You*

Hardly awake here. If that says enough. Your love doesn't take here. Mine turns to dust. If this means anything, it doesn't mean enough. I've done everything & I'm still broken up. I try not to fight. I just try to understand. You define what's important to me. What's left to decide? What's left to understand? Hearts are just toys here. Mine's been played enough. Quiet just makes noise here, My volume's up. If this means anything at all. It doesn't close to mean enough. 'Cause I've done everything & I'm still broken up. As far as I can tell, you're not happy at all.

*Forstella Ford-Summary Treatment*

I could sleep this life away & still be tired of it. F*cking numb, f*cking blind. Absent is more than just a state of mind. Reeling towards the same dead-ends. Uselessly whispering what should have been screamed. My lungs should bleed. A need to desire nothing. I desire to need anything. You can dampen a feeling, but it will never die. You just lose that part of your mind & there's no such thing as crazy, just a lot of people broken too many times. There's only one I in rejection, but let's pretend we're both burning bridges before we get to them. All it takes is a spark from this flicking flame. Yeah, there's no such thing as crazy, but sometimes I swear I am. I kill beautiful things just to watch them die. There are two types of people in this life: remainders & those divisible by.

*Forstella Ford-At Moments*

Floor this interchange-arrangeable lost cause. I don't want true & I don't want beautiful. 3 seconds past: Identify an identity passed along the way. You can't kill insecurity with purity & hopes personified through broken promises & empty hearts. Say you don't want me around, yeah say it loud. Pause & reflect, this harsh voice: "Good-bye is near." 'Cause & effect: You're dying here. We're just dying to hear at moments so insincere. 5 seconds past: Resist. You can't kill insecurity with merely "Maybe" & "Someday." But you've changed a lot this year. F*ck today & f*ck forever-tomorrow is a promise to no one, but I still believe.

*Forstella Ford-Future Perfect Tense*

Consider this among the things still in dispute. My voice is lost. My mind quickly will follow suit. I'm learning new things about myself every day. It's cold here where I sit, fearful to admit that this was my last chance. Another night passes & with it, one more reason to never wake up again. I'm shivering, It's f*cking cold. It's lonely here. I'm not alone. But this life that surrounds me needs to know that I'd like to be. You might just be the one to spread the word for me. I'm forgetting things about myself every day & I suggest you do the same. Imagine, if you can, my actions as a pen, drawing a blank for you. These words need not make sense. They're spoken by someone who recollects in future perfect tense. When the end comes & calls for the things that we held dear, it says "You were foolish to think you could hold them here." Was I foolish to wish you could keep me here?

*Forstella Ford-Order Is Everything*

These are the things I have forgotten. It's all just words & faces, nothing more. So bring on the accusations, let them fly like guided missiles, uncontaminated by better sense. A recollection not unlike simple regret. No sight unseen unless you close your eyes. Whatever it takes to make this world a bitter place. No sight unless you close your eyes, or I f*cking cut them right out. Because you treat life like it was a pipe bomb, & you treat me like I'm chasing pipe dreams. Do you honestly think you know what everything means? Do you honestly think? Honestly! You have the whole world in your undeserving hands. This is the "F*ck you, forget you" before I have to say I hate you.

*Forstella Ford-Mercurian Harmonium*

I'm giving you my life one week at a time. You want the whole thing? You want it right now? You're pushing me over that edge. It's that forced smile. It's you choking down any meaning. Am I just like you? Am I just like you? I am, as long as I can't find the need to feel alive that's supposed to burn inside. I guess it has escaped me again. It suffocated & died. This constant complaining proved to be pointless in the end; that came as no surprise. Such futile attempts at feigned sincerity, these lies have filled this room with the awkward smiles & disappointed eyes that were all trying desperately to hide.

*Forstella Ford-Locmariaquer*

Don't look now, but I think this change has killed what was best in each & every one of you. As it stands, ignorance brings harsh words brings brute force brings-positive change? There's blood on your hands & hate in your eyes, but you still insist this wrong is right. Well, there's something missing, there's something I don't understand. As this fails & as you fall & choose to ignore the "Sad but true" elements of that which you've brought upon yourself. One thing cannot be ignored & that is that sometimes it's better to be sorry than to be safe. This is one of those times. There's blood on your hands & hate in your eyes, so don't you f*cking tell me what's right.

*Forstella Ford-The Rest Is Silent*

All I needed was a way I could send intentions your way, but silence is now my only friend. Am I only here to prove that I'm still not listening? You brought this one down with only a word, the feeling's still missing. You'll go on pretending it's all your fault that way I could bring myself down. That way I can't let it all out. So how will I know you're not pretending when you say "I love how you keep me alive this way?" I'll still find a way to say I'm so enthusiastically afraid of each & every little thing you say. Still sometimes I can't go your way sometimes it's just not your day, sometimes I can't take you everywhere, sometimes I can't hear the words in the sky or see the tears that fall from your eye. "You're so beautiful when you won't tell me what's on your mind." There is only a million & one ways to say that I've f*cked it all up again & I'll always be sorry.

*You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead-Mistakes & Regrets*

If I could make a list of my mistakes & regrets I'd put your name on top & every line after it. B/c every inch of hope becomes a world of shame I've had to walk through each & every day. And if I screamed "You were wrong" at the top of my lungs it would never return all the faith that I've lost. Because there is nothing left to say that has not been said. If I shouted you wouldn't listen, I doubt it'd even sink in. If you forget how to feel reach inside your chest. Is there a heart beating? Is there just emptiness?

*Cursive-Driftwood: A Fairy Tale*

So he would sulk & drink & mope & cross his arms & hope to die. And then a fairy came one night to bring this sorry boy to life. She pulled some strings & spun him about. That boy sprang up & began to shout "My arms! My legs! My heart! My face! They're alive!" & she would cry "Liar liar! What have I done? You're no lover & I'm no fighter!" The story goes on. So he would buy her things & kiss her hair to show he was for real. And she would take those gifts & kisses though just stringing him along. She knew about those wooden boys it's an empty love to fill the void. "Pinnocchio oh boy how your nose has grown." So he would cry "Liar liar! I'll prove it to you!" But then it grew, he had grown tired of her. So it was true. He left her apartment & he walked all night long 'til he was stopped by the shore of the ocean. But still he walked on. Amongst the whales & the waves & screaming, "LIAR LIAR" & his wooden body floated away. He just drifted away. And now I wonder how I was made. My arms, my legs, my heart, my face. My name is Driftwoood.

*Good Clean Fun-Coll-EDGE*

Someday you will look back in fear on all the time that you spent here, & at that moment you'll wish you hadn't spent all your book money on beer. Your friends are high, your grades are low, couldn't shake a stick at what you know, but when it comes to blood alcohol you get a 4.0. Try to fit in with everyone. If you don't drink in the dorms then you're no fun. You swore true til death, but you're still young. Not even true til twenty-one. When you went to school I learned for sure if you aren't now you never were. And if you have a single conviction you don't know what it's for. To see the bands you never go. You don't support the bands you used to know. Here's a hint in case you're slow. Lollapalooza is not a show! You lost the edge & that's not the worst. The sad thing is you're not the first. Our friendship's done, it really hurts, but maybe I could have all of your old shirts.Your Wide Awake record & Chung King too-they can't be worth that much to you. Maybe this is not so bad because now I own all the things you had . You swore you'd be edge to eternity, but now you're pledging a fraternity. Your eyes are red, your lungs are black. Stabbed us all right in the back. How could you sell out like that?

*Good Clean Fun -Last Night I Dreamt An Emo Kid Loved Me*

Jen, she really rocks my world. I think she is the perfect girl, but she never seems to notice me. She doesn't care about my positivity. I try to take her by the hand, reminded her that I too am in a band, but she doesn't seem to understand, or care about the things I've planned. At times it seems that I've been cursed, my love life couldn't get much worse, but I'll keep hoping anyway. I love Jen, but Jen loves Saves the Day. I fell asleep with the radio on, it was playing Queen. Freddy must have spoken to me. I had the strongest dream. We turned our backs on all we knew & loved and left the core behind. For greener grass & thrift-store clothes & finally Jen was mine. Won't compromise what I believe, 'cause I can see, won't change my life to make a friend, 'cause that's not me. I won't be bitter, I won't be mad, that's not how I am. I've got to live my life for me. I understand I can be positive alone.

*Good Clean Fun-Loserdotcom*

You spend your days & nights online. Your website makes you proud, but if you had a single friend at all they would be "LAUGH OUT LOUD." Well it seems I may have crossed the line, I've gone & made you pissed. Now your going to take me off of your buddy list. If you can't get a date because you live with your mom, then you'll feel right at home at Loserdotcom. If you don't have a life, but you've got plenty of ROM, then you'll feel right at home at Loserdotcom. You tell me that your sex life it has not been bland since you learned how to click & type with just one hand. Your a keyboard Casanova, your a Digital Don Juan, your a chat room Romeo & you want to get it on. URL IRC MSN HTTP AOL ISP LOSER UB! I guess you can't see what is wrong. You've got your modem & your mouse & you think you've got it going on. You once had a life but it is gone

*Plain White T's- A Lonely September*

I'm sitting here all by myself just trying to think of something to do. Trying to think of something, anything just to keep me from thinking of you. But you know it's not working out cause you're all that's on my mind. One thought of you is all it takes to leave the rest of the world behind. Well I didn't mean for this to go as far as it did & I didn't mean to get so close & share what we did & I didn't mean to fall in love, but I did & you didn't mean to love me back, but I know you did. I'm sitting here trying to convince myself that you're not the one for me, but the more I think, the less I believe it & the more I want you here with me. You know the holidays are coming up. I don't want to spend them alone. Memories of Christmas time with you will just kill me if I'm on my own. I know it's not the smartest thing to do. We just can't seem to get it right, but what I wouldn't give to have one more chance tonight. I'm sitting here trying to entertain myself with this old guitar, but with all my inspiration gone it's not getting me very far. I look around my room & everything I see reminds me of you. Oh please, baby won't you take my hand? We've got nothing left to prove. And I didn't mean to meet you then we were just kids & I didn't mean to give you chills the way that I kiss. And I didn't mean to fall in love, but I did & you didn't mean to love me back, but I know you did.

*Boy Diesel-Emo Boy*

He read every issue of "Punk Planet" with a tissue. Bad reviews of his favorite band made him cry. He could hardly believe that Jawbreaker signed to DGC. He took it personally that Blake had lied. When all the he loved was through what's an emo boy to do? With a broken heart & some minor chords inspiration laid on the floor. He was just barely sixteen when he started his fanzine. He could lay his broken heart out on the page and it got real inspiring when people started writing. He was not alone when all his work was done. He put on side one Boxcar sang him to sleep. Locked away in an emo dream. One foggy night at the bottom of the hill front and center for Jets to Brazil emo boy met emo girl. Barrettes in her hair & Buddy Holly glasses & laminated passes. They left the club & went back to his house & fooled around to the new record from Modest Mouse.

*Unsung Zeros-Untitled*

Do you know I still feel you close? I'm walking ten miles barefoot in the rain because even if it kills me you will now my pain. My heels are bleeding, this rain isn't receeding, & the cold is biting like never before. I feel your tears streaming down my face. Is this what it feels like to be alone? I get to your house, I'm sorry but I can't see you. I sit on your porch, I'm sorry I still feel you. How does it feel to know I still love you? Love you. I'm walking home, ten more miles in the cold. All alone & I feel just fine..I'm miserable. All alone it never felt so right. I'm miserable, but you continue to twist the knife even deeper. You are my grave digger. I fall to my knees. Five more miles to go, but I can still feel you close. I still feel there's something more to us. I finally welcome the cold the rain is bringing. It's better than your artificial warmth. The question runs through my mind. What's worse, caring or pretending? Caring? You never cared stop pretending. Thoughts of you run through my mind. I can't believe I still have this dream everynight. The one where I walk to your house just to turn around & cry. I can't believe I still wake up every morning screaming. For your sake I hope you aren't as broken as I am.

*The Cure-Boys Don't Cry*

I would say I'm sorry if I thought that it would change your mind, but I know that this time I have said too much-been too unkind. I would break down at your feet & beg forgiveness-plead with you, but I know that it's no use 'cause now there's nothing I can do. I try to laugh about it, cover it all up with lies. I try to laugh about it, hiding the tears in my eyes. 'Cause boys don't cry. I would tell you that I love you if I thought that you would stay, but I know that it's too late cause you've already gone away. Misjudged your limits-pushed you too far. I took you for granted. I thought that you needed me more than I need you. I would do most anything to get you back by my side, but I'll just keep on laughing hiding the tears in my eyes. 'Cause boys don't cry.


Empty arms torn apart. Angel walked out & left me with a broken heart. Everyday I take the blame. I let my whole world slip away. I had an angel that time was everything to me. In the beginning we were, "we were" forever clouds in my future. Now all alone I'm in the rain. The pain, it whispers my name. Never so lonely, alone I'm locked down in this cage. The key she took it away from me. Someone release me I've done my time now set me free. I need someone to help me. I remember when we were lost back then, lost in time on our own. I'll see your face forever your eyes, your touch, I'll never feel again.

*Dashboard Confessional-Hands Down*

Breathe in for luck, breathe in so deep. This air is blessed, you share with me. This night is wild, so calm and dull. These hearts they race from self control. Your legs are smooth as they graze mine. We're doing fine, we're doing nothing at all. My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me. So won't you kill me? So I die happy. My heart is yours to fill or burst, to break or bury or wear as jewelery, which ever you prefer. The words are hushed let's not get busted just lay entwined here, undiscovered safe in here from all the stupid questions. "Hey did you get some?" Man, that is so dumb. Stay quiet, stay near, stay close they can't hear so we can get some. My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me. So won't you kill me? So I die happy? My heart is yours to fill or burst, to break or bury or wear as jewelery, which ever you prefer. Hands down this is the best day I can ever remember. Always remember the sound of the stereo, the dim of the soft lights, the scent of your hair that you twirled in your fingers, & the time on the clock when we realized it's so late & this walk that we shared together. The streets were wet & the gate was locked so I jumped it, and let you in. And you stood at your door with your hands on my waist & you kissed me like you meant it & I knew that you meant it that you meant it, that you meant it. I knew that you meant it.

*3 Feet Deep-The Breakup Song (Sundays Always Suck)*

She broke my heart on Sunday night, so I didn't go to school. I saw her Monday afternoon & I didn't know what to do. I wanted to go up to her, & get down on my knees, wanted to tell her that I loved her & that she's all I'll ever need. She's all I thought about for days on end. Often cried myself to sleep. I guess it was just mixed signals, I got myself in too deep. She said it definitely wasn't me, that she just needed to be alone, but I've had enough of being by myself & being out here on my own. It sucks to know that you're not wanted & not good enough for some girl. The trouble was that I still was wanted & that girl was my whole world. I thought about her constantly. I wanted to break down & cry. The pain was the worst I'd ever felt. I Just wanted to give up & die. She said she needed to be by herself & make sure she could survive. She didn't want the pressure of boys making her sad & cry. But she said we'd still be friends & that she'd be there just for me, but friends can become lovers & friends can become enemies. I didn't want that to happen to us, I loved her like no one else, I didn't understand she loved me too, she just needed to find herself. It sucks to feel like you're a loser & can't get a break at all. It sucks when she says you're not a loser & is there to break your fall. But falls were not all that she had broken. I loved her oh so much, my heart was among the wreckage. With all the settled dust, she broke my heart on Sunday night, & I still haven't forgot. She's on my mind still, day & night. She's still all that I want. My life's a giant breakup song. From beginning to the end, but I don't mind the breakup, if she'll still hold my hand.

*The 6ths-You Can't Break A Broken Heart*

Sometimes you remind me of a doll. Lifelike, but so frail and so small. Your plastic eyes see nothing & your painted lips are still, & I know you don't love me, but you will. You've tried science, you've tried art but you can't break a broken heart. You can tear my brain apart, but you can't break a broken heart. You cried when you knew I would look. You tried every trick in the book, but I read that book yesterday, & yesterday's for fools & I won't play by yesterday's dumb rules.

****Brand New-Seventy Times Seven****

Back in school they never taught us what we needed to know. Like how to deal with despair or someone breaking your heart. For twelve years I've held it all together, but a night like this is beggin to pull me apart. I played it quiet left you deep in conversation. I felt uncool & hung out around the kitchen. I remember I kept thinking that I know you never would, & now I know I want to kill you like only a best friend could. Everyone's caught on to everything you do. Everyone's caught on too. As if it happening wasn't enough I got to go & write a song just to remind myself how bad it sucked. Ignore the sun, covers over my head, wrote a message on my pillow that says "Jesse, stay asleep in bed." Don't apologize. I hope you choke & die. Search your cell for something which to hang yourself. They say you need to pray if you want to go to heaven, but they don't tell you what to say when your whole life has gone to H*ll! Everyone's caught on to everything you do. Everyone's caught on too. And I can't let you let me down again. So is that what you call a getaway? Tell me what you got away with. Cause I've seen more spine on jellyfish. I've seen more guts on eleven-year-old kids. Have another drink & drive yourself home. I hope there's ice on all the roads & you can think of me when you forget your seatbelt & again when your head goes through the windshield. Is that what you call tact? You're as subtle as a brick in the small of my back so let's end this call & end this conversation. And is that what you call a getaway? Tell me what you got away with Cause you left the frays from the ties you severed when you say "best friends" means friends forever.

