A Great Aerobic and Toning Workout

What's the way to a better figure? A combination of aerobic exercise (to reduce fat), toning exercises (to firm and shape) and a balanced diet (to keep you healthy and trim.)

Here're some tips on how to get started:

You've got to get your heart going: Do aerobic exercise for at least 30 minutes three times a week. Your goal? To get your heart rate up to 120-170 beats per minute. You can do this by running, cycling or swimming.

As you become more fit, your metabolic rate increases, which means you'll burn off even more calories. Improve your fitness level by incorporating exercise in to your daily routine.

  • Take the stairs, not the elevator or escalator.
  • Instead of driving, walk, bicycle or Rollerblade to your destination.
  • When you walk, try walking faster than usual.
  • Trim down: A low fat diet will help reduce body fat. Yeah, but how? Your best (least painful) bet is to cut unnecessary fats and sugars from your diet. (Did you really need that Coke? Did your English muffin have to be drowning in butter?) Eat a variety of lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, cereals and whole grain breads. Plus, drink lots of water.

    And, remember, if you want to benefit the most from exercise -- you have to WARM UP! Running around the block to get your heart rate up and stretching for a round 10 minutes is a great way to get your bod prepped and primed for a workout.

    Now... Let's work those gams!


    1. Lie on your left side. Keep your legs straight, but don't lock your knees.
    2. Bend your left elbow and rest your head on your left hand. Put your right hand in front of your body for balance.

    3. Extend your right leg slightly, and flex your foot. Making sure your body is in a straight line, slowly raise and lower your leg.
    4. Repeat on left side.
    5. Do one set of 15 repetitions, working up to three sets. Once you can do three sets easily, increase to 20 reps.