erin's christmas wish list*

*this is a list of some things i like (some more than others: stereo!! lol) that i made. you don't have to get anything but here are just some ideas = )

WeatherVane Rome/Italy Logo Tee * in blackcherry * $9.99 * or WeatherVane in the Mall

Pottery Barn Teen Yummi Puff Thro blanket in blue * $59.99 *

PB Teen Gift certificate *

'Sony 3-piece Boombox' w/ REMOTE! * $99.99 * Best Buy Stores or

Fuji Nexia Q1 Camera * $39.99 *

Link Park CD "Meteora" * different prices at different stores * any music store

Weather Vane Gift Certificate * weathervane stores in malls

Aeropostale Coruroy Jacket * $39.99 * aero stores or