*The Juliana Theory-I didn't mean to break your heart*

I thought I'd give you a call 'cause I saw you the other day. You were wearing the jacket I bought you for your 17th birthday. I don't know what to tell you, things just went wrong from the start & I guess that I could say that I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be a stupid boy, who broke your heart. And I heard just yesterday that you hate me 'cause of what I put you through. Susan, I can't say that I blame you. Anyways, I'd be lying if I didn't say it hurt me too. I don't know what to tell you things just went wrong from the start & I guess that I could say that I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be a stupid boy, who broke your heart.


Isn't it strange that the stars don't shine no more now since you're gone? Isn't it strange that we can't look back & see just what went wrong? I wanna know now where we are. Should I pretend & let things be & knowing what you've done, could you come face to face with me? Isn't it strange that you told me one thing & suddenly changed your mind? Isn't it strange that you'd come here for me turn away & leave me behind? Now it feels like I'm drowning without you. I know the feeling, cause I've felt this all before. I hope you don't feel just like me. I hope you're happy. Isn't it strange that the world seems to turn away when I try to explain? What's so strange that two can be as one yet not the same? And it feels like I'm drowning without you. I know the feeling, cause I've felt this all before & it feels like I'm dying now I know the truth. I hope you don't feel just like me. I hope you're happy. F*ck, I hope you feel much worse than me, maybe not so happy. Welcome to my world.

*The Lyndsay Diaries-Mixtapes & Memories*

I promise this won't be another song about being alone, but all I feel is regret & I can't find the nerve to pick up the telephone. I was thinking about how it drives me crazy just to feel your hand in mine, & how simple that is & I've thought about saying no to hope, but I have this funny habit of putting pictures up on the wall of you & me. I know that priorities never understand reality & time never lends itself to those who are waiting on love. But it is overdue that we should share this night & Grace, your smile is the only thing that keeps me breathing. The hours pass by like minutes when I'm with you. The hours pass like minutes in the rain. So lets stand here in the rain forever..

*Cursive-Fairytales Tell Tales

Let's pretend were not needy. Let's pretend our hearts still beat. Let's pretend we fall in love tonight. Clumsy enough to fall for anything, we'll stumble on our words. We'll spill our guts on creaking bar stools below the neon blue. Low lives hiding in dives, there's no feeling in drinking, sleeping with strangers ghosts passing through bedrooms unaware. A faint reflection on the barbacks mirror, a face I never knew whispering, please don't be a stranger to me. Who are you if you're alone? You're no good at pretending. All my plays have tragic endings. You wish I was a fairy tale. This frog will never change anything, just pretend that you're in love. That scolding sun is bound to come up eventually, so who is it that whispers in your ear? A haunting voice blows in through the window. There's no feeling floating over beds, a needy pleading apparition, crying, who am I if I'm alone? I hardly exist at all. Let's pretend that we dont need anything anymore from anyone. I dont want to feel anything anymore. Let's just pretend we'll live happily ever after.

*Drive Faster- Summer Victory Song*

Today's the first day of my life. I promised I would make the wrong thing right. I spent thirty days inside feeling sorry for you when I should feel sorry for myself. So here's to summer nights that I spent without you. I just want you to know that I MISS YOU. So life goes on & on, but I'm still waiting for you. I just want you to know that I miss you. So all the games played with my head I'm sick of crying, sick of wishing I was dead, but your always on my mind. It's killing me slowly. I don't care nothing matters anymore.

*Swift-What Tears Are For*

Take away this pain I feel inside. I can't feel my face, words can't describe. So far away that I can't go to sleep the way I feel tonight. I'm phased by days, mocked by all, & I began to see what we are. And now I know there's no way I can sleep the way that I feel tonight. And I would work until my hands bleed to feed you. You're the five dollars I found in my pocket that I didn't know I had. I didn't trust that there are people like you in this world, but I guess that's what tears are for. This can't keep us apart. I stay away & think about you-holding on to these dreams, & why I guess that I may sleep well the way that I feel tonight.

*Brandtson-Grace Thinks I'm A Failure*

She said that I'm a shining star in her sky & I feel that far away. I'll make a wish for the best of all the little things that I miss & just walk away. I've heard this one before about the princess & the pauper & I know just how it ends. Now it doesn't end. Well it just ends. Some things you learn from hurting yourself & some things you learn from hurting someone else & anyway I don't think I'll be coming back here again. 'Cause she's got plans and all & I don't think I fit in. She said that I'm a shining star in her sky & I feel that far away. I'll make a wish for the best of all the little things that I miss & just walk away. Talk is cheap so I bought every word you said. It scared me half to death now I'm half dead and anyway I don't think I'll be coming back here again. 'Cause she's got plans & all and I don't think I fit in. Every time that I fall you're standing over me. She said that I'm a shining star in her sky & I feel that far away. I'll make a wish for the best of all the little things that I miss & just walk away.

*Small Brown Bike-Like A Future With No Friend*

Remember when you said that things would never change you liar? Because these days things in my life, they don't stay the same you changer. Driving at you. Thinking of you. Tears scream down my face. Trying for you. Talking to you. An incoherent mess. Pulled up to your place with a script fully prepared. I'm acting. You stared with no applause. A broken leg review. I'm failing, failing with you. A drawer full of nothing, except old birthdays & business cards & photos that seem like history-a history worth nothing, like a future with no friend.

*Mercury Rising-From Autumn To Ashes*

How sad & this is what your life has been reduced to. A single room apartment containing no more than a mattress. How sad when the strings have been removed from the blinds & all the outlets have been painted over. And the television screen is streaked with blood & smeared from your knuckles, as if you were trying to punch it out, but you underestimated the strength or maybe you just weren't trying hard enough. Startled by a knock at the door, you'll rise for the first time in two days to answer, but you can only greet the visitor with one short statement. "Hello my first name is distance & I really don't care if I never wake up again."

*From Autumn To Ashes-Short Stories With Tragic Endings*

Did you ever look? Did you ever see that one person & the subtle way that they do these things & it hurts so much? It's like choking down the embers of a great place. It's the moment when your eyes seem to spread aspersions & to scream confessions to the insipid sky-parting clouds. You let this one person come down on the most perfect moment. And it breaks my heart to know the only reason you're here now is a reminder of what I'll never have. I'll never have. I'll never. Standing so close, knowing that it kills me to breathe you in. But this table for one has become bearable. I now take comfort in this, & for this I cherish you. You let this one person, come down. come down. I cherish you. Just say you would do the same for me. For as much as I love Autumn, I'm giving myself to ashes.

*Mourning Maxwell-Hopeless & Hungry*

I'm trying to understand you now. We're more transparent when our world is crashing down. You lost that something that kept you hanging by a thread. Now your slipping through the cracks of sidewalks dwelling on the words she said. It's time you quit feeling sorry for yourself. It's time you get to know me, it's time you know just how I felt. There's just somethings amnesia can't seem to replace. But now you painted on the wall in red a shilhouette of your face. I know that I said somethings, still I never meant to hurt you. Now your gone & I can't take them back. Still anything that's everything isn't worth the air you breath. If only this was just a dream, we could leave it in the past. I'm tryin to figure out you now. I'd love to have you meet your match, but they all live underground. The signs all point to chemical distress when alcohol & medicine only make up for the more or less. I'd light my face on fire for you. No one deserves this, but I do. And every breath that you dont take, is one harder for me to make, & I just dont want to be the reason that you want to bleed.

*Unsung Zeros-Picture*

When I can't see you you're always near. Back right pocket, I keep you there. Safely hidden for all those times when nothing else at all can get me by. Built fold out and deep inside amongst ID & credit cards, I reach in to pull out a 1000 words of photo art. Wall inside is never been or ever torn up in the least. I take good care of you, you mean so much to me. Pictures of you & I, they always make me smile. Even at the worst of moments there always what I seek whenever I get weak. They keep my head up & my heart unbroken. Hair is blowing, eyes & smile jump off the paper & over mile to bring you to me. Almost for real no matter where I am or how I feel. It's so hard spending time away even short hours much less today. I might as well tear out my lungs because we've been together nobody knows me better. Without you I'll come undone, undone. Pictures of you & I they always make me smile even at the worst of moments there always what I seek whenever I get weak. They keep my head up & my heart unbroken.

*The Broadways- Dropjaw*

Seems like another wasted day. Sometimes I think I think too much. Or my heart just seems to run away. I thought of you. F*ck the whole world. I just want to sit & cry tonight in the arms that make me happy. I never thought a smile could my life, what a pretty girl on such a cloudy day. And I dont care about anything. Every night I make a wish that I'll see you tomorrow. Sugar never tasted anything so sweet. Never felt something so beautiful. This ugly world needs more beauty like yours. My star. My love.

*Ben Folds Five-Song for the Dumped*

So you wanted to take a break, slow it down some, & have some space? Well f*ck you too. Give me my money back! Give me my money back, you b*tch! I want my money back. And don't forget to give me back my black T-shirt. I wish I hadn't bought you dinner right before you dumped me on your front porch. Give me my money back! Give me my money back, you b*tch! I want my money back. And don't forget.

*Races To April-Unknown*

So you found my old letters of all the things I miss. I wish I had the time I wasted writing them. Best friends? I hope the pages make you bleed, & when the corners cut your wrists, you'll finally feel me. Now when I say goodbye, I really mean I'm waiting to forget you, my darling. So please don't try to call me. I'd rather not remember the smiles you faked & the time I wasted, so you can feel like we're still friends, because we'll never be friends.

*The Somatics-Amanda's Song*

I guess I'll take this broken heart to go. Thought we could be perfectly happy, but what do I know? Its happened before & I'm sure that this wont be the last time that I've had you on my mind. I close my eyes & paint a portrait of how everything could be. When will I escape this fantasy? And I broke a date with my daydreams to be with you. And I can't get over all those little things that you do. And I want you to know that you mean everything to me. Can't you see I'm trying to be everything you want? I could run away, & just leave you be, but you mean way too much to me. I just come crawling back again. I'll still be here, each & every year or however long it takes. I'll be waiting here for you. I close my eyes & paint a portrait of how everything could be. When will I have you here with me? And I broke a date with my daydreams to be with you. And I can't get over all those little things you do. And I want you to know that you mean everything to me. Can't you see I'm trying to be everything you want? And if you forget me, you'll have our picture that I gave you. And remember the night that we first met? It's kind of hard for me to say this, but I'm trying to get it right, this is your song Manda dont forget. Dont you forget. And I broke a date with my daydreams to be with you. And I cant get over all those little things you do. And I want you to know that you mean everything to me. Can't you see I'm trying to be everything you want? I wish I could be everything you want.

*Third Try-BumpStart*

So now what's this I hear? You're pretty happy with yourself it's been over a year since you put me up on the shelf. So run & tell your friends you're the one who holds my heart. Just don't look in your hands, you ripped it all apart. You didn't care back then. What makes you think I will today? When you think I can't hear you, I'm listening to every word you say. Infatuated with ideals, now I know she doesn't exist. Nothing left for me, but move on. I took my straightest shot & missed and every time I hear you sing that song I cringe. Fight back the tears, but it's a fight that I can't win. I'm not sorry that you didn't make time for me, but I'm emptying this bottle 'cause you killed the girl I thought you used to be.

*My Chemical Romance-Unknown*

Late dawns & early sunsets, just like my favorite scenes. Then holding hands & life was perfect, just like up on the screen. And the whole time while always giving. Counting your face among the living. Up & down escalators, pennies & colder fountains. Elevators & half price sales trapped in by all these mountains. Running away & hiding with you. I never thought they'd get me here. Not knowing you'd change from just one bite, I fought them all off just to hold you close & tight. But does anyone notice? But does anyone care? And if I had the guts to put this to your head, but would anything matter if you're already dead? And should I be shocked now by the last thing you said? Before I pull this trigger your eyes vacant & stained. And in saying you loved me made things harder at best. And these words chaning nothing as your body remains. And there's no room in this h*ll, there's no room in the next. And our memories deafeat us & I'll end this direst. As your body remains & there's no room in this h*ll. There's no room in the next, but does anyone notice there's a corpse in this bed?

**Moneen-Half Empty? Half Full? I Never Got A Glass To Start With**

Murders & motives for me. Your alibies & witness won't mean a thing. Try something different today. Kill yourself then tell me my love is fake they say you love more when you're dead. Well, if you're still dead & I'm still sad it won't help a thing. And I can't sleep & I can't even breathe. Should have thought this through when I have fell through. Going through the steps for your death. Knife fights & stab wounds for me. Put up a fight & you'll see what I mean. This is not the way I'd like to be. Take your car & run me down & put me in my place. If I kill you & you kill me we'll take a picture, think how romantic it will be. To the point where we won't sleep or even live again. In love we are dead. I have sadness. I'd rather have nothing, I have nothing, all I have is nothing. That's just the way things go for me. When I try hard I fail & failing you is like ripping out your ribs & holding them for you. I'm not that half bad. It's hard for me to prove that. Even though I feel I have nothing, I still have you with my nothing.

*Paradise Lost-Forever Failure*

Understand procedure, understand war, understand rules, regulations. I don't understand sorry. You must feel frustration 'cause your mind feels such temptation & your ways appear a total lack of faith. You may feel elation at your body's re-creation & that joy you need, restricted by one thought. Are you forever? Loss of purpose in a passive life. Are you forever pale, regarded as a waste of time. High times are courageous, but in truth they suit no purpose. Induced, reduced, unable & afraid. Can you feel rejection & a lack of motivation & the joy you need restricted & delayed? I don't really know what sorry means, I've been sorry all my life. I'm sorry I was born, that's what my mother told me. I don't really know what sorry means. I've been sorry all my life.

*Juliana Hatfield-You're Damaged Goods*

Beauty can be sad. You're proof of that. When the damage is done, you're damaged goods. That's not to say it's not okay I wouldn't have it any other way. A heart that hurts is a heart that works. Sweet pain comes with the sun. Lie down & soak it up. Burn off layers of insulators. Exposed nose to the cold. I'm bleeding pretty colors yeah, all over myself. Black wave comes to take me away I ride it almost to the grave. Landing on a crowded shore, high-fiving what a trip I'm better for it. I feel a live sensation. A heart that hurts is a heart that works.

*Deviates-Come With Me*

She said, "Face your fears & come with me. Take a chance & take my hand so you can see everything you know you'll never have, everything you know you want, but fate killed your plans. "Fill this hole inside of me. I can't stand the ache, this pain is killing me." Those who have suffered will understand that pain is welcome when it's all you have left. I'm alone, but not alone. You're welcome here but we're on our own. It's the test we were bound to fail. I've watched the strongest crumble & seen the weakest prevail. The give & take, the grip, the strain, the hopeless sincerity. We played & lost or so it appears to me to be that way. I can't hold this smile, I can't hide this pain. I'm in search of a second opinion, a way to escape this situation. The list of wrongs I write no one can read. I know your scars are shared, but we can never speak. Holding on, holding in. The ache lulls & then I see you again. It's a pain I'd never trade for anything. I can smile outside, I can smile & say I'm alright. I'm always praying for things that will never change. Come & die with me. Let's see what we can't be. Come & die with me. Now is our chance to know how it feels to be free. So free from all this sh*t. I'm not content alone & not pleased with your distance. Come & die with me. Now is our chance to know how it feels to be free.

*Alkaline Trio-Sorry About That*

It hasn't been that long since we drank to the sunset until it was gone & down with it went our pain & fear. As we slowly broke contact more & more with every beer & we passed out in each other's arms. Both admitting we'd never felt better. Never felt so warm, but awoke in each other's eyes without wearing a stitch of clothing. We were both deeply in disguise & maybe I just set aside the fact that you were broken hearted in my own special selfish way & if I hadn't set aside the fact that you were broken hearted, h*ll knows where your heart would be today... Maybe with me? It seems like it's been so long since we kissed through the darkness until it was dawn. Up with it came our pain & fear that we'd already lost each other. We both knew that the end was near.

*Alkaline Trio-Stupid Kid*

There are things that used to make me smile. One of them was you for just a little while. You left me for dead so far away. I replaced you with fear & shame. You'll be happy on the day I die. There are things that used to make me laugh, but now they're deeply buried in the past. I left them there so far away. Replaced my humor, with my pain. I'll be happy on the day it dies. Remember when I said "I love you?" Well forget it. I take it back. I was just a stupid kid back then. I take back every word that I said. There are things that used to make you cry. One of them was me for just a little while. Why is it that you had to say "Goodbye" in your special way? You slashed the tires on my car. Remember when I said "I loved you?" Well yea, I take it back.

*Alkaline Trio-while your waiting*

There's a hope in my head that's been cut & bled dry as your bloodshot eyes. And there's smoke in the air & it's soon to clear revealing our demise. There are some who say that it's o.k. if it makes you feel alright. It's just way too bad, now you're worse than sad. All locked up there inside & I don't know how you feel, but I'll make you a deal if you make it out alive. My shoulders & ears are all yours my dear. I hope it comes as no suprise. You've been known to say that you're o.k. when you're feeling sick(dead) inside. I just want you to know I've got no place to go until the day you die. While you're waiting, be thankful for your fingers. I'll be fading with the colors of your pictures. "I'm not crying wolf" you whispered, "I'm really dead this time." They locked you up. They threw away the key. Sutchured your mouth shut. Murdered your family. Right before your eyes, what could you do? Right before your eyes, they took it all from you. You're contemplating you hanging from your ceiling. I can't help hating you for having that feeling. I'm not joking when I tell you I'd miss you all the time. I already miss you all the time.

*Alkaline Trio-Trouble Breathing*

You told me that you want to die. I said I've been there myself more than a few times & I go back every once in a while. You called me lucky. You said tonight is a wonderful night to die. I asked you how you could tell, you told me to look at the sky. Look at all those stars, look at how g-d*mn ugly the stars are. It's one or another between a rope & a bottle. I can tell you're having trouble breathing. 'Cause you'll never be ok. You'll always be in pain. You'll always feel this way. 'Cause things they never work out right. The wrong way, the lonely way. You'll always be in pain. You told me that the daylight burned you & that the sunrise was enough to kill you. I said maybe you're a vampire. You said it's quite possible I feel truly dead inside. Don't forget to let your life rot you inside out.

*Jets To Brazil-Youre The One I Want*

Blooming black, flowered wine, slashed arms, & new cut smiles. Title for the falling down. Stronger now without you around. The prophecies were realized when we gave them proper time. All truth comes to light after lies have had their life. And its hard without you, but its harder not to doubt you. You're so polite, I'm too uptight. You've grown more beautiful since you've took off. What can I do? I'm in love with you & it wont stop. You're the one I want. Cookie crumbs & alchohol. Crooked hands, the bands on hold cause your shoulders make me old. Your concerns leave me cold. And it's hard to leave you, but its harder to believe you. Harder to believe you when you smile. Crooked style. You've grown more beautiful since you've took off. What can I do? I'm in love with you & I cant stop. What's best for everyone is bound to hurt somebody. What's best for everyone is killing me. Let me down. Blood crushed from a clock. I'm in love, but we just talk & your teeth make me weak & you're keeping them from me.

*Jets To Brazil-In The Summer's When You Really Know*

In the tall grass of a long sun. A quiet repast & I'm sweet nothings. Come h*ll I'm your lover, your man, your friend, your fair weather. It's a world stopped afternoon. Passion legs, your wordless, all blue routes to your birth place. Chalk white wincing pretty in it. Summer dress, your hair's wet & gets into our kisses. Can you tell why my intentions always wind up near misses? There's a kindness in your smile, but my sky plays fatal music. There's the promise & the shell of great beginnings seldom finished. In the laze of a barefoot afternoon what's a boy to do? Sunday eyes, am I losing you? Is the summer really through? Straps down & overtired if I had a favorite picture I'd call it right now. Uncertain, braced for your disaster. Summer gown were you sent down to wrestle me to reason, I'm a thrown fight in your favor I'll do everything, but listen to you now. In the summer you really know that it doesn't feel like the summer so much anymore, but I keep trying to find you somewhere smiling over me over you over me. Summer girl all summer long you know the winter's wrong. Southbound those motel towns can mend most broken mornings. There's citrus groves where noone knows the fruit of truth from evil & a long walk on a short pier means nothing more than swimming here. There's an end but we don't get to choose. We can only lose. If I cried a river just for you, would you swim in it some sunny afternoon?

*The Movielife-10 Seconds Too Late*

Yesterday I walked away. Put up my flag, it changed your face. Your smile decayed. From what I said, the smile just melted off your face & stained your shirt. It burned a hold into your chest. Looks like it hurt. You turned away to save your face, but to no avail. Still have the marks of flesh and blood on my carpet. I didn't say anything, just watched you melt. Just watched you melt away. Yeah, I know I don't deserve you. Yesterday I watched you leave 10 seconds too late. Yesterday.

*Drive Faster-Alone For The Weekend*

I had dream. I dreamt of you & we were in the same bed. I screamed so loud I lost my voice. Repeating words that you had said. Remember the time one year ago our hearts would beat together? But now I hate to hear your voice in this cold December beating with a brand new heart & my world has fallen apart. The hardest part is being strong knowing that your moving on.

*Drive Faster-Circles*

Circles running all through my life, but I'll be just fine. I just need some time to grow into something unknown before there's an unlocked door to somewhere I want to go. People say not to waste my life, it's not worth the fight & this I say to you there is no wrong. There is no doubt take me now before I finally fall apart. She broke my heart & now I know what it's like to be far apart. I'm moving on & on without you.

*Drive Faster-Crash & Burn*

Here she comes now. She's all I'm thinking about. She's the reason I'm drinking all alone. She's the devil. An angel sent from above. She's the sweetest heartbreaker I know. Crash & burn, I would do anything for her. Crash & burn I would do anything. Here she comes now, so f*cking perfect it hurts. No sleeping pill will help me now. I hope your happy. I hope that you hear this song in another life & another town. Crash & burn I would do anything for her. Crash & burn I would do anything. I'll never love again. I know its all your fault, but I just can't win. I'll never love again. I just won't get hurt again.

*Keepsake-One Season Too Late*

He's in the back of your mind all of the time. Learn to forget. Love. Leave. Forget. And when I sit alone I think of what you said, "better off just friends." I'm better off just dead. And the hardest thing I do is wake up without you. When everything falls apart the emptiness leaves a mark.

*Blueprint Heartbreak-Are You In Love With A Boy*

Sometimes it's the way that the sky can make us cry, the way that you look at me as though you wish I'd die. It's the way I stay up at night with a disc man & paper to write down these thoughts that will never be revealed to you. It's to the way that we never can talk without a fight, this song's to your temper & the way you keep me up all night. I don't know what you've done to me. You've taken, broken, & fixed me just to destroy everything. It's to the way that you just don't care anymore, for the time I spent breaking down on my bedroom floor. It's to Saves The Day & the way "I feel everything much more than you ever will." Someone once said "If it's not broken don't fix it." Well they never told me what to do if it can't be fixed. So this song is to us & to whatever we were. All the late night talks & the secrets we shared. This is to me & my confusion, because sometimes all we need is some booze & someone who cares.

*Saves The Day-Sell My Old Clothes, Im Off To Heaven*

There's a beautiful sky tonight & if you were by my side then we could share it, but your gone. So come at me with your moon & burn me in the stars, 'cause nothing matters anymore. If I could only see you now for about an hour-maybe just a minute, just to ask What has he got that I don't have? Is it his brown eyes? I know blue eyes get boring, but I'll wear dark glasses all the time & hey if you want me to, I'll take a knife to my own bright eyes. Well, I'll give you a thousand reasons that tonight you should grant me this one wish. Like the one year of my life that I gave to you & now you put me through hell. You break me up. I should hate you, but I can't replace you in my heart. Why am I so pathetic? I don't get it why you won't return my calls. Can't you look at me once? And please if you got a minute, enjoy this lonely sky with me. It'll swallow us whole if we only let it. You break me up. If this sky's going to eat us then I'd like to be digested into a million pieces with you. I'd love to be scattered to hell with you. To hell with you.

*Taking Back Sunday-Timerwolves At New Jersy*

Get up, get up! Come on, come on, lets go. Thereís just a few things I think that you should know. Those words at best were worse than teenage poetry. Fragment ideas & too many pronouns. Stop it, come on, youíre not making sense now. You can't make them want you. They're all just laughing. Literate & stylish. Kissable & quiet. Well that's what girls dreams are made of & that's all you need to know. You have it or you don't. You see how much time you're wasting? You're coward of seperating. Stop it, come on you know I canít help it. I got the mic & you got the mosh pit. What will it take to make you admit that you were wrong? Was his demise so carefully constructed? Well let's just say I got what I wanted. 'Cause in the end itís always the same (You're still gone). Literate & stylish. Kissable & quiet. Well that's what girls dreams are made of & that's all you need to know. You have it or you don't. This is me with the words on the tip of my tongue & my eye through the scope down the barrel of a gun. Remind me not to ever act this way again. This is you trying hard to make sure that you're seen w/ a girl on your arm & your heart on your sleeve. Remind me not to ever think og you again! Rest the weight, I know something that you don't know. You've had your chance & folded. Don't hold your breath because you'll only make things worse. I know something that you don't know. This is me with the worse intentions.

*You & I-143*

Our hands once entwined. I would have held tighter, but would you have let me? Did we climb too high? Did we fall too far? Take this letter, I live in every word, only to die in silence. You were always there to fill my heart. I will love you forever! Can you say the same? You said "I love you," can I believe a f*cking word you say?! I hugged you in my dreams last night, it's the closest we've been in so long. I remember someone who looked just like you. I remember someone who stole my heart. What would we say under the stars...

*LX45-Breaking Me Up*

Another useless conversation. I try to talk, but you wont listen. It always end up with the sound of slamming doors & this silence I can't ignore. It doesn't have to be this was to understand that things have changed. I have to leave no, but I want you to know. I'll miss you everywhere I go. I've alway dreamed os so much more. I want you to see that this is killing me. B/c your breaking me up. Breaking. And I want you to know that I'm crying inside. My words are always hard to find. This is where we draw the line between your life & mine.


So when your heart beats & secrets cloud your mind. Forever I'll carry these thoughtts, let go this time. Speak slowly. I want it all. I promise I will never let you fall. I see you when you fall. Please understand, I'm always waiting for you to reach out your hand. Love is never ending. Trust in me. I'm waiting to give you everything. I hear it in your voice, you're trembling. Never be afraid, I want everything. I see you perfect, just like you think you'll never be. I see the tears falling down your face-they mean everything to me.

~Good Riddance-Always~

You're the only one who comprehends me. I tell them my spirits lift with every card you send me. I'm trying to be the perfect boy, the one you've wished for & now it's like a dream when I hold you in my arms. Don't turn your pretty face away, I dream about you when I sleep. I'd wait a thousand lifetimes just to see you smile. You are always on my mind. Sometimes it's so hard, too complicated. Until I can reflect on the years I've waited to find you. Now nothing matters more than being with you, not the distance or the miles between. My heart I give to you

*Good Riddance-Queen & John*

You spoke your piece w/ a trembling voice then turned away. I'm looking for reasons why do I always act this way? Running on self pity I was only thinking about myself. You said I never considered you so you need some time alone. I know that I've hurt you I made it harder than it has to be, if I wasn't so selfish would you want to stay with me? Under any circumstance could you give me one more chance? I want so much to turn it around but this old behavior brings me down. Now you're upstairs & I'm going down & I know that it's my fault you're not around. So this is loss how sweet regret just don't give up on me yet. With an aching chest and a two ton heart, I retrace my steps trying to find my part. Regretting words, words that came out wrong at the Second Cup at the corner of Queen & John.

==*Good Riddance-Wrong Again*==

I saw you from a distance, somehow I knew our paths would cross someday. In my eyes you could do no wrong. I never thought I'd ever have someone like you, you came at a time when I could count my friends on one hand. And I don't think I want to be another float in your sad parade. And it makes me wonder is this how you've treated all the friends you've made? I put you on a pedestal, I knew it was the worst thing I could do. I used to feel that way black and grey. Now everything is f*cked up, there's people talking sh*t. It looks I was wrong & I don' t care who's right. I don't want to fight. Why me? This tape's been played before. Is this what friends are for? It's all my fault. Wrong again

*Blink 182-What Went Wrong?*

I'm sick of always hearing all those sad songs on the radio. All day it is there to remind an oversensitive guy that he's lost & alone. Yeah, I hate our favorite restaurant, our favorite movie, our favorite show. We would stay up all through the night. We would laugh & get high & never answer the phone. I can't forgive, Can't forget, Can't give in. What went wrong? 'Cause you said this was right. You f*cked up my life. I'm sick of always hearing sappy love songs on the radio. This place, it's f*cking cursed in its plague & I could never escape when my heart it explodes. I'm kicking out fiercely at the world around me. What went wrong? I'm kicking.

*Blink 182-Wasting Time*

I'm wasting time thinking about a girl & stealing her away from her world. She & I would run away. I think of all the things that I'd say. We'd talk about important things & I picture it in my dreams. She'd teach me about modern art & I'd show her it's okay to fart. Remembering how she laughed at Kinko's when I made fun of that guy. Remebering the look she gave me when I told her that I used to fry. I really want to ask her out, but my ego could never take it. And even if I got the balls, you know that the Cougar would never make it. And in my town you can't drive naked. And maybe I'd impress her by being in a band & maybe if I act real tough she'd let me hold her hand & maybe I'll win her heart by writing this song about her. Sometimes I sit at home & wonder if she's sitting at home thinking of me & wondering if I'm sitting at home, thinking about her. Or am I just wasting my time? Wasting my time thinking about a girl.

*Blink 182-Waggy*

Watching your house shrink away in my rear-view mirror as I drive away. Wishing that I could take back all those words that meant nothing that I didn't say. I'm trying to be what you want me to be, but it's so damn hard to keep playing the part ff the fool, week after week. I think you need some time alone. You say you want someone to call your own. Open your eyes, you can suck in your pride, You can live your life all on your own. Is this all going to be just another time that we play this game? I've tried to convince you that things could be different, but somehow they end up the same. But what did you expect from me? What am I supposed to do? You say that you're starting to feel like you're getting lost. Well, I do, too. I don't wanna live this lie again. I know I'll get it right but I don't know when. I'll open my eyes, I've got something in side, I'll just jack off in my room until then. It's never over 'til it's done & I don't think that you're the one.

*Blink 182-Toast & Bananas*

Do you wanna know what I think of you? 'Cause you're not the way I thought you should be. Do take back what you said. It's time to fix, it's time to fix your head. And now all alone, one's less than two. I've never been better off living lonely to listen to what you say. I couldn't care less of what you sa.y What did you think of me acting this way? I guess you never really thought at all. Is that what you call your brain? Is that why I call you hang up on me? I wanted to know, I didn't want to lose & now I'm a man who's just living small. Listen to what you say, I couldn't care less of what you say to me as I walk alone. I'd much rather be riding prone, then to be "just another one." You are lame too. I wanted to know, I didn't want to lose. But now I'm a man who's just living small. Listen to what you say? I couldn't care less of what you say to me as I tune you out of my mind. Won't bend over backwards or take another step ahead to hear from you again. Don't talk to me as I walk alone, I'd much rather be riding prone, than be "just another one." You are lame too.

----Blink 182-Untitled----

I think awhile ago, we might have had it all. I was so stupid then, you needed time to grow. But now just as things change, as well my feelings do. In time things rearrange, I am so sick of chasing you! But what do I get cause I just seem to lose, You make me regret those times I spent with you. And playing those games as I wait for your call, Now I give up, so goodbye and so long!It's not a change of pace, this time I'll get it right. It's not a change of taste, I was the one there last night. You have your other friends, they were there when you cried. I didn't mean to hurt you then, Best friends just don't leave your side. But what do I get 'cause I just seem to lose You make me regret those times I spent with you & playing those games as I wait for your call & now I give up, so goodbye and so long. It's not a change of pace, this time I'll get it right. It's not a change of taste, I was the one there last night. When I needed you most was when I needed a friend, you let me down now like I let you down then. So sorry, it's over.

++Blink 182-Romeo & Rebecca++

Walking through the grass another blade next to you from the ground. As the wind does pass I notice as you feel the breath of my shout. Your words are kind, the kind that repeatedly say no. But that's alright, I'm older than you so I've got time. We've all seen the bridge, a broken seam and a girl on one side. You think your words will work, they only work when you lay down and close your eyes. I thought of all the lines, all the right ones used at all the wrong times. But that's alright. Depression's just a sarcastic state of mind. What have you said? Reach out your hand. There's a black shadow on my wall. But as I look into my mind, I can see that girls are a waste of time. I don't want to live alone. I don't want to live in my broken dreams of you.

*~*~Blink 182-Going Away To College*~*~

Please take me by the hand. It's so cold out tonight. I'll put blankets on the bed, I wont turn out the light. Just dont forget to think about me & I wont forget you. I'll write you once a week she said. Why does it feel the same to fall in love or break it off? And if young love is just a game, then I must have missed the kick off. Dont depend on me to ever follow through on anything, but I'd go through hell for you and I haven't been this scared in a long time & Im so unprepared so heres your valentine. Bouquet of clumsy words, a simple melody. This worlds an ugly place, but youre so beautiful to me. I'll think about the times she kissed me after class. And she put up with my friends. I acted like an ass. I'd ditch my lecture to watch the girls play soccer. Is my picture still hanging in her locker?I haven't been this scared in a long time. And I'm so unprepared so heres your valentine. Bouquet of clumsy words, a simple melody. This worlds an ugly place, but you're so beautiful.

*Blink 182-21 Days*

My mind wanders as I'm trying not to fall in love with you. 'Cause every time I awake I ponder on my mistakes of What I said, it is always my esteem that I sure lose. Playing those stupid games as I always end up chasing you. I can't help myself anymore. Rehearsing my thoughts as I'm too scared to come to your door. I pushed it all aside just to stand next to you, but now you won't talk to me for something that I didn't do. It's not gonna work! And I'm trying not to think of you. I'm all confused as I think of the things that I would do. I'm all shook up as I get all nervous inside. My emotions are something that I will always hide my ways.

*The Juliana Theory-You Always Said Goodnight, Goodnight*

Did you really think that it was over when you hung up the phone & said goodnight? And did you ever think that it would be too much? I can't leave without saying goodbye. So did you really think that you could take it? Could you make it alone tonight? I never could have hoped for anything more. Be my angel if you can, alright. You always say goodnight, & you always say goodnight. So baby did you sleep an hour for me? How I wish I was there right now. I wasn't going to tell you I could change things. I'm afraid I never will know how. But I don't really think that I can take it. Will I make it alone somehow? So hold me in your arms before I leave you. I'll be back as soon as time allows. You always say goodnight, & you always say goodnight. Goodnight.

*The Juliana Theory-August In Bethany*

With the sounds of the ocean crashing 7:30 Friday evening everything comes tumbling down. I choke back each tear that bleeds. I'd rather rest forever in your arms, I'd rather stay here than go, but I know that I should leave. As I sit here helpless, "Don't go" you said. "You wouldn't" you said. "You couldn't." I think of our time together. Is it fading or am I dreaming? Everything you said lives on,I cherish our memories. I want to kiss your tears away tonight. It's hard to give up the one you never thought you'd leave. Don't goÖ Your eyes see through my soul. "Don't goÖ" you say as I walk out your door. With the sound of the ocean crashing 7:30 Friday evening everything comes tumbling down.

The Juliana Theory-If I Told You This Was Killing me would you stop?

Watch your mouth. Hold your toungue boy, b/c you're running out of breath, running out of time before every careless word that you utter renders you utterly useless. Now you're drowning in your own saliva trying to speak yourself to the top of your empty world. Well keep on talking, just keep on rambling. You've got your mouth full. Now listen here's the pleasant part you & I, we fell apart. Why can't you make up your mind? Shut your mouth. Burn your bridges. Throw your words like an attack, stab me in the...wait a second what's that I just heard? Nevermind it's obviously useless. Now you're standing on your soapbox yelling from the rooftops. Everything you say is a lie. Now listen here's the "clever one" who speaks before his thoughts are done. Why can't you make up your mind? Watch your mouth. Hold your tongue, some things are better left unsaid. Now I hope you're pleased, you let your pride stand tall. It danced within your words right before your fall. Why don't you say that to my face? I've been ripped down, torn down. So many fakes. Everything you, everytime you, eveery word you say... IF I TOLD YOU THIS WAS KILLING ME WOULD YOU STOP?

*The Juliana Theory-Don't Push Love Away

Here's a thought, if you're willing to listen. I only tell the truth of the feelings I'm given. Can you hear me now? Listen. Whispers in the rain. Listen. Don't push love away, you know you do. It's all we have. It's a chore holding onto a vision. Don't leave her high & dry. She's the one you'll be missing. Can you hear me now? Listen. Whispers in the rain, while you're awake. Don't push love away, you know you do. It's all we have. I hate to think hesitation is a burden. A bittersweet design for a lesson you're learning. She's crying. Can you feel me now this time? Whispers in the rain, lying awake. Don't push love away, you know you do. It's all we have. Here's a thought, if you're willing to listen..

The Juliana Theory-Music Box Superhero

You'd like to think I have it easy at times. I think you're right, but then I take a look around & see your eyes on me. At times I think I have it easy until I close my eyes & see this life. My box lets you turn the key when you want to hear a melody, but I can never be the apple of your eye. The story of your life, it's what's inside. I go through stages when I feel this matters; this song & dance is a way of life for me. You'd like to think I have it easy. At times I think your right, but then I take a look around & see the grass is always greener on the other side. And I can never be the one who saves the day. I'm just the man in the music box. It's nothing special i'm just the man in the music box. I will never be your superhero.

*The Juliana Theory-Pictures, stars, & dreams*

I picture you sighing soft. Only in my dreams whisper kisses, only in my dreams & they're always here to remind me. Pictures, stars & dreams calling me when I look up. You're the brightest star in a pocketful of skies. My colored picture in a world of black & white. My only dream come true on a restless winter night. When I look back on a picture of the past, I close my eyes & make believe I was still there 'cause all I have left are pictures, & stars & dreams to hold on to. I'll never wish on another star again.

*Dashboard Confessional-A Plain Morning*

It is yet to be determined, but the air is thick, & my hope is feeling worn. I'm missing home, & I'm glad you're not a part of this, there are parts of me that will be missed. And the phone is always dead to me, so I can't tell you the temperature is dropping & it feels like it is colder than it ought to be in March & I still have a day or two ahead of me till I'll be heading home, into your arms again. And the people here are asking after you. It doesn't make it easier. It doeasn't make it easier to be away. I'd like to hire a plane. I'd see you in the morning, when the day is fresh. I'm coming home again. It's warmer where you're waiting. It feels more like July. There's pillows in their cases & one of those is mine. And you wrote the words "I love you", & sprayed it with perfume. It is better than the fire is to heat this lonely room. It is warmer where you're waiting. It feels more like July.

*Dashboard Confessional-Again I Go Unnoticed*

So quiet. Another wasted night. The television steals the conversation. Exhale. Another wasted breath again it goes unnoticed. Please tell me you're just feeling tired, 'cause if it's more than that I feel that I might break. Out of touch. Out of time. Please send me anything but signals that are mixed, 'cause I can't read your rolling eyes. Out of touch. Are we out of time? Closed lipped. Another goodnight kiss is robbed of all it's passion. Your grip. Another time is slack it leaves me feeling empty. Please tell me you're just feeling tired, 'cause if it's more than that I feel that I might break. Out of touch. Out of time. Please send me anything but signals that are mixed, 'cause I can't read your rolling eyes. Out of touch. Are we out of time? I'll wait until tomorrow. Maybe you'll feel better then, maybe we'll be better then. So what's another day when I can't bear these nights of thoughts of going on without you? This mood of yours is temporary. It seems worth the wait to see you smile again. Out of the corner of your eye won't be the only way you're looking at me then. So quiet. Another wasted night the television steals the conversation. Exhale. Another wasted breath again it goes unnoticed.

*Dashboard Confessional-Broken Hearts And Concrete Floors*

I'm always assuming the worst, but you're going on none the less & there's nothing to cushion your heart, let it fall. Letters from further away keep pulling me close to home & there's something to cushion my callous eyes. And I know that you hope for longer goodbyes. Embracing for forever & falling in your eyes. In your eyes, your eyes. Pouring over photographs, I'm living in your letters. Breath, deeply from this envelope it smells like you & I can't be without that scent, it's filling me w/ all you mean to me, to me. Continually failing these trials, but you stand by me none the less. And you won't let me sink though I'm begging you, I'm begging you. Phone calls from further away & messages on my machine, but I don't ever tell you this distance seems terrible. There's no need to test my heart w/ useless space. These roads go on forever. There'll always be a place for you, in my heart. So I'll hit the pavement it's gotta be better then waiting & pushing you far away cause I'm scared. So I'll take my chances & head on my way up there. 'Cause turning to you is like falling in love when you're 10.

*Dashboard Confessional-For You To Notice*

I'm starting to fashion an idea in my head where I would impress you with every single word I said. It would come out insightful, or brave, or smooth, or charming & you'd want to call me. And I would be there every time you need me, I'd be there every time. But for now I'll look so longingly waiting for you to want me, for you to need me, for you to notice me.

*Dashboard Confessional-Standard Lines*

Which of the bold faced lies will we use "I hope that you're happy, you really deserve it," "This'll be best for us both in the end"? But your taste still lingers on my lips like I just placed them upon yours & I starve, I starve for you. But this new diet's liquid & dulling to the senses & it's crude, but it will do. So which of the standard lines will we use, "I've been meaning to call you" "I've just been so busy," "We'll catch up soon let's make it a point to"? But your taste still lingers on my lips like I just placed them upon yours & I starve, I starve for you. But this new diet's liquid & dulling to the senses & it's crude, but it will do. I hope it will do.

*Dashboard Confessional-Saints & Sailors*

This is where I say I've had enough & no one should ever feel the way that I feel now. A walking open wound, a trophy display of bruises & I don't believe that I'm getting any better. Any better. Waiting here with hopes the phone will ring & I'm thinking awful things. I'm pretty sure that few would notice. And this apartment is starving for an argument. Anything at all to break the silence. Wandering this house like I've never wanted out & this is about as social as I get now. And I'm throwing away the letters that I am writing you, 'Cause they would never do, I would never do. Never. Waiting here with hopes the phone will ring & I'm thinking awful things I'm pretty sure that few would notice. And this apartment is starving for an argument. Anything at all to break the silence. So don't be a liar, don't say that "everything's working" when everything's broken. And you smile like a saint but you curse like a sailor & your eyes say the jokes on me. But, Iím not laughing, youíre not leaving. Who do I think I am kidding? When Iím the only one locked in this cell.

**Dashboard Confessional-The Best Deceptions**

I heard about your trip. I heard about your souvenirs. I heard about the cool breeze, in the cool nights, & the cool guys that you spen them with. Well I guess I should have heard of them from you. I heard about your regrets. I heard that you were feeling sorry. I heard from someone that you wish you could set things right between us. Well I guess I should have heard of that from you. Don't you see, don't you see that the charade is over? And all the "Best Deceptions" & the "Clever Cover Story" awards go to you. So kiss me hard 'cause this will be the last time that I let you. You will be back someday and this awkward kiss that screams of other people's lips will be of service to keeping you away. To keeping you away. I'm waiting for blood to flow to my fingers. I'll be alright when my hands get warm. Ignoring the phone, I'd rather say nothing. I'd rather you never heard my voice. You're calling too late, too late to be gracious, & you do not warrant long good byes. You're calling too late.

*Dashboard Confessional-The Brilliant Dance*

So this is odd, the painful realization that has all gone wrong & nobody cares at all. So you buried all your lover's clothes & burned the letters lover wrote, but it doesn't make it any better. Does it make it any better? And the plaster dented from your fist in the hall where you had your first kiss reminds you that the memories will fade. So this is strange, our sidestepping has come to be a brilliant dance where nobody leads at all. And the picture frames are facing down & the ringing from this empty sound is deafening and keeping you from sleep. And breathing is a foreign task & thinking's just too much to ask & you're measuring your minutes by a clock that's blinking eights. This is incredible. Starving, insatiable, yes, this is love for the first time. Well you'd like to think that you were invincible. Yeah, well weren't we all once? Before we felt loss for the first time? Well this is the last time.

*Dashboard Confessional-This Ruined Puzzle*

This ruined puzzle is beige with the pieces all faced down, so the placing goes slowly. The picture's of anything other than it's meant to be. But the hours they creep, the patterns repeat. Don't be concerned, you know I'll be fine on my own. I never said "Don't go." I've hidden a note, it's pressed between pages that you've marked to find your way back. It says "Does he ever get the girl?" But what if the pages stay pressed, the chapters unfinished, the stories too dull to unfold? Does he ever get the girl? This basement's a coffin, I'm buried alive. I'll die in here just to be safe. I'll die in here just to be safe. 'Cause you're gone I get nothing and you're off with barely a sigh. I never said "Goodbye." I've hidden a note, it's pressed between pages that you've marked to find your way back. It says "Does he ever get the girl?" But the hours they creep, the patterns repeat. Don't be concerned, you know I'll be fine on my own. I never said "Don't go." Does he ever get the girl?

*Dashboard Confessional-Turpentine Chaser*

This paint has been tasting of lead & their chips will fall as they may, but it's not just my finish that is peeling, & it's not alone fleeing these walls. Well sooner or later this cold, it's going to break, so our hands will be warm again, but all I want is not to need you now. And sooner or later this code, it's gonna break so our words will be heard again, but all I want are vows of silence now. This turpentine chaser's got kick & the rag that its soaked in is rich, but the fumes aide the pace of my cleaning & as soon as I'm done I am gone. Well sooner or later this cold, it's going to break, so our hands will be warm again, but all I want is not to need you now. And sooner or later this code, its gonna break so our words will be heard again, but all I want are vows of silence now. And the frightening facts that we've been facing our backs to for so long now are begging for eyes to bear witness to lies & indifference. Now we're saying aloud, the things we've declared in our silence. That new coats of paint will not reacquaint broken hearts to broken homes..

*The Ataris-1*15*96*

Let me start this from the day we met. You looked so beautiful, I never will forget. Then you opened up your eyes, looked at me and kinda smiled. I was scared, but still happy at the same time. I never wanted us to be a superficial family. But in the end it was the only thing we could be. Angie, I'm sorry I wasn't right for you. Just what did you expect for me to do? You know that I would have done anything for you. I sometimes think about how things could be. If you would've took a chance and moved out here with me. We'd cruise along the 101 in the California sun. Sing Descendents songs and have ourselves lots of fun. Stay out drinking really late stumble home from lower State. Treat every day like it would be our first date. Angie, I'm sorry that you weren't right for me. I guess that it just wasn't meant to be. I quit pretending you were in love with me.

*The Ataris-Alone In Santa Cruz*

Did I ever tell you that I really love you & I think about you all day? I really miss you and wish I could kiss you, but why are you so far away? Since you've been gone I've thought over & over about you inside my head & where I went wrong, where I went wrong. Everyday, I've been thinkin' alot about all of the things you'd say since I went away. Since I went away. I guess I could call you & ask you "How are you," but I really don't have much to say. I sit all alone & I stare at the phone & I hope that you're doing o.k.

*The Ataris-Bad Case Of Broken Heart*

Today I'm missing something in this small New England town. Here's to you my best friend. Just wanted to say that I miss having you around. I'm staring at your picture & dreaming that I could hold your hand. We'd walk down to the ocean & I would write your name in the sand. 2000 miles between us & I guess that I'm the one to blame. Relationships & heartaches, these two things are one and the same. THE RADIO PLAYS A LOVE SONG, I SMASH MY FIST RIGHT THROUGH THE DIAL. HERE'S TO THE BROKEN HEARTED, A GENERATION BORN IN DENIAL. They say sometimes you need some time apart, but I've got a bad case of broken heart. And you're the only one who's got the cure & I can't live another day w/out seeing you smile.

**********The Ataris-Between You & Me*********

Won't you come over? You know that you want to. How does it feel to know I still want you? Why do we always seem to want what we can't have? Lessons learned, but then I listen to my heart, & it says still run back for more. I'm happy for you. I'm sure that he really loves you. But it breaks my heart, to know I can't hold you. It's just hard to think I'll never get the chance to say your mine. But every time you hear this song you'll know you've made a mark on my heart and my mind.

*TheAtaris-Bite My Tongue*

What can I say? I'll bite my tongue again today. What can I do when I feel so stupid over you? I wish they'd go ahead and cut it off. And I don't wanna work anymore 'cause sometimes I just can't ignore the way I feel when I see you smile. And someday I'll just shut my eyes and maybe then you'll realize, I'm just a f*cking geek in love with you. When the time's right to use a stupid pick up line? "So how's the weather? Do you wanna spend the night together?" I know that you are just a girl, but in my eyes you rule the world, I just thought I'd let you know. You're my best friend and thats o.k. but I wanna see you night and day, & wake up holding you right by my side! I've said my piece so now I'll run and hide. I'll bring you candy and flowers, sit by the phone for hours, sing a song outside your window just if you would let me know. No more waking up lonely. Will you be my one and only? Please let me know right now. 'Cause I'm not gonna live forever.

The Ataris-Blind & Unkind

You inhale the toxic fumes, I look away, and then resume to do all the things that I told myself I wouldn't ever do. Why do I always believe that I'm in love with everyone I see? And, why did the next one have to be you? Why do you believe that everything I say is true? Why must I always do this? Why do I put myself through this? Love is blind and so unkind. I never can make up my mind! I undo the thought from my head, forgetting all you ever said. Today it's you, tomorrow someone else, maybe I'm just better off by myself! I forget that it's just you & not some person that I've always knew! Love is blind. Love is a lie.

The Ataris-Blue Skies, Broken Hearts, Next 12 Exits

Here I am sitting on the beach again. Watching as the tide comes rolling in. I miss the times when I looked into your eyes. A sacrifice I made for paradise. The objects in your mirror are closer than they actually appear.

The Ataris-Broken Promise Ring

I really wanna call you, but I know that it's not right. I probably shouldn't tell you but I dreamed of you last night. I guess I'm not prepared to say, goodbye, so long, farewell, I won't be seeing you again. Until next time that he goes away. You told me that you loved me, I started tearing down those walls. I really started to trust you but you set me up to take the fall. I guess I'm not prepared to say goodbye, so long, farewell, I won't be seeing you again. Until next time that he goes away. I guess that I'm wrong for falling in love, but you're still the one that I'm dreaming of. I guess that it's you I want to hold onto, but you're holding onto someone else.

The Ataris-Giving Up On Love

These past few weeks I've been confused. sometimes I wonder if I'm better off alone. You fall in love, then break your heart. Tou fall in love again its never ending. I used to have this friend who took his fiance to see Billy Idol a couple weeks before their wedding day. The chick got backstage & left my friend outside. Next day he called from a hotel asking for a ride. I guess I'm giving up on love 'cause it really kind of sucks. Uninspired & growing tired why am I always so attracted to drama? So here I am grown up at 23. Will someone tell me what it takes to be happy? I play in my band & write a lot of songs about relationships & how mine went wrong. Maybe I'll meet that special girl along the way. Then she'll break my heart and leave me crying.

The Ataris-Hello & Goodbye

So long my friend, don't say goodbye. Just give me one last kiss beneath this glowing sky. We'll go walking through the park & hang out in the rain. tell a joke and watch me smile as we drink away the day. And know the next time that you make a wish upon a star I'll be wishing on the same one that you do. And every night I'm all alone in some burn out highway town I'll be thinking of the day that I met you. Hello again, it's been to long. What happened to our love since the last time I was gone? I detach myself again & lose something everytime. The solutions in the problem temporarily alright. And know the next time that you make a wish upon a star that sometimes it might actually come true. Our conversation can't consist of hello & goodbye & the silence between saying "I love you." And sometimes I wonder 'bout that too.

*The Ataris-How I Spent My Summer Vacation*

Got out of bed today. I'm alive, what can I say? I'm really happy to be somewhere with someone who makes me happy. I took the bus downtown. All day long I walked around. I looked at all the sights & thought about how lucky I am now. I was sick of feeling down. So I gave it all away. 2000 miles from all I know & so much better off today. I'm still waiting for the world to come crashing down again & I'm still waiting for someone to call me up and tell me your dead. Sometimes I wonder what was going through your head. I don't know but I won't go there again. You make me smile so wide when I look into your eyes. When your not around you know your somewhere stuck inside my mind. So here I am today I was lost for 20 years. I found clarity the day I took a chance & moved away.

The Ataris-I Won't Spend Another Night Alone

A star up in the sky goes slowly passing by, the lights below...they spell out your name. You're comfort on my mind and you're with me all the time & lot's of feeling that I can't explain. I won't spend another night alone. Out of every girl I meet, no other can compete I'd ditch em all for a night with you. I know you don't believe you mean this much to me, but I promise you that you do. If I had one wish this is what it would be, I'd ask you to spend all your time with me, Then we'd be together forever. We'd buy a small house in south central L.A. Raise lots of kids then we'd both join a gang. Just as long as we're together. The things you make me wanna do, I'd rob a quik-e-mart for you. I'd go to the pound and let all the cats go free. Just as long as you'd be with me.

**The Ataris-I.o.u. One Galaxy**

Stars are out tonight & you're the brightest one shining in my sky. It's like every wish I ever made came true the day I woke up lying next to you. Will you be my best friend if I offer you my heart? 'Cause it's already yours. We could hang out every night & watch the sun go down. As long as we could watch it rise again. Gave me a valentine, it's these little things that stand the test of time. I've saved the tickets from the shows that we've been to & a thousand other memories of you. Gave you this i.o.u. today. it said good for one galaxy. Once I build my rocket to the stars. We'll fly away just you and me.

*~*~*The Ataris-Last Song I'll Ever Write About A Girl*~*~*

Broken heart again today. The flowers that I gave to you have withered all away. Just when I opened up my heart, the one you used to love came and ripped it right apart. Why do I never seem to learn? That love is wrong and girls are f*cking evil. I guess I'll never figure out what womankind is all about. I heard your voice again today. I'm scarred by all the lies that were once promises you'd made. I lie in bed awake at night & wonder what went wrong or even more just what went right.

The Ataris-Looking Back On Today

30th of April, seems like yesterday. Bought a house above the ocean where our kids would laugh & play. I called you from Paris to tell you that I wrote our names on the observation deck of the Eifell Tower. Remember those nights playing "Summer Wind" in the jukebox of the bar we used to go, we made out in the bathroom and you walked me to my house & I tried to convince you not to go home? If only, I had more time, I'd take you where you wanted to go. Italy isn't the same without you here. If only, I had one wish, I'd want a million trillion lifetimes that I could spend with you, fall in love with you again and again. Again. First of November, 1998. I was thinking of what to say when I would go. Denice come over to my house, cause you're the one for me. We'll drink cheap wine and watchfor shooting stars. Remember our first apartment? Our couch was never big enough for two. Still we'd fall asleep in each others arms & wake up on the floor, now looking back it was made for me & you. If only, I had more time, I'd take you where you wanted to go, Japan is really nice this time of year. If only, I had one wish, I'd want a billion trillion lifetimes that I could spend with you, fall in love with you again and again.

The Ataris-Road Signs And Rock Songs

Postcards on the floor, but this pen can't write lonliness no more. Waking up all alone on the opposite side of the coast. I'm commited to insecurity and you & love is overated it leaves you devistated. Heart ripped in two. Roadside state of mind. Boulevard of broken dreams washed out this time after time I was lost & looking, but knew I'd never find what is mine in a world that's so unkind. And love is overated it leaves you devistated. The only things I know are road signs and rock songs and lonely hotel rooms. But still I need you here, whats new? It's 6am. Las Vegas doesn't look so cool once the sun comes up. I draw the blinds and I dream of you. I'm committed to all these memories of you. And love is overated. It leaves you devistated. Love is overrated.

The Ataris-San Dimas High School Football Rules

Last night I had a dream that we went to Disneyland, went on all the rides, didn't have to wait in line. I drove you to your house where we stared up at the stars. I listened to your heartbeat as I held you in my arms. We hung out at the rainbow where we drank til' half past two. Nothing could go wrong anytime that I'm with you. Like crashing a hotel room or leading up to that first kiss, or searching for a high school that you know doesn't exist. These are the things that make me free. I feel like I'm stuck in "stand by me." This night was too good to be true. Today I woke up alone wishing you were here with me, I wanted us to be something that we'd probably never be. Today you called me up and said you'd see me at our show, but now I'm stuck debating if I even wanna go. Whitney, don't you understand that what I say is true? I just want you to know I have a major crush on you. I'd drive you to Las Vegas and do the things you wanna do, I'd even have Wayne Newton dedicate a song to you. I only wish that this could be. Just dump your boyfriend and go out with me. I swear I'd treat you like a queen.

*The Ataris-Sleepy*

It's frivolous, it's pointless. I'm waiting here in line. I'd buy a cup of coffee, but I just wanna kill some time. I'm watching you, now, I'm staring at you. I figure that you notice, but you don't really have a clue. Time sure does fly when your just a lonely boy waiting for someone to come along and ruin your fun. Sitting all alone with that quiet smile on your face. I pretend I'm not interested by staring off in to space. Why did I act like I didn't even care? Now I wish that you could only be there. A game of cat and mouse that curiousity has killed, just call it pointless... call it what you will.

*=The Ataris-Summer Wind Was Always Our Song=* These break-up songs make sense again & I really wish they didn't. Sinatra's singing Summer Wind & I'm thinking of the night we met. Just one last time can I hear you say "You're my little boy I never want you to go away"? Where are you? Please believe in me. I'm not hanging up the phone 'til I hear you say, "I love you. I need you near." Just give me one last chance & I'll never let you down again. Oh and what I wouldn't give just to kiss your lips again to hold your hand next to my heart & wake up with you in our apartment. Just one last time can I call you my sweetheart? My best friend, why do all good things come to an end?
====The Ataris-Your Boyfriend Sucks====

You're better off without him. Don't call him. He's breaking your heart. He's hanging with your best friend & you're waiting there. It's tearing you apart. He lied to you a thousand times, when I was there he kept you waiting. And I'm still here waiting there to catch you if you fall. I don't know why I care so much when I shouldn't care at all. Finally got the nerve to tell you how much you mean to me. You said that I was your best friend, a real sweet guy, but that's all I'd ever be.

*Weezer-Falling For You*

Holy cow! I think I've got one here. Now just what am I s'posed to do? I've got a number of irrational fears that I'd like to share with you. First, there's rules about old goats like me, hangin' 'round with chicks like you, but I do like you. And another one, you say "like" too much. Holy moly, baby wouldn't you know it? Just as I was bustin' loose, I've gotta go turn in my rock star card and get fat and old with you. 'Cause I'm a burning candle you're a gentle moth teaching me to lick a little bit kinder. And I do like you. You're the lucky one...No! I'm the lucky one. Holy Sweet goddamn! You left your cello in the basement. I admired the glowing stars and tried to play a tune. I can't believe how bad I suck, it's true. What could you possibly see in little ol' 3-chord me? But it's true you like me, I like you too. I'm ready, let's do it baby! I'm shaking at your touch I like you way too much. My baby I'm afraid I'm falling for you. I'd do about anything to get the hell out alive. Or maybe I would rather settle down with you.

*Weezer-I Do*

All the times you came I should've ran away. And the games you played were meant to lead me on. You told me that you'd always love me. Always..I do. Never more again will I believe the sun.

*****Weezer-I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams*****

(Vocals by Rachel Haden)
I'm so tall, can't get over me. I'm so low, can't get under me. I must be all these things for I just threw out the love of my dreams. He's in my eyes, he is in my ears, he's in my blood, he is in my tears I breathe love and see him every day. Even though my love is a world away. Oh, he's got me wondering. My righteousness is crumbling. Never before have I felt this way. I know what is right, but want for him to stay. I must be made of steel for I just threw out the love of my dreams.

*Weezer-O Girlfriend*

I miss you & I wonder how you feel about me too. Do you miss the way we would play & waste our time away? Suddenly, we're apart & I can't see you every night. Though we'd fight I loved you so much. Now I can't feel your touch. In your arms, I was happy as a little boy could be. Taking pills & mellowing out. Now I just want to shout for your love. 'Cause I'm drifting further from you everyday. Driving by your place every night. I used to feel alright. Oh girlfriend, that's the end & I'm lost without your love. Oh love. Feeling fancies every night when I dreamed to be alright. Oh love.

=Weezer-Only In Dreams=

You can't resist her. She's in your bones. She is your marrow & your ride home. You can't avoid her, she's in the air. Inbetween molecules of oxygen & carbon dioxide. Only in dreams we see what it means. Reach out our hands hold on to hers, but when we wake it's all been erased & so it seems only in dreams. You walk up to her ask her to dance. She says "hey baby I just might take the chance". You say "It's a good thing that you float in the air that way there's no way I will crush your pretty toenails into a thousand pieces." Only in dreams.

*Weezer-The World Has Turned And Left Me Here

The world has turned and left me here. Just where I was before you appeared & in your place an empty space has filled the void behind my face. I just made love with your sweet memory one thousand times in my head. You said you loved it more than ever. You said. You remain, turned away, turning further every day. I talked for hours to your wallet photograph & you just listened. You laughed enchanted by my intellect or maybe you didn't. You remain, turned away, turning further every day. Do you believe what I sing now?

* Weezer-Theif, You've Taken All That Was Me *

Thief, of silent dreams. Of golden scenes. Stole away all, it was in me. It wasn't me who slipped away. Now I stand with skin & bones w/out a dime to call my home. Only a voice to tell you, thief, you've taken all that was me. Rain, It laughed so hard. It cried on me. You rain on me. Cleanse, cleanse my soul, the soul to be. The me to be. Now I stand with skin & bones w/out a dime to call my home. Only a voice to scream at you "Thief, you've taken all that was me."

=Weezer-The Christmas Song=

You told me you would be here by my side warming my heart on this cold winter's night. Here I sit waiting beside the tree all by myself. You told me you would move heaven and Earth. Cheering my spirits w/ laughter & mirth. Here I sit waiting beside the tree all by myself. How could you ever know how much I care? Could you ever know that out somewhere there's a boy who really hurts? Since I've found you, I've found a girl, I've found a thorn, I've found a queen, now I am warm. Here I sit waiting beside the tree all by myself.

**Weezer-Waiting On You**

Why haven't you called me? Did you forget me? I need to know when were you intending to break the silence & let me know? Mine is the loneliest of numbers & now is the loneliest of times. You're 19 days late, but still I sit and wait. Waiting and waiting. Waiting on you. Who have you been seeing that made you forget me? Where, oh where does he come from? I bet he lives close by. I bet he's "just a friend." Mine is the loneliest of numbers & now is the loneliest of times. You're 19 days late, but still I sit and wait. Waiting and waiting. Waiting on you. You got me waiting on you. I asked you if you had a good heart, you answered, "Yes, I'll never do you harm."

*Weezer-Why Bother?*

I know I should get next to you. You've got a look that makes me think you're cool, but it's just sexual attraction, not somethin' real so I'd rather keep wackin'. Why bother? it's gonna hurt me. It's gonna kill when you desert me. This happened to me twice before, it won't happen to me anymore. I've known a lot of girls before what's the harm in knowin' one more? Maybe we could even get together, maybe you could break my heart next summer. It's a crying shame I'm all alone. Not with you, nor her, nor anyone. Won't you knock me on my head? Crack it open let me out of here.

++MxPx-Without You++

I got a confession to make that my heart would break to hear you say goodbye. You're my every dream. You're the threadwork to my seams. And you know that I can't lie, when I say I can't stop thinking about you. I can't stop thinking about how my heart's empty without you. I just hate myself to think of you with someone else. To hear you say goodbye. I love you for who you are no more, no less. And you know that I can't lie, when I say I can't stop thinking about you. I can't stop thinking about how my heart's empty without you. My dreams will never come true without you

*MxPx-Lonesome Town*

They always said that Lonesome Town was where I'd spend my days. 'Cause I just couldn't settle down my life was such a craze. They always said that Lonesome Town would finally get to me, but lonesome is the only way that I truly feel free. Lonesome Town is crowded & everyone's the same. With fresh new starts & broken hearts where no one knows your name. Though Lonesome Town is crowded I'm always first in line. With fresh new starts for broken hearts & wasting all my time. Well Lonesome Town its got its good, its sure enough got its bad. Like walkin' round that big dance floor for the date you wish you had. They always said that Lonesome Town would finally get to me, but lonesome is the only way that I truly feel free. Well lonesome town is crowded where everyone's the same. With fresh new starts and broken hearts where no one knows your name. Though Lonesome Town is crowded I'm always first in line. With fresh new starts for broken hearts & wasting all my time. You're either born to lose or you're born to win that's just what I've found, but I've come to accept the fact that I was born in Lonesome Town.

*MxPx-Here With Me*

Would it be too much to ask? Too much too fast? I'm all-alone and I want you here with me. I'm not the best at romance, I've had my chance. I don't want much, but I want you here with me. I want you here with me. Why can't you just see? I'm on the other side now. Please help me out. Catch the next plane because I want you here with me. Could I be out of my head?Pronounced brain dead? I think with my heart, and I want you here with me.

*~*~*MxPx-GSF(Girls Schmirls Foundation)*~*~*

You didn't have to be so mean to me. I guess now I see how it's gonna be. I'm joining GSF, I've made up my mind. Forget this thing called love, it's a waste of time. Girls ain't no good anymore, anyway! Not for one second have I understood why they do what they do, why they say what they say. Always happens to my friends, always happens to me. It's taken me 19 years to finally see. She said "Can we just be friends? It's just not working out." Another broken heart that I can do without.

MxPx-Do Your Feet Hurt

Can I call you sweetheart or even baby doll? If I had your number, you'd be getting a phone call. Can I leave you a message on your machine letting you know that you're the bomb & you blew up on me? Are you anxious to see me after your next class? Do you care when I tell you step around that broken glass? Can I see you after you get out of school? I won't even mind if you treat me cruel. Take a ride on my Vespa, I'll take you home. I'll climb up to your window and read you a poem. I know that you believe in the one true God above. And that's why you're waiting for your one and only love. Do your feet hurt? Did you fall from heaven? 'Cause you've been running through my mind all day, my mind don't mind. I don't know what to say or do. I can't eat when I'm with you. Goodnight sweetheart I gotta go & you won't come to my next show?

*MxPx-Cold & Alone*

I know I'm mean but I'm real sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry. I feel so bad by then it's too late. You're hurt, I'm mad, is this goodbye? I've dug down far too deep now, I've dug down far I'm losing sleep. You know it's hard. You know I'm trying to understand to do what's right. I don't like to see you crying, I don't like it when we fight. Cold & all alone. Out there on your own. Cold & all alone. Living on your own.

**MxPx-Buildings Tumble**

Waking up is hard to do when no one loves you. Years pass by, that's something you have gotten used to. Some of us are dumb and blind and out of our minds. Walking passed each day through fields of land mines. Let the weak say I am strong, let yourself say I was wrong. Let your heart move on. Wipe the drool up off your face and make your plans. The prison where you hang your head missed your demands. It's highly time, throw down your wine, put foolish things away. Don't forget, prepare your set, be true to your own way. Do you find yourself from day to day staring at a stranger's face? As you find yourself to your dismay looking into your own face.

One Dollar Short-Am I Not Pretty Enough?(Kasey Chamber's cover)

Am I not pretty enough? Is my heart too broken? Do I cry too much? Am I too outspoken? Don't I make you laugh? Should I try it harder? Why do you see right through me? I live, I breathe, I let it rain on me. I sleep, I wake, I try hard not to break. I crave, I love, I've waited long enough. I try as hard as I can. I laugh, I feel, I make believe it's real. I fall, I freeze, I pray down on my knees. I hope, I stand, I take it like a man. I try as hard as I can

*No Use For A Name-A Postcard Would Be Nice*

Lost yourself, it didn't take much time. It wasn't hard to find now that you've been to the edge. Stood & looked down from the top & found it wasn't worth the pain, a selfish way to say I'm the only one that counts & happiness is out. Really insecure, disguising what's inside. You're not cool to me. I won't wait in the back of the line. No one knows exactly where you went. The money has been spent. Sent the search team, I'm about to call it off. Feel you close when you're so far away, a straw inside your vein as it sucks the life from you. I watch it all come true. When it happens like a million times before I won't close my mind, but I refuse to open the door. Feel the world caving in. You had so much left to give. Is it worth the tide you turned? All the people that you burned? So long to your little friend, this is how the story ends. I'm the only one 'cause nobody cared anyway. Hate yourself just like I thought you would, it didn't do us good. I'm afraid of being right so before we say goodbye to you come down from off your throne & let the truth be known. We all know you're not insane, it's how you play this game. Really insecure, disguising what's inside. It's not cool to me when the game is a fake suicide.

No Use For A Name - Coming Too Close

There was a time when you would come and go. Now there's no time left to react. Just as it starts to heal in comes a bitter end. Well you were already to leave my side and then. You're coming too close and I can't pretend that I'll pick you up or let you come in again. We've been through this before, so please understand that nothing in this heart can save you from the pain you seek. If you pick up the phone please don't call on me. No one can save you from the undertow. Nobody can blame you for the past. Just as I started thinking "Everything's alright," you showed us surely that your tenth time was your last. Yesterday I saw you falling to the ground. Seems like things get worse when no one is around. It's not OK. If you pick up the phone please don't call on me.

=+*No Use For A Name-International You Day*+=

I'm sorry that it took so long to write this song, but I gave up. You see one million words can't describe how it feels to know your love. Where did I go wrong? I should have told you from the start that I'm closer then you think when we're apart. Nothing that I've tried is as simple as this line, but without you my life is incomplete, my days are absolutely gray & so I'll try let your heart know for sure that I have so much more to tell you every single day. I swear I'm giving up my inside to the one that I adorded. I know this world is big enough for you & I, but I'll give you more. I'm coming home today to wipe the tears out from your eyes. I'm totally enamored by your life. Nothing that I've done has ever been for one. But without you my life is incomplete, my days are absolutely gray & so I'll try to let you know for sure that I have so much more to tell you every single day. My life is incomplete, my rites are absolutely gone. So wake me up before you leave today, something I need to say 'cause they'll be nothing when you're gone.

*No Use For A Name-Let Me Down*

She's never alone, because she's scared of what she might say to herself. Always drinking in the backroom of the bar where everyone turns in A half-hearted grin. She won't be afraid as long as that prescription keeps going through & all the happy pills make her look like cardboard cut out of someone, I use to learn from. But on the phone, she's telling everyone, that there was a blue sky, she left behind. And there's a place that no one knows about, away from integrity she writes a book in her head that nobody will read. Whatever you say, please don't talk about the time when she was young. Apparently that was a different person and so long ago it's strange to me, there's no history. But there's a past and she's telling everyone It must be a garden, that wouldn't grow. With roots of shame, too sensitive to blame to herself as we watch he drown. I can't save the queen without a kingdom or a crown. Somewhere in this lonely game of sympathy there is a selfish dream that makes me sick. Standing on the high wire while you're on the ground To you what is dangerous is safe and sound. You let me down.

*No Use For A Name-Why Doesn't Anybody Like Me?*

Maybe you don't understand it. What keeps them awake at night? What goes through their little minds when you turn off the light? Always having to say sorry, tears are stained on the pillow like the light of the moon they can't be one. Can't exist without the son. Let's think clearly for a while, can he shine without a smile? Why am I alone with no one to be found? Looks like they know what's best for me. Why doesn't anybody like me? I don't understand. Guess I'll have to crawl inside and I don't know why I'm sitting by myself, when the problem isn't mine. Been around the block a few times, been beat up by all his friends, learing life is like a maze that never seems to end. Like an open book, blank pages left for only him to write, life is short this chapter takes so long. Can't tell the right from the wrong. It's so hard for you to place an expression on his face. Why am I alone with no one to be found? Looks like they know what's best for me. Why doesn't anybody like me? I don't understand. Guess I'll have to crawl inside and I don't know why I'm sitting by myself, when the problem isn't mine. Why my friends and family left me, at six years old he won't be taught a meaning to this mess. He'll just have to take a guess, and make his own plan And we'll never see the child that was forced to be a man.

*Tiger Army-Under Saturn's Shadow*

Here I sit & wait throughout my days. Waiting for something, for my spirit to ascend. It's not that I so badly want to die, but at these times I struggle for desire to live. Each day it grows worse than the last. Function divorced from my body. As Saturn's Shadow falls across my soul, I'm powerless, until it's passed. And I'm trying, I'm trying to find a way out of the blackness of this tunnel at the end of the light. And I'm dreaming forever of the day. Dreaming of a time when life won't be this way. Under Saturn's Shadow I am falling, Under Saturn's Shadow. Webs invisible bind my spirit in bondage to a force unseen. Like a candle, this gift my life it burns away, it burns away. Until night's end sleep will not come to me then come restless, fitful dreams. Eternal slumber calls me to her arms. After I'm dead, will I still dream? Sometimes I dream that I'm alive. Under the stars, under the sky. Then I awaken paralyzed to another day I cannot face.

*Tiger Army-F.T.W*

Everyday I think "Man, it can't get no worse." Everyday I surprise even myself. Every night I sit & wonder why, everyday I want to fucking die. Fuck the world! Everyday the shit it brings me down. Every night I want to go out & kill. Everyday I somehow rise above. Every night I pray that I always will.

*Tiger Army-True Romance*

I told you right from the start, a knife up to your throat for one put through my heart. Couldn't hold on & this I should have known. Thinking back as I walk the night alone. I told you that my love was true, I asked you to walk away if you don't feel like I do. You whispered that you would be mine always. I felt myself slipping away. I love you forever. 'Till death do us part. 'Till the night goes. Night gives me no rest & I cannot sleep. When I can I see your face it's tattooed on my dreams. Purple heart pumps sorrow through my veins. I awaken, I'm calling out your name. I often think back to that night, the moment when I found out that our love was a lie. Felt like I would die I couldn't stand the pain & there's nothing left except for one thing... I've gotta see you again. And I said, I'll love you forever. 'Till death do us part. Forever is over, it's over. It ended on that night. That I took your f*cking life.

=*Divit-Misunderstanding Maybe*=

I know I don't make things that easy. Complication is my little name. It's not that easy for me, I'm so afraid. Can I say I'm sorry for everything that comes along with me? With all the disappointments I promise there's something worth keeping. I don't deserve you for a moment. What exactly do you see in me? It must be from the inside, the surface gives me faith. Can I say I'm sorry for everything that comes along with me? With all the disappointments I promise there's something worth keeping. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I'm sorry for the the person that I could never be. I 've done so hard to show you the one that you'd like to see. I'm sorry for the weakness, I wish I could be strong. I hope someday that I could make-up for all I have done. So just carry on. Can I say I'm sorry for everything that comes along with me? With all the disappointments I promise there's something worth keeping. Catch me now I'm falling short of everything I'm trying to be. It is time to notice there's something worth keeping.

==The Lyndsay Diaries-A Self Portrait==

Today the sun burned away at my face & I just let it burn. Another angel turned her back on me. She folded her wings and hung her head. God, you gave me this heart but I was wondering if I could trade it in. I wail and I weep for I can not sleep for I stare at the ghosts of my own design. Driving past the quiet steeples in the night. I harbor these tears in my eyes and wonder of the day this came upon me. She thinks she is hearing sounds in the night and I am fighting just to sleep. And I wail and I weep. The bells will ring in the steeple in the morning. And I'm just now trying to find myself. Singing the words to create acceptance were never my good intentions. And now I've only a house full of regrets. Shatter the glass of my eye & I will come to see the blinding darkness. And I've lost sight of all that is real. For I sit here alone. I write a novel of my own. And there are no happy endings in this tradgedy. Sometimes I am almost content in my sorrow &it makes my eyelids hang low. My ship is sailing to the seas. So wave and blow your kisses. 'Cause I'm not sure I'll be home anytime soon. I've set out to fail the world. I've set out to fail myself. I will dream the dreamers lie that everything is okay. When everything isn't okay. He says my burden is also his but I don't want to put this on him. Stare up at steeples lost in the night. I find that I'm lost & now I've only a house full of regrets. And as the wind blows it takes with it all the memories & as the breeze blows I turn my eyes to the skies & hope for hope that this will soon come to pass.

*The Lyndsay Diaries-Dear Lyndsay, No Regrets*

Watered down emotions don't cater well to the dissident heart & staring glances only make a heart wander. I think I'll throw these emotions to the wind & let them scatter, just let them scatter. The good guy never wins. Don't you see it's not me in your arms. So don't try and tell me differently. I'm not impartial to a sacrificed romance. Based on feeling blowing in the breeze. I'll reject the moon & the night altogether. Listen to the music, just try to understand the afternoon. Maybe I'll just sit here for forever until I die. And maybe the night will never come.

*The Lyndsay Diaries-Fading the Kisses*

Try to displace the memories. Fade. Undone. Put yourself back into the same place of just 3 years ago. Smell the salt blowing off the ocean & the smell of her hair. Watch the sun ablaze over the water, it is burning you down. Remember missing her? It's all about missing her. More stars that night a fair bet. But you drank them all away. Not enough sleep. You're staying awake. Do you miss the old bed? Or do you sleep standing up? Remember missing her? It's all about missing her. Paradise for the lost. Paradise for the fallen. Not a paradise at all. Drink away the hurt & push it further away.

*The Lyndsay Diaries-Josephine*

Josephine you are running with the stream. And you are falling through the cracks. Can't you just hear them talking in the background, in the background of your mind? They speak to you. Did you hear the song of the star-crossed lovers? It occured in a valley far far away. The mountains they kiss the sky & the clouds rain down stars on them. The stars rain down upon them Josephine. Do you know what you mean Josephine? Do you know what you mean to me? If I whisper secrets to the stars then I think you will understand who we are. Who we really are. We will kiss the sky & hold on only to the moon & we will dance in the light that it so kindly provides us. If I was to die tonight would me meet in the heavens? And if I was to die tonight would I ever see you again? And would I ever see you again? Josephine do you know what you mean to me? Josephine you mean to me the world.

The Lyndsay Diaries-The Magic in the Number 19

She said, "It looks as if you have lost your best friend." I tell her that I have definitely lost something. I can taste the failure on my lips. You know I would love to just go back. 'Cause I can feel the world biting at my heels. Stare straight at the wall until the tears come. There is just something about the night. It gets me everytime. Is it already to late to dream? They move on. I stand still. There is something about the night. That gets me everytime. She is selling herself short and this costs all she has. Paying for all the smiles and forcing back the tears at the questions asked. There are just too many romances that expire at the stroke of midnight. To highlight your dreams is to give in to a false reality. I gave up, I gave in. The joke is always on me. Love gone bad with age. These are the signs of the times. I know you would give everything if you could, but it is just not enough to be told the words, "Everything will be okay." Can I just break down and fall into your arms?

The Lyndsay Diaries-Where the Sidewalk Ends

Songs of innocence play a sour tune. You tune the dial, but the static still remains. We fear the silence, so let's listen to the faceless name. Don't swing on my emotions and play off my actions. This isn't going to be another shot in the dark. But only another step closer to seperation. I'm not going to run this race forever. And this has everything to do with what you said last night. Ride the railroad that drives the nails & write it down in your diary. Because this is better than a photograph. This isn't going to be another shot in the dark. But only another step closer to seperation. Remember not remembering? It all ends here sometimes. Do you remember when we couldn't remember? It all ends here sometimes. Let's sit back, tip the glass, and say those were the days. Because this is where the sidewalk ends. Waving your hands goodbye. Please don't make me say the bitter words. This tears me apart, goodbye.

The Lyndsay Diaries-Whispers of A Long Goodnight

Looking down from up here. It looks like a thousand of the blackest graves. I haven't ever been so overcome with tears. That I collapsed to my knees outside your room....your hospital room. And the flashbacks of what I remember play over and over. Like a never ending horror. A flash and I see you laying in the snow. And I still don't even know who I am. I can't seem to gain control of my own mind. Someone else has taken over and I can't seem to come to my senses. What happened back there? What happened back there that had us staring into the eyes of death? This is all a black hole in my mind. And all I know is that I keep thinking about it. And I keep on crying, I just keep on crying. What happened back there? Remember all those games in kindergarten. Please don't forget all those memories that we've shared. And Casey please don't leave me here all by myself. What happened back there? What happened back there that had us staring into the eyes of death? The eyes of death.

*Mae-Soundtrack For Our Movie*

I started to ache when I started to think of you. Wondering how long it would take before I step into something new. There's only so much I can fake. There's only so much that I can prove. We'll do it in a minute, I could go play the fool for you. Lights, camera, action I think I'm going for it this time. There's something you should listen to-could I take you for a car ride? This is the soundtrack for our movie. Would you tell me when we get to the best part? I'll play it for you. Oh no, I think I've lost this one. Can we try again? Well I'm a wreck. I really can't explain it, but I hear the music when I look at you. Orchestrating the song to accommodate the moment. Well, I'm so in love with you. Are you looking for an answer? Because I could really use a friend tonight. We can make this last forever. We don't have to fear the sunlight. I'll take a chance & steal away this movie moment. I'm in deep whenever I'm with you. I'm directing the scene that has you & me forever. We'll I'm so in love with...

*Something Corporate-Konstantine*

I can't imagine all the people that you know & the places that you go when the lights are turned down low. And I don't understand all the things you've seen, but I'm slipping in between you & your big dreams. It's always you & my big dreams, & you tell me that it's over. Wake up lying in a patch of four leaf clover & your restless & I'm naked. You've got to get out, you can't stand to see me shaking, no 'cause you let me go. I didn't think so & you don't want to be here in the future. So you say 'The present's just a pleasant interruption to the past." And you don't want to look much closer, 'cause you're afraid to find out all the hope that you had sent into the sky by now had crashed & it did because of me. And then you bring me home afraid to find out that you're alone & I'm sleeping in your living room, but we don't have much room to live. I had dreams that I would learn to play guitar. Maybe cross the country, become a rockstar & there was hope in me that I could take you there, but d*mmit you're so young, but I don't think I care. And if I hurt you then, I'm sorry. Please don't think that this is easy. And then you bring me home, 'cause we both know what it's like to be alone. And I'm dreaming in your living room, but we don't have much room to live. Konstantine is walking down the stairs. Doesn't she look good standing in her underwear? What I was thinking? But we've been drinking & it doesn't get me anywhere. My Konstantine came walking down the stairs & all that I could do was touch her long blonde hair. And I've been thinking, it hurts me thinking that these nights when we were drinking, they never got us anywhere. This is because I can spell konfusion with a 'K' & I can like it. It's to dying in anothers arms & why I had to try it. It's to Jimmy Eat World & those nights in my car. When the first star you see, may not be a star. I'm not your star? Isn't that what you said what you thought this song meant. And if this is what it takes just to lie in my mistakes & live with what I did to you, all the hell I put you through. I always catch the clock it's 11:11 & now you want to talk. It's not hard to dream, you'll always be my Konstantine. They'll never hurt you like I do, No, They'll never hurt you like I do. This is to a guy who got into my head, with all these pretty things he did. Hey Baby, you know that you keep me up in bed. It's to a guy who got into my head, with all the f*cked up things I did. My Konstantine spin around me like a dream. We played out on this movie screen & I said "Did you know I missed you?" I miss you. And then you bring me home, & we'll go to sleep, but this time not alone. And you'll kiss me in your living room, oh, I know you miss me in your living room. 'Cause these nights I think maybe that I miss you in my living room, we don't have much room I said. Does anyboy need that room? Because we all need a little more room to live. My Konstantine.

*Bright Eyes-If Winter Ends*

I dreamt of a fever. One that would cure me of this cold-winter-set heart. With heat to melt these frozen tears & burn with reasons as to carry on. Into these twisted months I plunge without a light to follow, but I swear that I would follow anything just get me out of here. But you get six months to adapt & you get two more to leave town & in the event that you do adapt we still might not want you around. But I fell for the promise of a life with a purpose, but I know that's impossible now. And so I drink to stay warm & to kill selected memories 'cause I just can't think anymore about that or about her tonight. And I give myself three days to feel better or else I swear I'll drive right off a f*cking cliff! Because if I can't learn to make myself feel better then how can I expect anyone else to give a sh*t? I scream for the sunlight or a car to take me anywhere. Just get me passed this dead & eternal snow 'cause I swear that I'm dying-slowly, but it's happening. And if the perfect spring is waiting somewhere, just take me there & lie to me & say it's gonna be alright.

*Cursive-After The Movies*

After the movies in the parking lot we stared so long & you kissed me with ripe young breath. So I kissed you. One night as forever. In the movies, well, they never had it so good. One moment so infinite on soft wet lips & I miss you. Are you glad I'm finally gone? I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm so sorry. Have I hurt you? I have hurt myself. These sad songs won't change anything. Love as fragile as a wineglass it should have been forever. Love as fragile as a wineglass couldn't last forever. I'm so sorry it should have been forever. I remember how we kissed one night as forever.

*Brand New-SoCo Amaretto Lime*

Passed out on the overpass Sunday best & broken glass. Broken down from the bikes & bars suspended like spirits over speeding cars. You & me were kings over the parkway tonight. And tonight will go on forever while we walk around this town like we own the streets & stay awake through summer like we own the heat. Singing "everybody wake up it's time to get down." And when I pass the bottle back to Pete on the overpass tonight, I bet we laugh. I'm gonna stay eighteen forever (cut me open). So we can stay like this forever (sun poisoned) & we'll never miss a party (this offer stands forever).Cause we keep them going constantly. And we'll never have to listen (new haircut) to anyone about anything (new bracelet). Cause it's all been done & its all been said (eyeliner). We're the coolest kids and we take what we can get (wait forever). The h*ll out of this town find some conversation. The low fuel lights been on for days it doesn't mean anything. I've got another 500 miles before we shut this engine down. I'm gonna stay eighteen forever. So we can stay like this forever & we'll never miss a party, 'cause we keep them going constantly. And we'll never have to listen to anyone about anything. Cause it's all been done & it's all been said. We're the coolest kids and we take what we can get. Eighteen forever... Your stomachs filled up, but you're starved for conversation. You're spending all your nights growing old in your bed & your tearing up your photos cause you wanna forget it's over. You're just jealous cause we're young & in love.

*Further Seems Forever-How To Start A Fire*

If I only had an ocean to compliment the sky I'd pull it down & paint it for you, & I'd never question why. Cause red would mean you loved me, & blue would mean you cared, but black my heart when left alone to cold & killing stairs. This is the burning of a dream. The sound now turns to silence, but I'll keep spinning around naked in the rain of my own tears as they fall into the bucket of your apologies. While closing everyone else's eyes because your own are shut not to see the volume rise again. Feels like I'm waiting in the last hiding place on earth. Hangman's noose tight round my neck, but I'm saved & for one hundred thousand memories been washed ashore be swept again by forever & sailed away from you. Now the rain has ended so the sun can shine through me. The sound now turns to silence, but I'll keep spinning around naked in the rain of my own tears as they fall into the bucket of your apologies. While closing everyone else's eyes because your own are shut not to see the volume rise again. Only you could row my boat ashore. Only you could set my fears at rest. But until lack of sympathies regress, I'm still waiting for your call.

*MEST-The Last Time*

If at all you taught me anything you taught me pain & hurt. Now can you tell me, do you ever feel guilt? Hidden pain that you built inside of your heart. 'Cause it's the last time I ever want to see you. It's the last time I ever want to hear you. It's the last time. I'm getting out of this for good & it's the last time. When I think all the thoughts come to my head of the last words that you said. They're stuck inside of me then I say this wont happen to me again. Three months later you're my friend & it's happening again. I will not cry alone as I lie. I said "What about our past?" You said "Stick it up your a*s." She shut the door with those words said. Were you thinking of me last time you were in bed? Yeah it's the last time.

*Dead Poetic- Bliss Tearing Eyes*

'Cause you bleed all the time. The pieces of a broken heart are wasted time & I can't forgive myself for all the things I've done, but you do. Bleed one more time for me. 'Cause my heart is filled with loneliness & this world is filled with loneliness. Bleed one more time for me. Cause the struggles of this world are blistering. Your cells run through my veins. The times you lifted a dead man. That's me again & I can't forgive myself for all the things I've done, but you do.

*The Descendents-I'm The One*

I'm the one. I've been here for you all along. I'm the one who's shoulder you've been crying on. Nice guys finish last, no one knows as good as me. We're just good friends & you come to me for sympathy. You tell me that I'm not your type still you call me late at night everytime he picks a fight. After all he's said & all he's done, I'm the one. I've been here for you all along. I'm the one who's shoulder you've been crying on. He's a total d*ck that's the truth & you know I'm right. From everything you say theres no way he'll ever do you right. You love a man who treats you wrong. You think you'll change him, but you're wrong. He'll use you he'll say so long. After all he's said & all he's done I'm the one. I've been here for you all along. I'm the one who's shoulder you've been crying on. I'm the one who wants you more than anything. You don't feel the same way you made it clear to me, but I'll stand my ground and maybe you'll hear what I've been saying. After all I've said & all I've done I'm the one. I've been here for you all along. I'm the one who's shoulder you've been crying on.


Loved ones tell stories about me to me, but I already know what it's like to die, & to pluck at my ghost's sad eternal. I wrote an apology on the mirror, & one forget-me-not to yours truly. Another ideal sculpted frame to love, to want, to fear, to blame. We all hate to look, we all love to picture. Alone we seek shadows to hide in, as statues mark these days. I know nothing of delicacy blossoming beneath flesh. Tickle my fancy with visions of perfection on infinite wings I fly from affection, syllables, images, deny self-worth. The pain of convention. There's a desire to validate this body. There's a need to eradicate this paradigm.

*Ben Folds Five-Carrying Cathy*

Her window was hung like a painting. She worried it might come to life. She stared for hours. So obsessed was I & self-absorbed that I didn't see that she was crying. There was always someone's carrying Cathy. There were times when I'd find myself saying that "Friends, you don't understand" & "She's different when it's just me & her." And I closed the door & I tried to hang on & she sank into the dark. I was over my head. There was always someone carrying Cathy. We gave you everything. You could have been anything. We gave you everything. You could have done anything. But to imagine a fall with no one at all to catch you. There'd always been someone. Then one night she climbed into the picture frame out in the frozen air & out of sight. Woke up sad from this dream I've been having the last couple nights or so. With her father & brothers we're all at the funeral carrying a box through the rain. Then somebody says that it's always been this way. There was always someone carrying, always someone's carrying Cathy.

*Ben Folds Five-Battle Of Who Could Care Less*

Do you not hear me anymore? I know it's not your thing to care. I know it's cool to be so bored. It sucks me in when you're aloof. It sucks me in, it sucks it works. I guess it's cool to be alone. Everyday you wake up late. Sometimes I wish I was that way. And you think Rockford Files is cool, but there are some things that you would change if it were up to you. So think about your masterpiece. Watch the Rockford Files, & call to see if Paul can score some weed. Unearned unhappiness, that's all right I guess. I've go this great idea why don't we pitch it to the Franklin f*cking Mint. Fine pewter portraits of "General Apathy" & "Major Boredom" singing. Whatever & ever Amen. Oh well maybe not try again. This should cheer you up for sure, see I've got your old I.D. & you're all dressed up like The Cure. Will you never rest? Fighting the battle of who could care less. Unearned unhappiness, you're my hero I confess.


Look at the stars, look how they shine for you & everything you do. Yeah, they were all yellow. I came along. I wrote a song for you & all the things you do & it was called yellow. So then I took my turn, oh what a thing to have done & it was all yellow. Your skin, your skin & bones. Turn into something beautiful. You know I love you so. I swam across, I jumped across for you. Oh what a thing to do. Cause you were all yellow. I drew a line for you, oh what a thing to do & it was all yellow. Your skin, your skin & bones. Turn into something beautiful & you know for you I'd bleed myself dry for you. I'd bleed myself dry.

*Yellowcard-Rough Draft*

Like a Saturday night I'll be gone. Like a Saturday night I'll be gone before you knew I was there. So you wrote it down, I'm supposed to care even though it's never there. Sorry if I'm not prepared. Is it hard to see the things you substitute for me & all my thoughts of you? It's eating me alive to leave you. Maybe it's childish and maybe it's wrong, but so is your blank stare in lieu of this song. Dont want to be wrong, your leaving me, your leaving me in lieu of this song. Breathing in your skin tonight. Quiet is my loudest cry. Wouldn't want to wake the eyes that make me melt inside and if it's healthier to leave you, may a sickness come & set me free, kill me while I still believe that you were meant for me. Finding my own words, my own little stage, my own epic drama, my own scripted page. I'll send you the rough draft, I'll seal it with tears. Maybe you'll read it and I'll reapear. From the start it was shaky, & the characters rash. A nice setting for heartache where emotions come last. All I have deep inside to overcome is desired of friendly intentions & fairweathers smiles. Like a Saturday night I'll be gone. Like a Saturday night I'll be gone before you knew I was there.

*Yellowcard-Big Apple Heartbreak*

This can't be home anymore. If you think I have not been missing the way she breathes you are mistaken. My friend I've falling down so put your mouth on my bloody knees. One night with me & I've broken your trust. I hate to be the bond you know is gonna bust. Hurting lungs from breathing sighs of disgust. This can't be home anymore. Now cold concrete blank walls are staring into your lonely eyes. I duck behind them & hope that you won't cry & ask for answers to why I made you cry. I never wanted us to fade out. Resting on a love that fell apart. Where are you? I need you. You still have my heart. Open up my heart.

*Student Rick-October Skies*

And I'll be there where you are & I'll be there when you fall. And I wish upon a star to be where you are. And there you were the stars so bright around you, the moon lighting your face. Love so strong it kills to see you drive away. My heart so longs to touch you & kiss your tears of pain. Tear my flesh & watch the pain flow through my veins. I wish that I could hold you. I know I will in time. Do you know my pain? Did you see the tears fall from my eyes last night? Know my pain. Now you've gone away. My thoughts & dreams surround you. When will this day end? Broken hearts will mend together once again. I'm losing sight without you. Then you reached out your hand brushed my face, then looked me in the eyes & said "I can't live life without you." I won't forget that time. Do you know my pain? Did you see the tears fall from my eyes last night? Know my pain. Now you've gone away. And I'll be there, & I'll be there to be where you are.


Today is just like all the others. I'm not alright, I've cried my last tears. I'm bleeding out my pain as you scream at me (just why?). You've got me waiting by myself. I've never wanted more than this. What will it take to get the truth? I'm on my knees. Another page of I'm sorry's adressed to me. Another story for the collection of memories. Folded neatly, & I will never make the same mistake.

*Something Corporate-Bad Days*

It's been a bad day, another bad day & all I want to do is look at you & know I'm okay. From where I'm sitting these shoes ain't fitting & I'm walking backwards, looking down, don't see the sky I see the ground. Above below you look & so you wonder, where the time has gone of looking up, tomorrow's on its way. Above below you look & so you say, when I wake up in the morning is it 'gonna be another ugly day? She sits in church it's 2 pm & look whose back from work again. I guess they thought your better off, without this life, without a job. From where I'm sitting these shoes ain't fitting & I'm going nowhere, killing time, just trying to feed my bleeding mind. It's been a bad day, another bad day & I cross my heart & hope to die. These dreams of yours are gonna die.

*From Autumn To Ashes-Chloroform Perfume*

The end result of so many meetings at late night dinners with no one eating. Sit in corners & sip burnt coffee. Count the tiles up on the ceiling. Skip this pretense & cut straight to dying. Don't beg me to keep your eyes from crying. Never expected it to arrive so soon, but as the night drifted on it came time to say goodbye. Turning your back & walking away this cold winter morning is all that remains. Why couldn't you tell me to my face instead of hiding until I lost faith? A heart gets broken as a life gets set free & all I asked was love me. Years passed, seasons changed & I waited. Hate time to say goodbye, hate time. Soon after was the pain that would never reach you. You've gotten over me, but it seems I'll never get over you. On me I place this blame. Regrets praying heaven will open wide & hold you tight. As for me, I'll be alright. This impact you would have, the songs I'd write. Dreams or you changing your mind. Anything to pass the time, but for now I hope you can hear me as I cry. I love you & goodbye.

*Alkaline Trio-This Is Getting Over You*

Today I woke up younger than I've been in years. Not concerned with what's outside & peers, I don't have any. No one is my equal because I'm the king of rain. Controlling with my mood swings, threw a thunderstorm your way drowning girls is a game I play. Today I woke up, more awake than I have felt in years. Not concerned with anything, no tears, I'm done with that sh*t. No one is your equal because you're the queen of pain. Controlling with my moods, I'm staring at my shoes while running away. Drowning myself is a game I play. Drown myself away. Goodbye. And this is getting over you. This is getting over you.

*The Get Up Kids-No Love*

If I gave everything would you still listen to me? It could be so much better than this. I don't want you to love me anymore than enough. I can't be held accountable if you can't make up your mind tonight. As much as I would like to I can't put my hands all over you. If I put myself in that position, myself to be immune to you, to keep my heart from breaking. If you can't make up your mind. If I came home one last time think of what the two of us could do. I guess we'll never know.

*Bright Eyes-A Perfect Sonnet* Lately I've been wishing I had one desire. Something that would make me never want another, something that would make it so that nothing matters. All would be clear then, but I guess I'll have to settle for a few brief moments & watch all dissolve into a single second & try to write it down into a perfect sonnet or one foolish line. Because that's all that you'll get so you'll have to accept. You are here & then you're gone, but I believe that lovers should be tied together & thrown into the ocean in the worst of weather & left there to drown in their innocence. But as for me I'm coming to the final chapter. I read all of the pages and there is still no answer. Only all that was before I know must soon come after. That is the only way it can be. So I stand in the sun & I breathe with my lungs. Trying to spare myself the weight of the truth saying everything you have ever seen was just a mirror & you've spent your whole life sweating in an endless fever & now you are laying in a bathtub full of freezing water wishing you were a ghost. But once you knew a girl & you named her lover & danced with her in kitchens through the greenest summer, but autumn came, she disappeared. You don't remember where she said she was going to, but you know that she is gone because she left you a song that you don't want to sing. We're singing I believe, that lovers should be chained together & thrown into a fire with their songs & letters & left there to burn in their arrogance, but as for me I'm coming to my final failure. I've killed myself with changes trying to make it better, but I still ended up becoming something other than what I had planned to be. Now I believe that lovers should be draped in flowers & layed entwined together on a bed of clover. And left there to sleep, left there to dream of their happiness.
*Bright Eyes-No Lies, Just Love*

It was in the March of the winter I turned seventeen & I bought those things I thought I would need. And I wrote a letter to my family, I said it's not your fault & you've been good to me. It's just lately I've been feeling like I don't belong, like the ground's not mine to walk upon. And I've heard that music echo through the house where my grandmother drank by herself & I sat watching a flower as it was withering. I was embarrased by it's honesty. So I'd prefer to be remembered as a smiling face, NOT this f*cking wreck that's taken it's place. So please forgive what I have done. No, you can't stay mad at the setting sun. We all get tired, I mean eventually there's nothing left to do but sleep. But spring came bearing sunlight, those persuasive rays. So I gave myself a few more days. My salvation it came, quite suddenly when Justin spoke very plainly. He said "Of course it's your decision, but just so you know, if you decide to leave, soon I will follow" I wrote this for a baby who has yet to be born. My brother's first child I hope that womb's not too warm. 'Cause it's cold out here and it'll be quite a shock to breathe this air to discover loss. So I'd like to make some changes before you arive so when your new eyes meet mine they won't see no lies. Just love. Just love.

*Halo Friendlies-Love Sick*

I call you up, but you're not home so I drive by & spy on you. Your car is there & the lights are on. Where are you my Mr. Right? I know you've got a lot of fans, but if you just gave me a chance you'd realize I'm not that weird, I just get a excited when you're near. Give me just one good reason why you're avoiding me right now. Don't you know I'm perfect too? I'm everything you need. Give me just one good reason why you're avoiding me right now. Don't you know I'm perfect too? I'm love sick over you. I follow you & hide in the shadows when I see you with another girl. Don't you see you're going to be unhappy until you fall in love with me? I drop hints & I drop the ball.Why wont you just turn around & look my way? I'd give up everything I have just to take a stroll with you.

*Poison The Well-Nerdy*

Why do your eyes paralyze me? What makes me feel this way? Just carry me away with silence & heartbeats as rapid. Thinking about your embrace & how it makes me feel. I just want to feel this way forever. Sleep on portraits painted as perfect as you. Why have I been given the chance to fly? When I'm not with you I feel lesser alone. Why have I been given the chance to fly away? I remember your face imprinted on angels, your voice as beautiful as the sound of waves crashing against my heart. Time slows down when you look at me. I'm infatuated with this, infatuated with you. I remember your face imprinted on angels. It's so hard for me to understand why I hadn't found you before. Don't dull away, hold my hand.


Killed, but I'm still struggling to hold on to you. I know I'm failing. It feels like my arms are tied to my hips & I just tripped. I'm falling, but not because I'm lovesick. Or am I? Lovesick. It felt so warm with you & now my own bed feels foreign to me. I guess I just hate things that are empty. I'm sleepy. It seems like the world is falling to it's end. It seems like the color gray. Pictures in perfect color with words to listen to, that's the scene I saw. And now that my hope is crushed & my finger nails are gone. I'm bleeding. Don't you hold out on me. The distance can't be that far, it can't be. This is confusing me. What's wrong with me. I'm not lovesick or could I be. I'm so confused. What's wrong with me?

*Benevolent Minds-When Walls Crumble*

Walls that I built crumble all around me. Battle scars & ruins are all that I see. I forget it was those walls holding me in as I dwell in my self doubts, then nobody wins. I build walls, f*cking walls. Let me out. Cage me in. Walls! You're going to tell me what I already heard. Don't feed me that bullsh*t another f*cking time. You don't know my situation, stop passing judgement on me, you're not helping. Everyone builds their own walls, sometimes we just need to remember to break them down! I don't want your pity, I just want to live. My decisions I make, & my life I live. As long as I learn, I will make mistakes & as long as I live decisions I'll make. Walls on all sides, Caging me in. Built by me, why can't you see? I've got to learn to break down these walls. Walls crumble all around me. Walls I can break down.

*Elliot Smith-I didn't Understand*

Thought you'd be looking for the next in line to love. Then ignore put out & put away & so you'd soon be leaving me along like I'm supposed to be tonight, tomorrow and everyday. There's nothing here that you'll miss. I can guarantee you this is a cloud of smoke trying to occupy space. What a f*cking joke, what a f*cking joke. I waited for a bus to separate the both of us & take me off far away from you. 'Cause my feelings never change a bit I always feel like sh*t. I don't know why I guess that I just do. You once talked to me about love and you painted pictures of a never-neverland & I could've gone to that place, but I didn't understand.

*Cast Aside-Racecar Theory*

You're my life line. The ones I turn too. For all that it's a phase of three years. Just don't touch or look at me. The restraints drive me to pull farther in the other direction. Just don't touch or look at me. Regardless, I love your faults & all. I know I don't make it easy & I'm sorry I throw things when I'm mad. It cuts my heart to think I'm the reason you cry. I'm not the model child well touche. Think deeper than the words. Feel what I'm saying. Your job is almost over. You've raised me well. It's time now to hand over the reigns. It's time now. It seems like the people you live with should know you better than anyone else. Why does it seem like it's the hardest to act real around your own family. It's sad we don't even know each other. Where did you go that time you got in a fight with mom? You're such a failure, waste of time. I'm not immature. That's you always craving all the attention. Just leave me alone. I don't f*cking care anymore about your day. No I don't care anymore. I'm sorry it's not like when I was small. I'm sorry I changed. It's never going be okay. Stop trying to make me go back to the way it was last time we tried this we fought all day. You yelled my name. A tv on the couch these late nights. This show sucks. Half full cup, half empty plate right? And it's not like I don't try to make them happy & be worthwhile. Cause it's not worth my time & why do they always leave the bathroom door open? It's not worth my while. Let's go. I am on the couch all alone. I'm tired of the times I cry all night. I don't know what else I can do so now..

*H20-Sacred Heart*

Hear what I'm saying? It was always true. I was never playing when it came to you. Never good at showing what you mean to me. Here's my last chance to set my mind at ease. And all the times you slipped between the cracks disguised as something sacred. Never knowing that I wanted you. Hold you in my arms, protect you. I was always running searching for excuses not to be together, now the chase is over with this ring on your finger. This will be forever.

*Odd Project-Ballad For A Liar*

Bound by silence. Gagged by lies. Tonight we both die. Choking on hypocrisy. I swallow razorblades, but these lies, they taste so sweet. I've grown to love them. This letter of lies is all I have tonight. It's sealed with a golden sunset and clear blue skies. I fall away from these broken dreams, these broken dreams of you. I'll bite my tongue for so long. A mouth full of blood. A head full of doubts. With this stomach full of lead there's no way that I can fly. I can't fly. Every night that I die please watch the stars shine and in my eyes you were mine. This letter of lies is all I have tonight. It's sealed with a golden sunset and clear blue skies. Forge a heartfelt signature as you wipe your dry eyes. I know I can't handle another goodbye. I can't fly in your eyes. I can't fly.

*The Early November-I Want To Hear You Sad*

These eyes, they're strongly covered in disguise. They're waiting on the real time again. You'll see that no one knows for sure. For all of this, I'm better off without you. Do you regret all your loneliness? This ride Is drifting slowly to the side. We're swerving off the road. Going past the cones that warns us from the start. Every day goes, every night goes. We sing this song of tired days That's oh so wrong. Every night we sing this song for you.

*Blessid Union Of Souls-Light In Your Eyes*

I can't remember the last time that we kissed goodbye. All our "I love you's" were just not enough to survive. Something your eyes never told me, but it's only now too plain to see. Brilliant disguise when you hold me & I'm free. I've been thinking & here's what I've come to conclude, sometimes the distance is more than two people can use, but how could I have known? It was time & not space you would need. Darling tonight I could hold you & you would know, but would you believe? There's a light in your eyes that I used to see. There's a place in your heart where I used to be. Was I wrong to assume that you were waiting for me? There's a light in your eyes. Did you leave that light burning for me? Cards & phone calls & photograph pictures of you, constant reminder of all the things you get used to. Is there a chance in h*ll or heaven that there's still something here to build on? Or do you just pick up the pieces after they fall, but after all there's a light in your eyes that I used to see. And a song in the words that you spoke to me. Was I wrong to believe in your melody? There's a light in your eyes, did you leave that light burning for me? Should I keep on waiting or does love keep on fading away? It's been a while since I've seen you so how have you been? Did you get my letter I wrote you, but I did not send. I tried to call your old number, but the voice that I heard on the phone I recognized but she told me the number was wrong. There's a light in my eyes but it's too bright to see and a pain in my heart where you used to be. Guess I was wrong to assume that you were waiting here for me. There's a light in your eyes did you leave that light burning for me?

*The Early November-Sunday Drive*

And we wait above a road. We're turning to go home & the silence from the side of the car tells me everything & how we are. And theres no more trying to make this alright, theres no more trying tonight. And you know its not so easy when your all alone & I wonder if I'm alone in your head. To do something is wrong, I just dont know what to do. You say it's only me & that I'm so perfect for you. I don't want to try no more, I don't want to make this right. Just you to be true to me one time. Twelve weeks have gone by since I've saw you last. I'll give it one more try, I'll give it all my best & now what can you be doing that's so much fun without me by your side? And I take a step back and I'll let you ahead. And I'll take a step away & see if you come back. Because it's no more trying to make this alright, no more trying. No more trying tonight. We will never be the same.

*The Movielife-Takin' It Out And Choppin' It Up*

I understand that you couldn't take it, couldn't take it anymore. I understand that you had your problems. Maybe more than I saw, but when you got on a plane that day you lost all your privileges with me. 'Cause I heard so many things, thought we parted peacefully. Then you got home, opened your mouth & said all those stupid things. You even mouthed off to my friends. That's why I'm saying "C'mon c'mon shut up shut up." I hope this song will shut you up. C'mon shut up. I appreciate all the work that you put in and we cared so much about you, hoping all your problems end. All the foolish things you said. Do you know we never said things we held it in? So go take your medicine & smoke yourself to sleep. 'Cause you got home, opened your mouth & said all those stupid things. You even mouthed off to my friends. That's why I'm saying "C'mon c'mon shut up shut up" I hope this song will shut you up. All of the things I could say, the ammunition, the arsenal of words. It's been so long now. All the questions & out of respect I kept my mouth shut. C'mon shut up. I hope this song will shut you up.

*Ben Lee-Deep Talk In The Shallow End*

If you were here I'd slap you senseless then I'd ask you where you've been. I'd tell you, don't you know I worry? Sitting up each night in fear & then I'd tell you that I'm angry & I'd say you did me wrong & that I hate you 'cause you sneak into my every single song. If you were here you'd see the damage done & then you'd feel the shame. I'd make you understand my pain. If you were 'round I'd show you wounds & scars, the proof that you were here. And then I'd make you cry like I did, if my point still was not clear. If you were here I'd scream & maybe trash the room if I had time. And then one single word would break your spirit just the same as you broke mine. If you were here you'd realize what you did. Stay for a million years I'd make you cry my tears. But you're not here, & I'm not strong & this whole thing has gone on too long. I need to leave this on my shelf, but instead I say it to myself. If you were here I'd slap you senseless. If only you were here.

*Sensefield-Save Yourself*

Turn out the light just to say goodnight to yourself. May I remind you when you find you, you're all alone is when you've got to be strong. 'Cause that's when they call you in the night. He's got your picture in his mind, he's got your number on a paper at his disposal-anytime. Is it really true? Could you save yourself for someone who loves you for you? So many times we just give it away to someone who you met in a bar, the back of a car & for a moment you felt important, but not in your heart. My self esteem it's been low. Go ahead & count. It's been lower than I know. I know the feeling of it stealing life out from under me. I want to learn how you save yourself for someone who loves you for you. So many times we just give it away to someone who couldn't even remember your name. Could you save yourself for someone who loves you for you? Loves me for me? Give it away to someone who will cherish your name. 'Cause I want to learn.


I wish I could tear your eyes out. You have belittled her with your insecurities. It reeks on your breath. Put on that grin. This is the day that the dreams died, as you shatted her soul that lies inside. As the echoes rape the blessed. This is the massacre that we bear with civilization. Inside her frail voice whispers, her reassurance, it withers away. And that smile you've stapled to your face, is tripping her whole life away & I swear you should die for that. You should pay for that. You wont identify me.

*Love Is Red-I Gave You The Best Of Me

So will this be the last time or will you come and break my heart again? Every time you feel the need I'm always there for you, & when you've had enough, you go you're own way. Have you ever stopped to think about the way I feel? Why won't you open your eyes look what's happened to us? I'm never right, you're never wrong. All I am is a burden to you. I've written so many different words to you, but they all say the same thing. I want to let go of your memory, but I remember every time you hurt me. I tried to blow off every hurtful word. I wonder if you even have a heart & I gave you the best of me, but you wouldn't let me near your heart.

*Second Place-Goodluck*

This is gonna be the last time I let you make me cry. 'Cause these chains to you they weigh me down & make it hard to fly. I'm not gonna say that the love is gone, cause that would be a lie. Can't promise you that I'll be alright, but you know that I'll get by. I'll still look at you with dreamy eyes, but not a word I'll say. I might get sad when I see you two, but I wont get in the way. Ambitions of me & you seeing the world I'll have to put away. Just have to wire these tears aside, walk up to you & say "Goodluck to you. Go search for the one that makes you happy. Good luck to you, even if that means that it's not me. Good luck to you, go fall in love & start a family. Good luck to you. Without me."

*Bright Eyes-Waste of Paint*

I have a friend, he is made mostly of pain. He wakes up, drives to work, & then straight back home again. He once cut one of my nightmares out of paper. I thought it was beautiful, I put it on a record cover. And I tried to tell him he had a sense of color & composition so magnificent. And he said "Thank you, please but your flattery is truly not becoming me. Your eyes are poor. You are blind. You see, no beauty could have come from me. I am a waste of breath, of space, of time." I knew a woman, she was dignified & true. Her love for her man was one of her many virtues. Until one day, she found out that he had lied & decided the rest of her life, from that point on would be a lie. But she was grateful for everything that had happened & she was anxious for all that would come next. But then she wept, what did you expect? In that big, old house with all those cars she kept. "Oh!" & "such is life," she often said. With one day leading her to the next, you get a little closer to your death, which was fine with her. She never got upset & with all the days she may have left, she would never clean another mess or fold his shirts or look her best. She was free to waste away alone. Last night, my brother he got drunk & drove. And this cop pulled him off to the side of the road. And he said, "Officer! Officer! You have got the wrong man. No, no, I'm a student of medicine, the son of a banker, you don't understand!" The cop said, "No one got hurt, you should be thankfu & you carelessness, it is something awful. And no, I can't just let you go & though your father's name is known, your decisions are yours alone. You are nothing but a stepping stone on a path to debt, to loss, to shame." The last few months I have been living with this couple. Yeah, you know, the kind that buy everything in doubles. They fit together, like a puzzle. I love their love and I am thankful that someone actually receives the prize that was promised by all those fairy tales that drugged us. And they still do me. I'm sick, lonely, no laurel tree, just green envy. Will my number come up eventually? Like Love is some kind of lottery, where you can scratch & see what is underneath. It's "Sorry", just one cherry, "Play Again." Get lucky. So I have been hanging out down by the train's depot. No, I don't ride. I just sit & watch the people there. They remind me of wind up cars in motion. The way they spin & turn and jockey for positions. And I want to scream out that it is all nonsense. And that their lives are one track, & can't they see how it is all pointless? But then, my knees give under me. My head feels weak & suddenly it is clear to see that it is not them but me, who has lost my self-identity. As I hide behind these books I read, while scribbling my poetry, like art could save a wretch like me, with some ideal ideology that no one can hope to achieve. And I am never real; it is just a sketch of me. And everything I have is trite & cheap & a waste of paint, of tape, of time. Sometimes I park my car down my the cathedral, where floodlights point up at the steeples. Choir practice is filling up with people. I hear the sound escaping as an echo. Sloping off the ceiling at an angle. When voices blend they sound like angels. I hope there is still some room left in the middle. But when I lift my voice up now to reach them. The range is too high, way up in heaven. So I hold my tongue, forget the song, tie my shoe and start walking off. And try to just keep moving on, with my broken heart and my absent God & I have no faith, but it is all I want, to be loved and believe in my soul.

*Glassjaw-Siberian Kiss*

Give me back my pictures of me. Me, you, & him that makes three. It figures the wheezing will measure your rate of depress & I hope that you know. Like a b*tch in heat I hope she know. So put another penny in & turn the crank until the frames cease to move & the movie turns into a photo the size of a kiss. I hope she knows. Staring at a Parisian sex flick where the characters don't meet, the characters don't speak, & the characters are like mirrors facing mirrors, space always expanding. So put another penny in & turn the crank until the frames cease to move & the movie turns into a photo the size of a kiss. I hope she knows. A hiccup in paradise. I keep you jealously to myself, in a photo the size of a kiss in the shape of a bullet. On phone lines & letterhead, I'm dying about. I've watched you whore yourself out for one more thing. There's always one more thing. If I can't have you no one will. Pushing a lover to love another. Are you turned on? I keep you jealously to myself.

*Love You More-The Buzzcocks

I'm in love again, been like this before. I'm in love again, this time's true I'm sure. Don't wanna end up like no nine day wonder. I've been hurt so many times before. So my darlin' I will never leave you. It's in my blood to always love you more, love you more. It's my heart again that drives me so wild. I just can't explain although I'm not a child. So why would I cry if you ever left me? Maybe 'cause you're all I'm livin' for. With every heartbeat I want you madly. It's in my blood to always love you more, love you more. Oh my love, again what I say is true. Though it may sound plain, I love you. And it means more to me than life can offer and if this isn't true love then I am sure that after this love there'll be no other until the razor cuts.

*Desaparecidos-The Happiest Place on Earth*

I want to pledge allegiance to the country where I live. I don't want to be ashamed to be an American. But opportunity, no it don't exist. It's the opiate of the populace. We need some harder s*it now, the truth is getting around, & each public school is a halfway house. Where the huddled masses sober up & up. Enough? There's not enough to fatten the cows & feed all of us. It's just a rationing of luck. What can't be bought gets raffled off. Oh God, good God shed greed on thee, your shinning sea turned green from the industry off the shores of New Jersey. I got a letter from the Army so I think that I'll enlist. I'm not brave or proud or nothing, I just want to kill something. Too bad that nowadays you just point & click. Swing Lo satellite, hot white chariot! In the computer's blue glare, the bombs burst in the air. There was a city once, now there's nothing there. Our freedom comes at their expense. It makes sense, doesn't it? Dollars and cents. They're stretching barbed wire across the picket fence that is surrounding your housing development. Just in case you lack the confidence. Oh God, my God, give strength to thee, these amber waves, purple majesty, are nothing but backdrops for Disney. Well look up close. It is superimposed, on a blank blue screen. It is fantasy, fucking magical. The dream floats like a chemical through each snapped synapse. Our television past that is beautiful no more. No more.

*Moldy Peaches-Nothing Came Out*

In her eyes you see perfection & you hope the moment counts. Knowing full well that tomorrow comes too soon with your self doubts. Would you be the first to answer if I were the first to call? And with everything I've left behind would you still need me at all? All this time I'd give myself in return for everything you have. Another chance for you to see I could be the man you want me to be. In her lips you taste deception & in her tears, bitter salt. Oh, with every lie she's ever told she builds another wall. Would you be the first to follow if I were the first to leave? Oh, but every promise that you've broken still makes me believe that I, I know that I can't be everything you need.

*Mourning Maxwell-Sleepy Chaser *

Waking up and feeling unaccomplished to say the least. I got a pain in my head & there's blood on my feet. Did I forget to step around that broken glass inside my head? While flipping through pages I've already read. Insomnia wont chase this drink. Turn on the lights cause it's too dark to think. Tuck me into my dirty sheets, kiss me goodnight & leave me to sleep. Don't wake me cause I'm dreaming. Don't wake me cause you're swimming in my head. Don't wake me cause I'm dreaming & floating on the breathe of words left unsaid. I'm not thinking about you, I'm not thinking about anything at all. My memory's been shattered, pinned up on the wall. I'm sorry did I forget to offer you a drink, to say goodbye? Indulging myself with the blue of the sky. What did you expect to find? Something great? Something divine? What was I supposed to show? This is me, this is all that I know. Don't lay me on my back cause I don't think I can stomach what I've already tasted. My liver got lonely so I went and got wasted.

*Forstella Ford-Belmont And Sacramento*

Through wishful eyes on listless nights, you'll see what I've laid open tonight. Brighten up these skies-make me see everything tonight. It's late here, & I'm wondering when these words will begin to f*ck me over. I'm brighter than these skies-I am everything tonight. Still, you hate me, & I'm wondering exactly where to begin. I know this time I'm not so blind because I watched you climbing over all I've placed in your way. I've known forever things I can only hope to hear you say.

*Jets To Brazil-Lucky Charm*

How long will you wait for me to come around & wouldn't it be great, if everything worked out? I wouldn't come home late after hiding out. I'd tell you everything. How I couldn't live without you now. How long will it take before I wake up, unafraid, to take you in my arms, & hold you like a lucky charm? I know it's too late, but wait for me to turn around, I'm coming home. So if you're leaving walk slow. All that I can ask is forgiveness for what's past. You know who I am, but will you know me in the end? I know you're not waiting anymore, & I'm not gonna change. I try to reach you to let you know, but I'm walking too slow. Hey, how's your summer going? It's good to see you again. I'm gonna make a record so I never forget what it was I wrecked. So tired of my mind. You're the genius all the time. The things that I can't say, are all thinking me insane these days. I know it's late.

*Mirah-Cold Cold Water*

I saddled up my pony ride & rode into the ghostly night. It was wide, wide open, wide, wide open. I left the only home I knew, I stayed alive & I found you. And now I take you where the water's deep & make the air you breathe so sweet. But is it not enough to be complete? Please, let me give you everything you need, please. We found the way, we found the streets. Directions sweat under the sheets & I let you have it. Oh, but it can be a lonely place, desire comes, desire fades. There's a bright one car, your fancy eye. It's okay so long as you stay mine. And I'm so number one that it's a shame, that you let other numbers in the game. Though I suffer for your hungry eye, oh, why must it see more than mine? It's a light your after, cause light moves faster. But when I ride again into the night, my torch will shoot flames strong and bright. My absence will remind you of how tough it is to be in love. And it's not what I think, it's what you say, & it works great for you to have your way, but each of us can be a desperate place. You search all day for just a taste of the cold cold water. And if you think I wound you up. Resent the sky that sings this song. 'Cause it's the dark clouds that carry the rains that flow like water out of me.

*Texas Is The Reason-The Drinking Song*

There's no way I can talk myself out of this one tonight & there's no way that I can ever win with you. I've sung the same song. I've sang it for way too long & now the melody is finally escaping me. There's no way I can talk myself out of this one tonight. Every one is my last, I swear that this is my last. By now you should know what to say. By now you should know all of this by heart. By now you should know what to say.

* The Last Days Of April-Angel Youth

I thought we'd make it there in time. That from one spark we'd make it burn. My heart is lit, the fire glows. Glowing me, choking you. So quench me and feel free To breathe in what I breathe out, Just don't leave. It's no game if you're not here to play. Drop a bomb to see if we're okay. It's always changing. For you to feel alive I have to die. Never give up you, baby, that's no lie. Nothing can change this. It's not from hearing nothing's wrong. Everything's fine, couldn't hurt more. Never dreamed to raise my voice. Whispering me left you no choice, But to quench me and feel free to breathe in what I breathe out. I won't scream.